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First Hand Experience with Wen by Chaz

Wen hair by Chaz Dean is a cleansing conditioner. It’s a high-end beauty product that claims to give your hair shine, body, and bounce.

Emily McClure decided to put Wen by Chaz to the test herself and share the results in an article on

Emily comments that her hair was naturally thin and flat before she used Wen. With that being said, she used the product for a total of 7 days to get the full effect. There is even a picture from the beginning of each day to give you a visual.

After the first night using it, her hair was healthier and shinier. Though she did mention that when she used the product at night before she went to bed, her hair was greasy at the roots the next morning when she woke up. She concluded that if she wanted to use the product, she would have to change her routine and take a shower in the morning instead of at night.

This product may not be for the person who prefers not getting up early to do their hair. However, it definitely sounds like the results are well worth the extra time. So if you want your luscious locks to have a super shine, this product sounds like it is exactly what you need to achieve that. Wen hair products are available on both Guthy Renker and Sephora cosmetics. Also see:

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Dr. Jennifer Walden and Vaginal Rejuvenation

There are many different surgical procedures that one can go through. One procedure that is interesting to hear about is vaginal rejuvenation. This is one of the forms of cosmetic vaginal procedures. However, as with any other topic, there are myths surrounding vaginal rejuvenation. These myths have been addressed by surgeons like Dr. Jennifer Walden who is gaining more requests for such surgical procedures. The three myths of cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation surgery are very peculiar. One myth is that vaginal rejuvenation has been brought about because of men’s unrealistic expectations. The second myth is that cosmetic vaginal surgery is gaining popularity because of vanity. The third myth suggests that women are getting surgery for men’s obsession with tightness.

Dr. Jennifer Walden reveals that the reasoning behind these surgical procedures are more often in response to the needs, wants and desires of the women who undergo their procedures. Dr. Jennifer Walden is especially experienced in dealing with her patients when it comes to cosmetic surgical procedures. She is also considered one of the top surgeons in her field. She has used her skills and expertise in order to start her own office in Dallas after spending a lot of time in New York. Her reasoning is so that she can spend more time with her family.

Dr. Jennifer Watson’s hard earned success can be enjoyed with her family. She has worked very hard for it when she pursued her career major at the University of Texas in Austin. She applied to medical school and was put on the waiting list. She did not allow herself to be discouraged. She has worked hard until she became the Salutatorian of her class. She has found herself fascinated at the room for creativity that cosmetic surgery leaves. She has went to Manhattan to study at a hospital and has stayed for fellowship. She ahs learned under Sherrel Aston. She has used all of the lessons she has learned under her mentor to start her own successful practice.

Achieving Fame On YouTube

The fact is that a few well known YouTubers achieved instant fame with their videos. Their videos were on a wide variety of topics. One top personality on the site achieved fame by simply sitting down in front of a camera and playing video games for an hour or so. Most people would think that this is truly boring. However, he’s achieved billions of views and millions of followers. Indeed, PewDiePie is the man on YouTube. Other top YouTube Vloggers include people delivering their opinions about Minecraft, games, fashion, music, beauty, and more.

Achieving Fame
If you build it, they will come. You have to post on a regular basis and build a following. Post daily, or at least several times a week. Make sure that the videos are very original. Perhaps, something that has never been shared on the site before. It might concern important information, a personal talent, or just a hot topic. Self promotion is also important. Ask your friends, family, and online contacts to visit your channel and post comments. Post to other channels and leave your channel name. This is the way to build up interest in your channel that just might lead to fame. Certainly, it is also important to make sure that the videos uploaded are high quality and entertaining.

Everybody Loves Wengie
People like YouTube because it is all about communication and sharing information. Wendy Huang of the Wonderful World of Wengie loves sharing her beauty videos with her followers on YouTube. Wendy Huang is an Australian native and one of the most famous beauty bloggers in the country.

Wengie’s Rise
Clearly, it was inevitable that Wengie would rise to the top. Her channel shares all the best elements for success. Wendy Huang has created a channel that is interesting, entertaining, and well produced. Wendy Huang developed a love for fashion and beauty at a very young age. Fortunately, beauty and fashion are hot topics on the site. She quickly attracted millions to her site that were interested in her beauty tutorials and advice. She lives in Australia. However, her followers are from every corner of the world.