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Adam Milstein’s Video Competition’s Stories Of Israel And Its Place In The World

Adam Milstein has used a variety of ways to promote Jewish sovereignty and tell the stories of those who make big differences in today’s world, and one of the ways he’s done so is through social media-based video competitions. He hosted a competition not long ago known as Inspired by Israel which had hundreds of contestants from all over the world who created videos of people in Israel doing big things. The committee that Adam Milstein headed selected 10 finalists all of whom received cash prizes with the top winner getting an $8,000 prize. The winner this last year was a video titled “The Immigrant” which detailed someone’s journey to Israel in which he changed his antisemitic views to that of someone who fully supported Israel. Milstein and several other Jewish leaders mentioned this video in the Jerusalem Post and even the mayor of Jerusalem was very pleased with it.

Adam Milstein has had ties on both the conservative right and liberal left as an activism, but he says political affiliation should not matter. The most important thing he says is to support the nation of Israel even if you don’t agree with all of their ways of gaining peace. But Milstein is 100% behind them and as a young man he fought in the nation’s military during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. After the war, he completed both his undergraduate and master’s degrees and decided to make money in real estate. Milstein is one of three managing partners at Hager Pacific Properties which has an extensive list of commercial properties totaling in the billions.

Adam Milstein founded the Milstein Family Foundation with three cornerstones in active philanthropy, path life impact and philanthropic synergy. As part of these cornerstones, the Milsteins support each partner group of the foundation not only financially, but also with their own personal involvement. They also strive to bring in a variety of community leaders into the conversation about Jewish-Americans and their relationship to Israel and the US political process. The Milsteins also want families to teach their children about the importance of Jewish history and the Hebrew language, and one tool that is used to do that are books about Jewish culture published at Sifriyat Pijama B’America.

As An Attorney And Investor, Michael Hagele Is Known For His Winning Strategies

As a highly accomplished and well-respected corporate attorney, Michael Hagele is someone who believes in doing the best job possible at all times. By putting his clients’ best interests first, Mr. Hagele is consistently able to develop winning resolutions to different types of issues.

In a recent Idea Mensch interview, Michael Hagele offers some insights into the strategies and processes that he utilizes both as an attorney and an investor.

With extensive experience serving as counsel to various technology companies, Michael Hagele is widely regarded as an expert in all legal affairs related to the technology industry.

As an investor, Michael Hagele maintains an interest in Artificial Intelligence, and keeps one eye on the future by investing in start-up technology companies. One company that this attorney is an advisor for and investor in, has created an algorithms app that can be used by non-profit organizations for determining the most effective ways of using available funds.

Additionally, Mr. Hagele has been an investor in and founder of several businesses in the restaurant and hospitality fields.

After receiving his law degree from the University of California at Berkeley, Michael Hagele worked at a prominent law firm, specializing in licensing and online commerce. Through the years, he also handled legal affairs for numerous online companies, gaining a wealth of knowledge concerning corporate governance, merger and acquisition issues and intellectual property management.

In his current role as outside general counsel for several technology companies, Michael Hagele manages legal issues for aerospace and biotechnology firms, among others.

Although he maintains a busy schedule, Michael Hagele says in the Idea Mensch article that he regularly takes the time to participate in physical activity. For this attorney and investor, taking a ride on a road or mountain bike can be an effective tool for inspiring creativity and a fresh outlook.

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Things You Need to Know about Richard Blair

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions Inc, a firm that focuses on offering diverse financial solutions to its customers. The enterprise provides financial help to all interested parties in the surrounding areas including affiliate individuals, companies, sole proprietors, among many others. The firm has grown faster over the past years and has seen a vast number of individuals deal with their financial issues and efficiently meet their needs even in the tough economic times. Richard has extensive experience in the field of entrepreneurship and has been working in the commercial area for an extended period. Learn more:

Wealth Solutions Inc has always strived to employ all the unique and most modern strategies to ensure that it keeps carrying out its operations efficiently as well as stand out among its competitors. The leaders of Wealth Solutions Inc are not only dedicated to offering the best services to their clients but also have a great passion towards designing the highest quality of products to ensure reliability. The financial firm has established its operations in a vast number of areas including Georgetown, Marble Falls, Houston, among many other firms in the country. It has thrived even in the hard economic times and successfully offered its clients with the exact products that they request. Besides, Wealth Solutions Inc has endured many challenges that act as a barrier to most firms and sometimes lead to their closure.

Richard is among the significant contributors to the success of the firm and his commitment towards achieving the best has seen him succeed in his venture. The renowned entrepreneur has vast knowledge in the financial field and is always ready to offer his expertise and advice concerning business-related issues with his clients as well as any other individual that shows interest. Over the past years, Richard has learned and acquired a lot about the field of finance thanks to his well informed and business oriented family members, who always had a profound dedication towards sharing their knowledge with him.

Richard is change-oriented and has always been prepared to adapt to new ways of conducting business due to the various emerging issues in the field of business. Under his management, Wealth Solutions Inc has successfully maintained a great reputation fro itself, and the company continues to receive a lot of accreditation as well as industry recognition from other firms and professionals. He does not turn back and always has a high drive towards achieving the best in all his ventures.


Sharing Success With Others – Nick Vertucci

As volatile as the market has been over the past decade due to many economic factors, not a lot of businessmen and women can say that they achieved great success in their area of expertise. Nick Vertucci, however, is one of those individuals that was able to establish himself as a successful realtor, and create an academy which works to help others in their real estate quests.

Vertucci grew up in an average family and enjoyed a peaceful life until the age of ten. During that year, his father died and he began working long hours to provide for his family. He was able to obtain strong work ethic, which ultimately led him from a troubling life in the back of his van all the way to millions of dollars in the real estate industry. Now, after he achieved financial freedom, Nick Vertucci is working to help other people walk in his footsteps though his NVREA Academy.

The academy is student-oriented, which means people can sign up to attend Nick Vertucci’s classes and get some hands-on experience that will aid them in better performance in their private real estate endeavors. Vertucci welcomes everyone to his lessons, from those who may have no prior experience, all the way to those who might be well-versed in the world of business. Individuals are taught basics and how to close their first deal so that one day they can be prosperous.

Presently, the academy has had great success which enabled it to lunch in various cities around the United States, such as Nashville, Seattle, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Tampa. Dozens of professionals that are on Vertucci’s team help students in the academy learn how to make money “flipping” homes, make their investments “inflation-proof”, use retirement accounts as capital, tips on tax-free and tax-deferred passive income, and many other wealth strategies.

Nick Vertucci was able to make a fortune and build a gigantic corporation from a simple 3-day weekend workshop on real estate that he was invited to by his friend. Nowadays, he is making himself available to new comers that might have the “desire and the drive, but lack the know-how”, so that he can teach them his proven way of investing in real estate that will grant them a debt-free life. Many success stories that people have shared in respect to the academy have built a strong foundation for his program, which keeps welcoming anyone and everyone.

Nicki Vertucci Outlines the Blueprint For Making Money in Real Estate

Nick Vertucci provides people with true real estate skills. His workshops are the gateway to better real estate strategy. Anyone that is trying to make money for their retirement will need to consider attending one of his workshops. It will give people so much more information to create their own real estate business and start building up their customer base.


Real estate is a business that is always blooming. People are always getting new jobs and moving to different places. They want to sell homes and move to other spaces and they need someone that is going to be able to help them sell their homes quickly. This is what Vertucci is able to do. He creates opportunities for real estate agents that are able to get homes on the market, and he helps people sell homes fast. With his Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy he is giving valuable information through workshops that can really help people turn their cash flow around. Anyone that has been trying to establish themselves in the real estate business should look at the resources that Nick Vertucci is bringing to the table. He is a very successful real estate agent that has put a tremendous amount of time into creating workshops that are giving his customers hope. People that may have never thought that they could sell a home are finding that they have the skills to do this. Others that may have only dreamed of success in real estate business are finding that financial freedom through real estate is a reality.


Nick Vertucci has become someone that is providing a lot of insight when it comes to building a cash list clientele. This is going to be the fastest way to make money regularly. He is someone that has gone to the trial and error of selling homes, so he knows what buyers are looking for. He also knows about an untapped market of real estate gold that many agents are not in tune with. This is why his workshops are so relevant to people that sell real estate. It takes some time and planning to actually implement successful strategies to sell homes quickly. Everyone is not always mindful of the potential that can be found with smaller homes that are selling quickly for cash. This is where the real estate market thrives the most for quick profits, and Nick Vertucci knows this.

Nick Vertucci: Helping People Get Out of Debt

Nick Vertucci has dedicated his whole life to helping people make money. Nick Vertucci is the best in the business. He believes in the act of investing in your real estate business and working hard to succeed. In the past, Nick Vertucci had his own business selling computer parts, which crashed in the year 2000’s .com bubble burst. He has made his fortune in real estate and helping other people take the steps to succeed at flipping homes. His events do not require you purchase any books or materials. Nick has created a system that allows everybody to do well in the real estate business.



This system has created solutions to real estate challenges. He teaches buying and holding properties for long-term investing. This system helps you create long-term financial freedom. Investors and private lenders help fund the students of his Real Estate Academy. Attending one conference can get you one Free CD. Mr. Vertucci is a retired police officer who got into real estate to fix his financial problems and shows other people how to do the same. Nick Vertucci can give you the tools you need to succeed. In addition, his system is easy to use. Mr. Vertucci functions as a mentor who can show you the ropes in real estate investing despite the many pitfalls to success in the real estate market today. Nick is genuine and sincere in his approach. They provide information that is worth spending money on to consumers. His program is based on numbers only. The key to success is diligence. Nick Vertucci has the energy to teach solid skills to the people who attend his seminars. So long as you follow the system, you will make money. His heart is in the right place with his teaching style, which genuinely works.

David Giertz Shares Advice On The Importance Of Social Security Benefits

Addressing the need for financial advisors to tackle the issue of social security with clients, David Giertz, president of Nationwide Financial’s Sales & Distribution, called attention to the impact not discussing the option with clients would bring about.


In an interview with the French Tribune, Giertz emphasized when financial advisors do not take social security retirement benefits into account during their conversation, it may result in a negative impact to both the clients and the advisors.


Giertz highlighted a recent study by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute that determined four in five financial advisor clients would change advisors if the advisor did not include social security income in their retirement.


He went on to make it known how vital it is for advisors to discuss social security benefits with their clients as the benefits may compromise up to 40 percent of the clients income during retirement.


What’s more Giertz explained people may lose an amount equal to $300,000 in lost benefits over their retirement years should they start obtaining their retirement benefits too early.


According to Giertz while the handbook for the program contains 2,700 rules and guidelines in the social security area and many advisors find the amount overpowering, they should learn as much as possible about social security and assimilate the program into their discussions.


With more than three decades as a broker and financial advisor, Giertz began his career at Citigroup spending more than ten years starting as a financial services advisor and ending as executive vice president of sales.


He earned an MBA from the University of Miami and a BS from Millikin University.


Giertz has been involved with community organizations such as the Board of Trustees at Millikin University as well as the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts. His interests include photography and keeping up with the industry.


The Thoughts And Opinions Of The Expert Brazilian Investor Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is an exemplary Brazilian banker and an expert in investments. He believes the way Brazilian banks have come through great upheavals is because they understand the market and have experience dealing with turbulent years. He says Brazilian banks only lend to individuals with the best credit. This gives the banks security and streamlines the costs. The individuals with undesirable credit have to go to the public sector banks or dispense with their business plans.


Igor Cornelsen feels most investors are not current concerning Brazilian banking because they do not understand the basics. This caused him to create a short and easy to follow profile to help investors understand Brazilian stocks. Mr. Cornelsen first explains there are ten major players in Brazilian banking. These are the ten state and privately owned investment and commercial banks who back Brazilian investments.


Mr. Cornelsen believes the new economic matrix of Guido Mantega was a total failure because instead of being based on rational economics it was based on ideology. He feels Joaquim Levy being appointed as Brazil’s finance minister is bringing hope to the banks. Mr. Cornelsen is in agreement with his views concerning fiscal reform but is not certain if he will bring about true economic reform.


Mr. Cornelsen has also stated that as the Chinese economy strengthens it will mean Brazilian raw materials will bring good prices. Even though China is Brazil’s fiercest competitor of industrialized goods, he feels watching the markets will help you understand your investments better and lead to greater profits and success.


Exports lost competitiveness due to Brazil’s overinflated currency causing a lot of current deficits. Dollar swaps have been sold by the Central Bank of Brazil to avoid depreciation. This means the currency is still overinflated. The new administration is expected to be less interventionist due to the effect the devaluation will have if it is not controlled. Igor Cornelsen believes this will be the catalyst that sparks investments within the industry and makes exporting goods out of Brazil much more competitive. This he says is what it will take to decrease the current accounts disequilibrium.




Flavio Maluf of Eucatex Uses Eucalyptus to Manufacture Building Materials

Human resource management entails dealing with different from diverse backgrounds and cultures. For most business professionals, this is a key responsibility that should be carefully implemented for success. While dealing with people in business may seem profitable, it is a challenging task because different people harbor strange personalized characters. For a successful business, however, this is part and parcel of every successful day. As a leader in an organization, Flavio Maluf has executed excellent people skills to the growth of his family business, Eucatex. From handling family egos to emotions and diplomacy, Maluf has been on the forefront of streamlining the business to one of the leading suppliers in Brazil.




Through focusing on the day to day activities of Eucatex, Maluf drives the business to executive levels of production. The company that uses eucalyptus in production is eco-friendly in manufacturing building materials from tiles to ceilings and cardboards. In delicate situations that call for meetings and advice, Maluf has always chaired board meetings to spearhead the company’s mission of producing excellent services and products for the people of Brazil. His strong academic background honed his leadership skills. Following a keen observation in most companies in the current generation, the use of technology in business is vastly growing. As a leader in Eucatex, Maluf has initiated the same use of technology in production. In return, Eucatex has always maintained a consistent supplying behavior to most of its clients.




Maluf is a head cheerleader in business. Through vast entrepreneurial skills, he has dealt with different people from various backgrounds. He understands the nature of employees and that is why he has managed to maintain a healthy working environment in the multi-billion groups of companies. From his articles on blogs, Maluf encourages entrepreneurs to embrace the use of technology in business. According to him, technology will lead entrepreneurs to a new advanced era of production. Maluf speaks from his experience at Eucatex, a company that has progressively developed due to the use of advanced technology over the years. Maluf also encourages entrepreneurs to focus production on the demands of youth. He advises that the youth make most of the population in the world. It, therefore, means that the youth define the market target and niche.



A Profile of the Eucatex Group of Companies

Eucatex Group is a company that develops furniture products using eucalyptus wood in Brazil. The company has been in business for over six decades of professional experience. Its experience also works to determine the level of management accessibility experienced in the company through access to the business platform. Eucatex Group is also considered as one of the most innovative companies developing their products from eucalyptus. For all the goods made in the company, they always use the highest level of technology advancement to deliver quality in production. Because the company uses eucalyptus wood to develop their products, it is branded as one of the companies that take good care of the environment. Whenever the company cuts one tree, they always plant two trees in the country. This is a formula developed by the government to conserve the environment.


When the company was founded in 1951, there were few laws regarding the use of trees to develop the most sophisticated business entities. In this case, no one knows how to develop fast income in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For the company to please their clients all over the world, quality and success in production are paramount. While the clients never care about the environment, Eucatex Group goes further to protect the future heritage of the country through environmental protection practices that are unmatched in the industry. Eucatex Group is also considered as the largest producer of the insulation and liners made from eucalyptus trees. In the current management system, Eucatex Group is concerned with the development of leadership positions that work to determine the future of the industry through accessibilities that develop fast income and solutions in a manner that is not accessed in the industry.


Eucatex Group is run in two business segments.because they have worked hard to develop their products using the highest level of innovation and technology, the production team has subdivided the production line in two.


  • The Construction Industry: Eucatex Group produces laminate floors, modular partitions, and paints.
  • The Furniture Industry: Eucatex Group produces MDP and Tamburato using wood fiber plates. They manufacture their products using eucalyptus wood and advanced technology.