Cassio Audi, The Chief Financial Officer at Península Participações

Investment management is one of the most complex field. It requires that one possess special communication and leaderships. It also requires that one be conversant with the terms used in this fields and to have an expansive knowledge on the myriad of topics. Also, it requires that one has a sharp eye for sustainable investments and to be able to make strategic decisions. If you are looking forward to investing in Brazil Cassio Audi is a Brazilian financial expert. He has over 23 years of experience and has been a leader in various fields within the industry. Some of his best skills involve productivity improvement, change management, growth and strategy development, IPO, and M&A, just to mention a few.


Education and Career Background


Cassio studied at the reputable Pontifical Catholic University which is located in Sao Paulo. He acquired his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, graduating in the year 1994. While in school, he had to work extra hard to manage between his job at JP Morgan and his education life. Cassio also furthered his education, acquiring a postgraduate degree in Business Administration, Finance Option, from the State University of Sao Paulo.


Two years after graduating with his bachelor’s degree, Cassio Audi left the JP Morgan and began working as the Senior Financial Analyst at Dow Chemicals. He worked for this company for a period of 1 year before Gillette took him in. At Gillette, Cassio Audi was the finance director until the year 2006. Cassio has also worked with GVMI, Rossi and Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc.

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