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Man Receives Apology 20 Years Later from Bully

Chad Michael Morrisette had left his life in Alaska behind 20 years ago. The now 34-year-old was relentlessly tormented in school for being gay, stating that the entire football team made it their mission to bully him. He never expected to think about that life again, but Facebook made him do just that, this time in a good way.

Morrisette was different than the boys in his Alaska junior high and high school classes. He said he was small, identified as gay, and didn’t like the things they liked. He stated that the bullying was so bad he had to be walked from class to class by teachers to stave off the kids making fun of him.

At the age of 15 he left Alaska in search of a more excepting town, and InsiderMonkey suggested that he found that in West Hollywood. On one spring afternoon in 2015, however, Morrisette was herald back to his high school days by a Facebook message from a former classmate.

The classmate, Louie Amundson, penned a Facebook message apologizing for the way he treated Morrisette after his own daughter asked him if he ever bullied someone. He stated that he was sorry for the way he treated Morrisette and noted he’d apologize in person if he could.

Morrisette took a screenshot of the message, which then went viral. Morrisette noted that the torment he went through was not okay, but he’s thrived in his adult life. Hopefully, the message will show the masses that it is never too late to right a wrong.