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Dr. Mark Mofid Is Proving That Plastic Surgery Is An Art That Can Be Mastered

Dr. Mark Mofid has been performing plastic surgery for many years and today he is a highly regarded professional that is sought out regularly for his advice and his work. Most people who are looking into plastic surgery want to go to the very best to ensure their own results are good, which is why people go to Mark. Not only does Mark produce some of the best results int he industry, but he has made several advancements in the techniques that are used in plastic surgery, making the field safer than ever. On top of this, Mark has also developed a new type of implant that is much better for the body and doesn’t get rejected or break down over time.

Dr. Mark Mofid has been board certified an licensed to practice plastic surgery as well as general surgery, and he can be found at hospitals in the San Diego are working as a staff surgeon. His incredible medical skills and high standards for taking care of patients is no small thing and has opportunities coming for him left and right. Mark Mofid also never misses a chance to speak at plastic surgery conventions or events around the country, as all of the latest ideas and methods will be discussed. Mark is always looking for ways to improve the industry and help build its name.

This is because the standards are not up to par with what he expected when he first started in plastic surgery. Not only were many of the implants on the market generic, but many of the methods people used to perform surgery were not best for their patients. Things have changed dramatically over the past decade, but Dr. Mark Mofid has no plans to get comfortable. Day and night, Mark is working to develop safer methods for surgery, which he regularly shares with colleagues to help improve everyone’s work and give clients around the country the best experience possible. The more people can come to respect plastic surgery and understand the art is not dangerous, the more Mark’s services will come into demand.

Lime Crime: Makeup for Everyone

There are a lot of options with your makeup. You may not know exactly why you should choose Lime Crime for your needs, but there are plenty of reasons this makeup line can do everything you could want and more.


What is Lime Crime?

This makeup is something that works for many different needs. It is bright and full of color that helps to make your eyes and your face to stand out when you are wearing it. Doe Deere created this line because she wanted to have great makeup that was more like her. That is why it’s so different from the other lines you might see at the supermarket.


Why Use it?

There are several reasons you might want to get this makeup. The largest is to have the best colors you may need and to make sure you are getting the most out of your makeup. It can be a bright color that you wear when you are out on the town or when you are working. This is going to be up to where you work and what their policy is.



Lime Crime has a lot of color options for you. Most of the colors that you have in this line are bright and full of color. You will probably find a color palate that has more than one bright color that goes with the others. This can be great to give your face more depth and to make each day different with your makeup. You can choose one color that works best for you first and then build off of that. This will be totally up to you and what you like.


Another thing you might find is the glitter colors as well as the metallic colors that can be found. These will give you more options for your colors and will help you to do more things with your makeup than you have before. You can also try new things out with these additional color options.


There are many different options for makeup, but this one may be your best if you want something different and fun. Take a minute and decide what you want with your look so you can get makeup that will make you look your best.

Unicorn Hair Dye is Here to Help People Feel Magical

If you’re looking for something to spice up your current look then look no further than Lime Crime. The cosmetic brand is just what you may need to add a little color in your life. That’s because the makeup line features a variety of different products in a variety of different colors. All of the products are designed to help you stand out from the crowd and make a big and bold statement.


Lime Crime is for anyone! It’s for young and old, man or woman, rich or poor! It’s for those who truly believe in the power of makeup and all that makeup stands for. The products are for those who believe that self-expression is important. All of the products are vegan-friendly including Lime Crime’s latest creation.


Unicorn Hair Dye is new to the market and it’s sure to quickly become a big hit! That’s because the current trend is all things related to unicorns. People want to drink unicorn colored drinks, wear unicorn themed clothing, and basically embrace all that it means to be a unicorn. So does Doe Deere, the creator of the hair dye.


The Unicorn Hair Dye comes in a variety of bright and fun colors. There’s literally a different color for every personality. The dye washes out after several washes meaning that people can have fun and change up their look whenever they’d like! The Unicorn Hair Dye is also super affordable. It costs $16 for a jar. This is cheaper and way more fun than spending hundreds to get your hair dyed at a salon.


Overall, Unicorn Hair Dye is perfect for those who like to make big bold statements with their makeup. Doe Deere is one of those people. She’s always seen rocking bright lips, eyes, and hair! Now people can nail her signature look and gain inspiration thanks to the Unicorn Hair Dye. At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel good. For some, that means rocking a bright color. Thankfully, Lime Crime is around to make that goal a reality for so many people. Most physical stores don’t carry these colors and thankfully there’s a way for people to get them!

Lime Crime Provides Wild Hair Dye Colors That Are Cruelty Free

What is Chocolate Cherry, Blue Smoke and Neon Peach all over? The answer is Lime Crime’s bodacious new line of semi-permanent unicorn inspired hair dyes. Those are a few of the names of the web-based beauty line’s 13 recently released bold hair dye colors. Available in full coverage or tints, these vegan friendly dyes are sure to turn heads.


After three long years of work, Lime Crime’s CEO and founder Doe Deere concocted a PETA and Leaping Bunny certified line of hair dyes that will suit even the most rebellious at heart. The Unicorn line of dyes includes fun names like Dirty Mermaid, Leeloo and Sext and showcases dyes with edgy hues of bright purple, orange, blue and green. Deere tested these products on her own hair, and each of them resembles her own pioneering style of crazy hair colors.


Each color comes in full saturation or tints depending on your preference. Unicorn users with bleached or platinum blonde hair will enjoy the deepest and longest lasting color. However, most users can expect full saturation dye to last for 10-12 washes, and tints to last for 8-10 washes. As with other hair dye products, using gentle shampoos designed for dyed hair will help to lengthen the life of the dye. Each jar of Unicorn themed hair dye costs only $16, which allows plenty of room to try new colors and do some experimenting in order to find your unique combination.


Speaking of combinations, Lime Crime even provides some suggestions on their website for combinations that work well. You don’t have to be limited by the 13 pre-made options. Blue Steel and Petal Pink are just two of the pre-tested color combination results you can expect from your experimentation. As always, this adventurous beauty line is committed to helping you find your unique and rebellious style.


Along with promoting a look and lifestyle that delves from the norm, Deere takes a stand against traditional beauty industry faux paus including testing on animals and using animal by-products. If you are an animal lover with crazy style, this just may be the brand for you.

Dare to be different. Dare to try Unicorn Hair

Do you desire for a color worth wowing the crowd? Allow yourself to be creative. Allow yourself to stand out. Allow Lime Crime to make this happen. Lime Crime has released a stunning semi-permanent hair color line called Unicorn Hair. This line consists of 13 colors and is entitled “Unicorn Hair.” This three year process has delivered a vegan and cruelty-free hair color selection. These colors range from Bunny to Neon Peach, and provide a strong, all natural appearance. These colors work best if lightened to a medium to light blonde. Unicorn comes in two formulas. The Full Coverage formula is a high pigmented load meant to deliver a more color absorbed appearance. This is ideal for individuals with lighter hair or the desire to lighten hair. The tint offer a pastel like appearance. There is no heat or toner required to make this stunning appearance come to life. Unicorn Hair is applied right out of the jar. This is ideal for those looking for a creative look while still maintaining the integrity of the hair. A word of caution, the Unicorn hair does not damage hair. The life of the dye job depends solely on how the hair is treated after the dye and how it is cared for. This means how the depth of the share is, your current hair condition, and what products are used in your hair determine the life cycle of the semi-permanent hair color. On darker hair Lime Crime Unicorn hair colors show up as a gorgeous tint. The best part is the color does not stain counters! This product does not come with a brush applicator, however, the brush applicators are not hard to come by. It is time to step out of the comfort zone and dare to be different. Unicorn Hair is here to provide that service.

Lime Crime: Blazing A Trail for Unicorns

I’m sure you’ve heard of a Unicorn, but did you know it has many different meanings? While many know it as the charming, horse=like mythical creature with a point on its head, it is also a word that describes businesses and startups that skyrocket to success. Uber has been described as a Unicorn. A Unicorn in the beauty industry you may or may not have heard of yet that is changing the way women everywhere buy makeup is Lime Crime. The company sells a line of pure Vegan & 100% cruelty-free makeup.


The company culture is one makes you see how much it treasures its loyal fan base, or as Lime Crime calls them, their Unicorns. The spirit of the Unicorn extends from the company’s Uber-like skyrocket to success down to each and every “Unicorn” fan.


The Unicorn-like success has a lot to do with the company’s base of followers. Their following has been described as cult-like, and just a peek at their social media presence shows that is absolutely true. People that purchase the brands lipsticks, shadows and other products are incredibly loyal. They share photos of themselves sporting Lime Crime products on social media and, unlike many larger brands, the company actually engages with them. Their engagement with fans extends so deeply that the company has a section of their website devoted to “How U Wear It,” that showcases photos by real users that posted photos to social media. By putting digital marketing and social media first in its efforts, the company has managed to deeply resonate with today’s shopper, that often looks to the internet when considering a purchase.


It is a revolutionary company for sure and that revolution spirit starts at the top with founder Doe Deere. She is a lover of bright colors herself, which is reflected in her brand’s palettes and shades. Her goal when she launched her company in 2002 was to encourage women and men everywhere to express themselves through makeup products that released their inner spirit, while still remaining true to the Vegan and cruelty-free causes many are so deeply passionate about.

Millennial Favorite Lime Crime Is A Great Brand to Know!

Today’s consumers are known for their forward thinking tastes and awareness of the way their purchases affect the world overall. Lime Crime is at the forefront of today’s trend of consumer brands having a social conscience. Founder Doe Deere started the company when the natural looking making trends of the early 2000s did not fit her aesthetic and love of bright colors. Doe created the company in response to the abundance of neutral colors for makeup choices that she found boring and uninspiring.

In creating her company, Doe ensured that all products be strictly vegan and cruelty-free. This aspect of the company is just one way that the brand stands out from the competition. Social responsibility is a big part of their brand identity and also reflects the social awareness and altruistic nature of its founder. In addition to this social and caring mindset, Lime Crime is also a true innovator in the cosmetics field. Consumers that are searching for bright colors that match their outsize personalities do not need to look any further.

Unicorn Lipsticks are known for their fun colors as well as the sparkling packaging in which they are contained. The Velvetines line is a favorite of those looking to make a statement with their lips, this liquid lipstick is top of the line and a definite fan favorite. The range of Lime Crime eyeshadow shades is unsurprisingly bold and come in fun packs that contain multiple color choices.

Unicorn Hair is one of the easiest ways to have some real beauty fun! These semi-permanent dyes come in a ridiculously awesome rainbow of colors. The dyes are also conditioning and will not damage your hair. Unicorn Hair is of course plant based and is created in a cruelty-free environment. This 100% vegan product is created with glycerin that is vegetable based.

This brand leads the way in today’s market of quality products that are also good for our world and its inhabitants.

Spring into Fantasy with Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye

We’ve all felt it. That bored, rather-be-doing-anything-else, staring at the wall feeling. Maybe you’re watching the snow melt or waiting for your bread to hurry up and toast so that you won’t be late (again!) to the office. Yes, we all dig into the drudgery sometimes. But… what if there was another way? What if there was something you could do right now to mix it up in a major way (without freaking out and quitting your job, or picking up and moving to Belize). There is a much more enjoyable way to pop out of the mundane and into delicious fantasy world.


Lime Crime is offering fun, fantasy inspired Unicorn Hair Dye in all sorts of crazy-awesome colors. Anime, Neon Peach, Pony… the list of fabulousness goes on and on! If you’re up for the wild and fun, and are dying to mix it up this spring, you need to check this out. It’s only semi permanent (unlike walking out of your job) and will gently wash out over time. Lime Crime is a pretty cool company too, if you’ve got a conscience. Every ingredient in Unicorn Dye is completely vegan. So animal lovers, Unicorn lovers… lovers of color and getting crazy stares from the grocery checkout clerk, unite! There is now a hair dye made just for you.


Pair quirky colors with bold makeup and even bolder styles. You know that life is meant to be lived — and is waiting for bread to toast really living? Shake it up. Yes, at first you might be obsessed with matching your purple locks with bright purple eyeliner or purple leggings. But don’t forget about compliments! Not just from those around you – I’m talking about complementing colors. Orange is set off by Blue. Purple compliments Yellow. Green and red (if you can get around sending out too many Christmas vibes) are incredibly pleasing to the eye when paired together. Get your inner artist on and start mixing and matching in a whole new way.

Lime Crime Introduces An Amazing Line Of Colorful Hair Dyes

Lime Crime has established itself as an innovative company in the cosmetic industry. It is already well known for the vibrant shades it has for lip colors and eye shadows. Now this revolutionary cosmetic company has gone one step further in producing a line of colorful hair dyes. The new rainbow array of hair colors are aptly named Unicorn Hair after the name given to the company’s loyal fans. These hair dyes come with fantasy-themed names such as gargoyle, anime and dirty mermaid. The shades available in this new line of hair products range from the vibrantly lively peach to the subtly seductive steel blue.


The extraordinary shades in this line of hair dyes were the inspiration of the company’s founder Doe Deere. Like the other products available from Lime Crime, these are also classified as vegan friendly and cruelty-free. This is because the unique formula used to create the dyes has a vegetable base, which also makes them gentler products for use on the hair and scalp. The ingredients used to create each dye also leaves the hair with a pleasant, fresh outdoor fragrance. Since the dyes do not contain bleach, hair comes out feeling soft and silky.


The colorful line of Lime Crime hair dyes is available in two formulas that allow people to have more freedom of expression. The company’s line of full coverage products provide more saturation, which gives the color more depth. The tints are designed to provide light coverage that is somewhat sheer in nature. The company also made the products completely interchangeable so colors could be mixed to create new shades. This aspect opens up limitless possibilities to what people could achieve with their colors as well as their imaginations. They can also experiment with using multiple colors on different strands of hair.


The Unicorn Hair dyes are categorized as being semi-permanent, which means they gradually fade in color with each successive shampooing. People could increase the depth of color and prolong its life by leaving the product on for the full amount of time. All of the Unicorn Hair dyes are ready to use right out of the package.

Invent A New Color Scheme For Your Hair With Lime Crime

Are you looking for a bold color scheme for your hair that provide a temporary or permanent solution. Lime Crime creator and CEO, has impressed her following with a line of hair dyes that offers thirteen unique colors. Get a full 700 ml in each jar that will give you an amazing 14 washes. You won’t be able to find the intricate colors that are offered by LC cosmetics. You can choose from many colors that will allow you to be completely unapologetic about your new color. They encourage girls and guys everywhere to bring out the unicorn inside of them.


Lime Crime cosmetics is used by some of the top celebrities in the industry including Kim K. and Miley Cyrus. They have said, that LC cosmetics hold extremely well under the camera lights. Their waterproof cosmetics guarantee not to smudge during your normal routine of eating and drinking. You get a super-foil base that provides a smooth application with a perfected mold finish. Get the perfect colors for your eyelids and lips every time. Their colors make it very easy to compliment any mood and transition from a day or night look.


You can find unique ways to blend their makeup on their YouTube channel. They offer real testimonials for thousands of women around the world. Discover a new way to blend two colors to find the perfect blend for your look. You can also find ways to compliment your hair dye or cosmetics with clothing items and accessories from their sister company, Dolls Kills. Say goodbye, to the dull boring colors that you’re use to and transform your look with the benefits of LC unicorn hair dye products. They offer the LEAP Bunny approved products that their customers are use too.


Join the 2.4 million Instagram followers that are choosing the trendy colors that are offered by Lime Crime. Visit their unique website for more promotional and purchasing options for first-time customers today. You will never want to go back to other leading competitor cosmetic brands that you use to wear once you experience the benefits of LC.