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Armie Hammer Beats Flu to Show up at Oscars

For fans of both Armie Hammer and the film Call Me By Your Name, Hammer’s absence at the Spirit Awards was quite a shock. After all, the mega movie star and his co-star had been heavily promoting their film. However, those following Hammer on social media could immediately see what the issue was; the amiable actor had been struck down with the flu. This year, strains of influenza have hit the United States hard, and the flu doesn’t discriminate against movie stars.

Followers of Hammer’s Instagram account could see that the star was being administered an IV for this affliction, with his wife Elizabeth Chambers Hammer lovingly assisting him to get better. Luckily, Armie’s custom-made Armani suit perfectly offset any under-the-weather issues with the star’s complexion. The deep oxblood hue complemented his skin tone so well that no one ever would have guessed that the star had been struggling from a terrible stomach flu just hours before.

With his signature smile and towering presence, Hammer cut quite a dashing figure on the Oscars’ red carpet. Chopping it up with Timothee Chalamet, who played the blond heir’s love interest in Call Me By Your Name, Hammer seemed perfectly healthy. Indeed, it was a perfect reminder that Hollywood is all smoke and mirrors. If someone can manage to look that good in the midst of the flu, then who knows what other fascinating feats Hollywood can dream up for him?