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The Aretha Franklin Movie Is Ready For Production

The world has been graced by the melodic voice of Aretha Franklin for more than five decades. Aretha is a Soul Music, rhythm and blues icon. She has earned the title of Queen of Soul from the music industry, and her millions of fans. It has just been announced that a movie depicting her life will soon be in production. Ms. Franklin has searched long and hard for the right person to play the role of the diva in the movie. She hand selected the beautiful Jennifer Hudson, who is an award winning singer and actress. She is the one person with the voice range that will do justice to the songs of Aretha Franklin. Both ladies are Grammy winners, and know the music industry intimately.

Clive Davis, who has been in the industry for decades, is the source behind the project. He and Aretha have worked together for much of her career. With the voice and acting ability of Jennifer Hudson, Ms. Franklin will be perfectly portrayed. Jennifer even has a similar appearance as Ms. Franklin in the earlier years, and will grow in the movie to be an exact replica of the Queen. This movie has been long anticipated by Franklin’s many fans. It will give much insight into the life of someone who has been adored for most of her life. Younger people will get to know the Aretha that started it all from her humble beginnings. This movie will be a treasure for all of the fans.