Breaking The Trail For Women in the Workplace, Susan McGalla

Throughout the years much of the business world has been ran by the men of the world but that is not so much the case. Gradually over the past several decades there have been more and more women who have stood out above the rest as true businesswomen and entrepreneurs. In more recent years one such example has stood out amongst the pack and that is Susan McGalla.

She grew up in a household with her football coach father and two brothers. There was no easy road for Susan simply because she was a female, her father cut no slack and instilled into her a strong work ethic and drive to achieve her goals. Susan acquired her BA from Mont Union College and shortly after began her career at the Joseph Horne Company though in 1994 she got her true base working for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

Her advancement through what was at the time, a mostly male occupied company, showed a remarkable progression towards a true culture change within the workforce of business professionals. Throughout her career with American Eagle Outfitters, Inc Susan held a variety of management positions before she became the president and chief merchandising officer. Her passion and talent enabled her to manage four different brands, an e-commerce site, responsibility for the P&L and managing revenues of over $3 Billion.

Due to her upbringing there was never an issue of gender for her within the workplace. Her positive attitude and ability to work the same way with either male or females enabled an overall positive change in the workplace culture from 2000-2010. It has been shown that companies that are gender diverse are 15% more likely to vastly outperform companies in the same industry that are not gender diverse. Susan McGalla has really been a beacon for woman in the professional world everywhere.

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