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Global Groups Look To The Skills Of Alexandre Gama

The Brazilian business and advertising specialist Alexandre Gama has spent the majority of the last two decades discussing the role the industry in the South American country plays on a worldwide level. After being brought up in Rio de Janeiro and attending Fundacao Armondo Alzares Penteado college where he was educated in advertising techniques the respected writer made his way to the advertising industry in Brazil as a writer; the speedy passage of Alexandre Gama through the Brazilian advertising industry has seen him rise to its highest levels as a CEO and CCO who operates in Brazil, the U.K. and across the world.

Alexandre Gama developed his own advertising agency, Neogama, which has pushed his profile upwards and onto the global stage as his thoughts and experience are now in high demand by a number of industry and business groups. The success of Gama as a global advertising executive this impressive individual has been a major force for the Brazilian advertising industry that honored him as one of the top ten figures in the history of the sector as far back as 2004; Alexandre Gama has used his skills and high profile in a bid to make sure the Brazilian industry is always held in the highest esteem around the world.

The success of Alexandre Gama was assured in 1999 when his fledgling Neogama agency was awarded a Cannes Golden Lion for their advertising work, which has been followed by a series of wins for Gama himself and the Neogama agency to create an impressive record of 23 Golden Lion victories. The work of Alexandre Gama has continued throughout his career as the leader of Neogama as a creative professional who has personally completed award winning campaigns for globally recognized brands, such as Johnnie Walker.

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