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Celebrities: Alec Baldwin Wants a Raise

Actor Alec Baldwin created news headlines recently when he informed an interviewer he may not reprise his humorous characterization of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live next year without a “lot more money”. While he explained during an interview he loved the show and enjoyed working with the creative cast, he noted his limited availability posed challenges to regular appearances.


The star explained he also feels that by September, many members of the public may not welcome SNL sketches involving the Trump Administration with good humor. As the anniversary of the national election approaches, he doubts Americans will find very much amusement in politics.


Alec Baldwin recently released his memoirs. Nevertheless recounts events during his life and career, including his first meeting with his 30 Rock television series co-star Tina Fey (then a writer and performer on SNL). He will make several public appearances during April to promote the book.


The actor frequently speaks in public about political issues. For instance, he recently helped express the viewpoint of many Hamptons residents who oppose the construction of a proposed luxury golf club and resort in East Quogue, New York for environmental reasons. The issues has divided celebrities, with some well-known public figures such as Edward Norton voicing support for the project.


Although he still expresses surprise over the 2016 presidential election results, Alec Baldwin, a Democrat, informed Vanity Fair recently he harbors no personal ill will towards President Donald Trump. He explained during an interview that he could not satirize the President effectively for comedic purposes if he hated him. President Trump has expressed admiration for Alec Baldwin as an actor, but has not welcomed his performances in the widely popular satirical sketches on SNL.


During his career, Alec Baldwin has appeared in many acclaimed stage and film productions. He first rose to prominence in television roles, then starred in a series of hit films. His performances earned him numerous honors, including two Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes. His brothers have also achieved success as actors.