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Afternoon Delight: J.Lo And A-Rod Doing More Love Lunches

It looks to be a very authentic thing; we’re talking about the growing romance between two superstars, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Talk about a lovely Latin match made in heaven. The famous slugger has already confirmed the dating rumors to be true, so there you go.


The couple has been seeing each other for about two months now, and according to sources, this “ain’t” just a spring fling. The pair share similar interests, and the chemistry, sex appeal and canoodling are all on.


The former Yankees 3rd base star has been gushing about his lady all over the media, most recently as a guest panelist on “The View,” saying that Jennifer is an incredible mom to her twins, an amazing sister and daughter. He even knows her favorite ice cream flavor, chocolate chip.


The couple has been spotted arm in arm at various high-end dining spots across New York City, doing lunch, looking loved up and dressing to the nines. Although the power couple are busy people, when they have spare moments, they’re always together.


A-Rod no longer plays ball, but he is a special instructor for the Bronx Bombers. J.Lo is also busy with the Shades of Blue television series and a Las Vegas residency show, so she’s criss-crossing the map constantly.


She is 47, and he is 41; J.Lo is Puerto Rican, and A-Rod is Dominican. Both superstars have dated some big names in the business and are divorced with children.


A-Rod has dated Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, to name a few. J.Lo had married crooner Mark Anthony and had a well-publicized romance and engagement to Ben Affleck years ago. She most recently dated hip-hop’s Drake, although some say it was more of a publicity thing.


Of course, the paparazzi are kickin’ it in high gear, always on the look-out for a J.Lo and A-Rod spotting. The couple doesn’t seem to mind the tabloid interference or the media’s obsession with them. They’re too busy gazing into each other’s eyes and dressing up in cute matching elegant ensembles.


This romance is luxurious.