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How Goettl Air Conditioning Is Making Cooling Easier For All Homeowners

Sometimes the heat can be hard to deal with if you live in hot and dry places such as Arizona, Nevada and Southern California. But there are ways you can save on your cooling costs that Goettl Air Conditioning, a reputable company that serves that area has outlined in their tips. First, it’s important to insulate your home thoroughly because it not only keeps it warm in the winter, it also keeps heat out in the summer. They also recommend putting film covers over the windows and making sure thermostats are located out of the sunlight. Goettl also recommends making sure the outdoor condenser is in the shade, and that basic maintenance checks are performed routinely by a technician. These tips have been known to save homeowners hundreds in their monthly utility costs.

Goettl Air Conditioning has built its reputation from having prompt service and hiring the best trained technicians to do the field work. The company began back in 1939 when Adam and Gust Goettl founded it in Phoenix, and the company later moved its headquarters to Tempe and primarily serves residential customers, though there are some commercial customers as well that they regularly service. CEO Ken Goodrich bought the company at a time when its finances were struggling and also worked to restore its manufacturing branch, and in recent years Goodrich has even built partnerships with The Sunny Plumber and Paradise Air.

Aside from its long list of repairs that have been completed, Goettl has also engaged in philanthropy in the local community. This last year at Christmas, they visited the home of a family who couldn’t afford heating costs and installed a heating system in their home for free. Goettl also founded a scholarship program in partnership with a Las Vegas area community college that allowed a former military member to enroll in an HVAC training program. Visit Glass Door for more info.

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