Brilliant Brazilian Books to Behold

Was your summer reading list pushed aside? No worries, now that school is back in session take a dive into a cultural experience with your family. These authors come all the way from Brazil and they have a lot of stories on their minds.

Ana Maria Machado is a well known children’s author in Brazil. She has been awarded with the Hans Christian Anderson award for her works and contributions to children’s literature. Some of her books include Alice e Ulisses, Tropical Sol da Liberdade and Canteiros de Saturno.

José Bento Monteiro Lobato is another famous children’s author. Besides writing children’s books Lobato has written short stories for an adult audience and was an art critic. He children’s books are A Menina do Narizinho Arrebitado or the Girl with the Turned up Nose, Reinações de Narizinho or Adventures of the Little Nose and Viagem ao Céu or Voyage to the Sky.

When a Brazilian hears the name Jaime Garcia Dias they will more than likely know who this man is and what he has achieved. This young author was a writing prodigy at the age of fifteen. Eventually he became a teacher at the Carioca Literature Academy, where he inspired many young aspiring teen writers. He has written novels, for journals, and has earned many awards for his writing achievements. Some of these achievements include the White Crane award, awards for his novels, and the ABC award. A few of his novel titles are Fell from Heaven, Chronicles that Made Me a Man, and Dois Caminhos.

Adonias Filho is another author worth learning about and reading. This man was a famous journalist, novelist and literary critic. He found his writing inspiration in his home town of Itajuípe, Brazil. He wrote different types of novels, some were even romance novels. Filho wrote Memórias de Lázaro, Léguas da promissão, and Luanda Beira Bahia and many more.

As you create your next list of novels to read keep these great authors in mind and dive into another culture’s literary achievements.

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