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Identical Twins Now Not So Identical

For years, science has been trying to determine if identical twins are identical in every way or if their DNA and genome could differentiate. Cases where twins have been separated at birth, not for the purposes of any study, have been of particular interest because there are a lot of environmental factors that now come into play. Leave it to forensic scientists, who have now determined a way to differentiate the DNA of identical twins with a new technique.

The new technique looks at DNA methylation, which is what changes the way in which genes are expressed, in a process called high resolution melt curve analysis, or HRMA. Paul Mathieson suggests that environmental factors are known to affect the way DNA methylation occurs in every individual, and even when twins are exposed to the same environment, they are creating different expression in their genome.

While the process of finding these differences was difficult, painstaking and extremely expensive, this new HRMA method is very cost effective and takes up much less time. The differences are ultimately shown in the differing heat signatures that are present for each individual. Hydrogen bonding is key in telling twins apart, because it is the hydrogen bonds that make up our DNA and causes differentiation that are looked at and studied. The more methylation that has occurred, the more hydrogen bonds need breaking and subsequently the higher the heat signature is for an individual. Each identical twin will have a specific number of bonds creating a specific heat signature and thus a new way to tell them apart.

Going Pro, But How Far Will Jameis Go?

It’s official. Jameis Winston’s dad announced that his son will enter the NFL draft instead of returning to Florida State.

Jameis had considered another year at FSU. His final decision wasn’t expected until after the college national championship game.
Winston’s decision has created excitement, most of it positive. Many feel it’s the best decision, and predict success for Jameis. On Mel Kiper, Jr. said that Jameis is the second-best quarterback prospect behind Oregon’s Marcus Mariota. Todd McShay said he’s a better prospect than Mariota, and needs less development. In two college seasons, Winston has thrown for 7964 passing yards and 65 touchdowns. He’s second in passes of over 20 yards at 124, and his Florida State record is 26-1.

His touchdowns dropped from 40 in 2013 to 25 in 2014. His rushing yards went from 219 to 67. Then there’s the disastrous playoff game against Oregon, where he threw for 29 of 45 and lost 59-20. Winston’s off-the-field issues are well known, including a rape accusation and loud vulgarity. All this raises the question, does he have the self-discipline for the NFL?

We’ll see, and only time will tell if Jameis will be a pro or a no.

Athletes and their Vices

It is very difficult to keep your head in the game when you have cameras pointed at you all the time, every second of your life, and if the paparazzi do not let you breathe even once in a while. The press can be a very annoying bunch who can drive you to do literally really regrettable things that can cost you a lot.

Some athletes and celebrities however have not found the balance between the lime light and your private time and s they get caught off guard on a number of occasions.

This was because he had being found guilty of drunk-driving but at least he was man enough to be honest about it and admit his mishap. This took a lot of courage but you still have to be careful with these types of situations especially if you are a model figure for so many people out there, and you have to keep a good image for everyone to emulate so you look good on BusinessWeek.

Phelps now enters the list of celebrities who have done such thing while still in the public eye and this really does not raise respect for him. This was at the reddit sports site and you can read more on it at Twitter.