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Preschooler Donates Birthday Gifts

Like most other preschool children, Trevor Voigt had a party for his birthday. However, unlike many other children, he had an unusual request for his presents. Instead of asking for gifts for himself, he asked for gifts that he could give away to others. He asked his friends to bring hats, scarfs, and other warms items so that he could give those items away to the homeless community around Bismarck.

Trevor said that he asked Jon Urbana and his friends with Earth Force to help out so that others could stay warm this winter. Kristen Dewald, a teacher in the area, said that local schools had been learning about the I Am Not Lost project and applying it to their community that week as well. The project was started to give back to those who are in need of warm winter clothes. Items are placed in public areas with tags on them that read “I am not lost, please take me if you need me”. A group of fourth graders and preschoolers worked together to hang up items around a local park for those who may be in need.

For the full story, and a video, click the link to check it out on KFYR TV.

Charles Koch Launches Campaign to Fight Poverty and Improve Education

Stand Together is the name of the new non-profit initiated by Charles Koch, which will focus on fighting poverty and improving education. Plans will be shared with Koch donors at a seminar in Palm Springs, California.

Stand Together will make a “real difference in people’s lives by actually solving the problems they have,” says Evan Feinberg, executive director of the organization.

The non-profit’s efforts will be helped by Bob Woodson, CEO of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise. Woodson, 78, a veteran of civil rights activities, was also instrumental in formulating President George W. Bush’s faith-based initiatives. He wants to attract people who are “social entrepreneurs,” those who are successful in solving societal problems like drug addiction in poor neighborhoods.

Feinberg described the program as a mix of grant-writing and infrastructure funding. New non-profits would be set up. An example he gave was Stand Together supporting a business owner who would hire former jail prisoners in a community-based program.

Woodson praises the program. “What makes Koch unique is that he is the only person with money that has come to us and not dictated to us what we should do but wants to help us build on what we already do.”

Americans for Prosperity, the largest grass-roots political advocacy group founded by the Kochs, has become involved in the poverty project by teaching couponing classes in poor neighborhoods. The Libre Initiative, a different group aimed at poor Hispanics, gave away free turkeys to Latinos. Koch himself along with Koch Industries, has donated $25 million to the United Negro College Fund.

In conjunction with the Obama Administration, Koch officials have pushed for prison reform and eliminating state licensing for certain jobs. Both feel these licenses are too costly for the poor and discourage potential careers.

Koch Industries is the second largest company in the United States. It has 100,000 employees in 60 countries and takes in $115 billion every year. Charles and his brother David inherited the company from their father and have been generous donors to the arts and political causes.

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The Cancer Fighter, Mr. Omar Boraie

It has been proven that Omar Boraie is undeniably a man worth great acknowledgment. He may merely be a real estate developer in New Brunswick, but his deeds are worth a Nobel Peace Prize. Besides being a real estate businessman, Omar is also a philanthropist.
Cancer has declared universal chaos all over the world that has led to the use of a lot of funds, time and sacrifice to curb the deadly disease. In the long run, great developments have been achieved in the medical sector and also in genomic science. This has in turn led to a change in the approach of Cancer diagnosis and also its treatment.
At the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, great enhancement in precision medicine was reached. This occurred because of a pledge made by a donor who was anonymous to the Institute. $1.5 million was put out for every new chair that was meant to bring funding to the program. In the end, the endowment was $3million for each of the 18 chairs. Out of the 18 chairs, one of them was named particularly for Omar Boraie. On his recognition, the real estate developer in Brunswick responded optimistically and in turn pledged to support the initiative and donated $1.5 million. The 18 Chair Challenge was hosted by the Rutgers University campaign to come up with financial support for one of the Cancer research programs that were meant to be more advanced.
According to Mr. Boraie, the program seemed promising and, therefore, he gave his complete support to the initiative. He even ensured that his family fully supported the 18 Chair Challenge so that others would join him in fighting Cancer. As an individual who had great experience in chemistry, Mr. Boraie, hoped that all cancer patients would get the opportunity to feel the advancements in the field of cancer therapy.
Mr. Omar Boraie has been part of the New Brunswick development affairs for quite a long time and has dedicated himself to turning New Brunswick into a Healthcare City. The MD, Institute Director at Rutgers Cancer Institute, Mr. Robert S. Dipaola was highly grateful for the support. He was aware that the donation would have a lasting impression on the cancer research as well as the cancer patients undergoing treatment. Not only would the residents of New Brunswick benefit from the advancement of the cancer research, but the whole world would benefit.
The Rutgers Cancer Institution of New Jersey became not only a Comprehensive Cancer center but also the state of the art in cancer research that is one of a kind.

Joseph Bismark’s Faith Affects His Life Each Day


Joseph Bismark is a man that some have heard of for his leadership skills and for just who he is in the corporate world, but he is also a man who should be known for his strong faith and for his spirituality. This man is about more than just the leadership skills that he possesses, and he is about more than just what he has done in the business world, I believe that this man is about so much more than that. I believe that this man should be recognized for more than what he has done, I believe that he should be recognized for the spiritual person that he is.

When I was reading about Joseph Bismark on the WordPress blog End of an Earring, I read about how the man has a strong faith. This man is a spiritual person, one who possesses a faith that others should hear about and respect. This man is about more than just who he is in the business world, he is a spiritual individual who takes his faith seriously. The faith that Joseph Bismark possesses goes with him every day, affecting the way that he lives, and I hope that my own faith is as strong as his.

Woman Saves Kidnapped Child While on Break

What do you do with the breaks that you get when you are at work? Do you make the most of that time and spend it doing the things that make you happy? Do you spend that time focusing on yourself? One woman took time out of her break to do something heroic, and a beneful life is forever changed thanks to what she did.

It seems that one Texas pizza worker was taking a simple break to smoke when she noticed that something was up. This woman noticed an Amber alert at just the right time, while taking that break, and she happened to see the suspect. This woman stopped a kidnapping, rescuing a child from a bad fate, and she did it while on break at work. This woman was selfless enough to give up her break for the sake of a child, and she did so in a way that is to be respected.

Waitress To Give Kidney To A Complete Stranger

In the news lately we have seen some serious generosity to servers across the United States. A man left a significant sum of money to his favorite waitresses after he passed away. Another stranger paid for a man to have cosmetic dental surgery to fix an embarrassing problem. Finally, Brian Torchin said someone left a $2,000 tip on a carryout order of less than $100. These stories show us that there are kind, generous people in the world who do go deeds without asking for a thing in return. This time a waitress is giving a life-saving gift to one of her favorite patrons at her place of employment, Hooters.

Mariana Villareal will be donating a kidney to Don Thomas, a complete stranger but a regular diner at this Georgia Hooters. Thomas has lost both kidneys to kidney disease and was in dire need of a replacement organ or would face certain death. Villareal lost her grandmother to the same deadly disease and did not want to see it take another life. She hopes that her donation will encourage others to donate organs, whether they know the recipient or not. Every life is valuable and each person has people who love and depend on them. The server and her customer will be undergoing surgery next week.