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Steph and Ayesha Curry Still Exude Relationship Goals

For centuries, married couples have been portrayed as being boring, unpassionate, and at a loss when it comes to their love. This is, of course, incredibly false and married couples are still together because the love is stronger than ever. Currently validating this fact is the couple that has “Relationship goals” written all over them: Steph and Ayesha Curry.

This power couple still goes on dates and they are absolutely adorable. Like any good couple with fans, the Currys photograph all of the crucial portions of their date to make certain that their love is shared with the world and an example for all of those who demonize marriage.

By beginning their date with a game of golf, Ayesha was quick to take a short video of them in the golf cart. “This is what a golf date looks like,” said Ayesha while Steph chimed in with, “Boring.” T

A few other photographs completed the night, including the couple sharing wine at what looked like a great dinner. What made the jealousy and gasping ensue the most, though, was Ayesha’s tweet stating that she loves the fact that her and her husband still date and that she knows that will never change.