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The Problem with Work Schedules

Sometimes life can bite us where it hurts, and we are not prepared for it when it happens. We never marry someone else with the idea that the marriage is not going to last, and, if we did know that there would be much trouble, we would never get married in the first place. What only makes divorce worse is knowing that there is nothing truly wrong with the relationship; it just ends because neither person is able to have the time to commit to it. This is the case with Chris Pratt and his late wife Anna Faris, as found in an article from the Huffington Post (

Chris Pratt is mostly known for his portrayal of Star-Lord in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films and also for his role in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel coming out soon for the Summer. When asked by the Huffington Post about his crashed relationship with Anna Faris, Pratt simply said that “divorce sucks”.

The couple shares a five year old son together, who undoubtedly will feel some form of repercussion from the split. Pratt and Faris had been married for over eight years and it was a surprise that they were divorcing. The cause for the divorce was ultimately the work schedule of the two actors and how they could never truly find the time to commit to one another. They quickly grew apart and became estranged. There have been rumors about Pratt dating Olivia Munn, which were later disproved.