Brad Pitt Custody Filings to Remain Public

For a decade, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the biggest celebrity couple on the planet. They were the darlings of the tabloids. Photos of the attractive pair and their many children were regularly posted on celebrity gossip sites. The couple recently called it quits when Jolie filed for divorce. The split has become a rather messy one because of the aforementioned children. Pitt wants to make sure that he is allowed a decent amount of custody. Pitt already agreed that the children will live primarily with Jolie.


Pitt was recently denied in an attempt to have all of his court filings sealed that pertain to the custody of his children. A judge ruled that the nature of Pitt’s request did not fit the criteria that is typically used to make it necessary for court documents to be sealed. Sealing the documents would have made them inaccessible to the general public and members of the media. Pitt attempted to have all future custody filings sealed after a custody agreement that he previously made with Jolie was leaked to the press. The leaked documents indicate that Pitt agreed to only see the children if a therapist was with them.


Pitt claimed that the reason he wanted all of the custody filings sealed was to protect the privacy of his children. All of the kids are minors. However, Jolie’s lawyers believe that Pitt’s actions are an attempt to protect himself from unwanted media scrutiny. It remains to be seen if Pitt’s lawyers will file any other motions regarding this matter.


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