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Solo Capital Leadership

For a company to earn good growth, there must be a strong leader to see the company through the various activities undertaken within the company. Solo Capital has been able to grow rapidly from the time that it was founded. The company is only six years old in the sector and is now considered as being a top notch company in Britain’s financial investment sector. Sanjay Shah founded it in 2009. The company specializes in proprietary trading and sport investment services. There are times when the company can consider extending its operations consultation on financial matters. It was able to end the financial year 2015 with a cash flow of 38 million Euros and an asset total of 68 million Euros. In the same year, the company was found to be having a net worth of 15 million Euros. Solo Capital is sometimes referred to as solo Capital UK. Solo Capital UK was incorporated into the partnership in 2011 after it had finished with 26 million Euros.
Sanjay is not only known for being a brilliant entrepreneur, but he is also the founder of a charitable organization which called Autism Rocks. This organization operates by staging concerts around the world with an aim of raising awareness and funds for autism. Shah works with some artist in this endeavor. Shah is the sole donor, and he has spent a big amount in bringing autism rocks already. In the year 2014, Sanjay Shah spent $100, 000 to create the domain for Autism Rocks and to see running.
Before the founding Autism Rocks, Shah had been a passive participant in charity organizations. He would support other operating groups as he did in India to help in children medical and education programs. According to a news release from Newswire, Shah was greatly affected by his son’s diagnosis. He son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 when he was only four. This is considered as being the biggest motivation behind the founding of autism rocks by Shah. It is his adoration for art that made him invite Musicians like Snoop Doggy and the others into working to make Autism Rocks successful.

Louisiana Dad Paints His Nails Blue in Honor of Autism Awareness Month

Brian Batey, 48,of West Monroe, Louisiana was diagnosed with Autism two years ago. By that time, he had an 18-year-old son named Nathan, Nathan, now 20, suffers from Asberger’s Syndrome. Brian also has Tourette syndrome and Asberger’s.The autism diagnosis surprised Brian. Every April for Autism Awareness Month he’d paint his fingernails blue for Nathan. For five years, the National Society has made April Autism Awareness month. The organization and Brian Batey are interested in making the disability known to everyone in hopes of promoting understanding. Brian hopes that if his grandchildren are born with this disability, their lives will be better than it’s been for Nathan.Mr. Batey lived for 46 years without a diagnosis and endured childhood bullying.

Brian paints his finger and toe nails with blue fingernail polish every April.For the past two years, he has asked people to paint their fingernails blue for himself and Nathan. Brian’s the father of two children, a son and a daughter, and works as a senior software developer.  Gianfrancesco Genoso said that Mr. Batey says he wouldn’t change his diagnosis if he could. He realizes he has a lot of advantages such as his musical and culinary abilities.Batey laments he’s not too crazy about his bouts of depression and anxiety feelings. Another good thing is his co-workers are painting their nails blue for the cause. A coworker paints her nails blue for her son.