Brave Man Overcomes Fear And Becomes A Firefighter

Ever been in an accident so terrifying that you were afraid and scared for life. Well that is what happened to one six year old boy who was burnt on ninety percent of his body and had to endure fifty-eight surgeries.

When Terry McCarty was just six years old, he and his brothers were playing with kerosene in a bowl that was then lit. The bowl was accidently turned over and spilled all over Terry. He was rushed to the hospital where it was found that he had third degree burns over ninety percent of his body. He spent several months in the hospital and had to go through fifty-eight surgeries to repair is burnt skin. Every time a doctor came into his hospital room, he had come to understand that there would be pain.

Dardus reported that Terry finally said enough was enough. He had gone through all those surgeries, the taunts from bullies, and living in fear for far too long. In October 2011, he applied to a Washington fire service. His application was finally approved in April of 2012. After enduring the grueling weeks of training Terry was finally faced with what he feared the most, a live fire.

He graduated from the training and earned the respect of his fellow classman and other firefighters. After two years though, Terry quit being a firefighter and joined a group that helps children who are victims of burns like his. Please read more about this very brave man.

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