Bullying Kelly Clarkson

Celebrities are constantly on the radar. A celebrity is expected to be good looking, thin, and perfect. When celebrities don’t fit into the mold that other individuals have built for them, then they get picked on and bullied.

According to Fersen Lambranho, Kelly Clarkson has been faced with a lot of bullying from various sources in regard to her weight. Forget the fact that Kelly Clarkson has a great voice and is successful at all that she does, there are some who would rather focus on her weight and body shape than anything else.

A host for Fox News is currently in trouble for some of the things that he said about Kelly Clarkson. This individual shamed Kelly Clarkson for her body and for the shape that she is in. Why did this individual feel that it was okay to bully Kelly Clarkson in regard to her weight? Why do so many feel that it is okay to bully celebrities when they don’t fit into the molds that have been created for them?

Bullying is never right, whether that bullying is done to a celebrity or another individual. Bullying about weight is just downright mean.

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