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Dr. Mark Mofid Moves Cosmetic Surgery a Notch Higher.

After a long period of negative publicity in the gluteal augmentation industry, Dr. Mark Mofid has eventually come to the rescue of the industry. Following a myriad of medical accidents that have been occurring; some caused by doctors’ negligence, the cosmetic medical community in America has had rough times appearing in the news headlines as a result of operational failures.

The main cause of the failure in cosmetic operations has been defective implant products that have been incompatible with human muscles structures. The implants have been so generic and in many instances destined to sag shortly after the operation. This is an aspect that has led many patients to lose confidence with the gluteal augmentation industry, with the fear that the cosmetic operations could in one way or the other fail, following these reasons among others like the surgeons’ negligence.

This negativity motivated Dr. Mark Mofid to engage in constant research that has taken him more than eight years of his life in medical practice to achieve his goal. Dr. Mofid always believed that there existed millions of opportunities to improve the future practices of the gluteal augmentation industry. Due to this, he entered into deep research that involved critical designing and brainstorming, trying to innovate a product that was superior to the already existing ones; which he believed were defective and obsolete.

After a long period of rigorous research, Dr. Mark Mofid came was lucky to invent an implant product that in all medical aspects, was superior compared to the older versions. His gluteal implant was generally more appealing than the older implants, it also had improved ratios, superior intramuscular positioning and also had a lower profile.

The introduction of this implant into the industry has led to skyrocketing of the success cases of cosmetic operations in America. This can be attributed to increased confidence by the patients concerning the product. They now feel that it’s possible to undergo a cosmetic surgery successfully without fear of anything going wrong.

This confidence has led to increased number of successful cosmetic operations in America. Currently, America ranks almost as high as Brazil concerning the successful cases, which is the leader in the gluteal augmentation industry. Thanks to Dr. Mark Mofid and his innovation.

Dr. Mark Mofid Is Proving That Plastic Surgery Is An Art That Can Be Mastered

Dr. Mark Mofid has been performing plastic surgery for many years and today he is a highly regarded professional that is sought out regularly for his advice and his work. Most people who are looking into plastic surgery want to go to the very best to ensure their own results are good, which is why people go to Mark. Not only does Mark produce some of the best results int he industry, but he has made several advancements in the techniques that are used in plastic surgery, making the field safer than ever. On top of this, Mark has also developed a new type of implant that is much better for the body and doesn’t get rejected or break down over time.

Dr. Mark Mofid has been board certified an licensed to practice plastic surgery as well as general surgery, and he can be found at hospitals in the San Diego are working as a staff surgeon. His incredible medical skills and high standards for taking care of patients is no small thing and has opportunities coming for him left and right. Mark Mofid also never misses a chance to speak at plastic surgery conventions or events around the country, as all of the latest ideas and methods will be discussed. Mark is always looking for ways to improve the industry and help build its name.

This is because the standards are not up to par with what he expected when he first started in plastic surgery. Not only were many of the implants on the market generic, but many of the methods people used to perform surgery were not best for their patients. Things have changed dramatically over the past decade, but Dr. Mark Mofid has no plans to get comfortable. Day and night, Mark is working to develop safer methods for surgery, which he regularly shares with colleagues to help improve everyone’s work and give clients around the country the best experience possible. The more people can come to respect plastic surgery and understand the art is not dangerous, the more Mark’s services will come into demand.

Lime Crime is Here for Brunettes with Four Moody New Unicorn Shades

 Lime Crime has been slaying the unicorn game, and while earlier releases of bubblegum shades work magic on lighter locks, the dreamy new wave of dramatic tones are created especially for darker tresses.

These four inky shades join Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Collection as the enchantingly sultry sisters to their candy-hued counterparts, and the rich, fall vibes are absolutely mystical. Complete your perfect look for cool weather months with sparkle and glow with Lime Crime’s other new dark crystal drops of the season.


The alluring, midnight purple gives bouncy waves a touch of edge while conjuring up an ideal backdrop for a sparkly pop. Layer Unicorns, the glittery new Hi Lite palette, on cheeks and eyes for a finished look that shines brighter than a clear, winter’s night sky.


This maroon-brown pigment is a dreamy delight perfect for cozying up by the fire with cocoa. For a spellbinding glow, dab the diamond crusher, Over the Rainbow, on cheekbones and the tip of your nose.


Cast a deeper, darker spell with Charcoal, the brunette answer to the granny hair hue, for a captivating complexity accentuating your mane. Light up your pout with Unicorn Queen for a next-level look. The iridescent violet shade is a new release in Lime Crime’s diamond crushers line of totally lit lip toppers.

Sea Witch

The bewitching, deep teal will create ultimate, swirling braids while hinting at the dangers of the deep sea. Dare to rock the trend with a sweep of milky peach from the Hi-Lite palette in Opals for an irresistibly mythical glow.

Why You Should Start Using a Cleansing Conditioner

Cleansing conditioners are a great way to strengthen your hair. Especially if you have damaged or coarse hair. Cleansing conditioners leave your hair looking and feeling silky and strong, all without ridding it of the natural oils that it needs. Cleansing conditioners do not contain harsh chemicals and sulfates, so it cleanses gently on the most fragile hair.

Cleansing conditioners do not lather well, but that is a good thing. Any shampoo or conditioner that is foamy and easy to lather means that it is filled with harsh sulfates. For healthy hair, the idea is to go as natural as possible. Analyze your hair, and find the product that you feel your hair will benefit the most from.

A great brand of hair care is WEN, which was created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. The WEN cleansing conditioner is a revolutionary product that leaves your hair with moisture, strength and ultimate manageability. It does not come with harsh sulfates that damage your hair and scalp. The products in the WEN hair care line were made to substitute your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner in a 5-in-1 formula.

Along with the cleansing conditioner, WEN offers anti-frizz styling creme, nourishing moose, and re-moist intensive hair treatment. The anti-frizz styling creme was designed to add body and shine to overly frizzy or dry hair in a lightweight styling solution. The nourishing moose was designed to replace the traditional styling products that leave sticky and flaky residue in your hair. All while adding bounce and volume. The re-moist intensive hair treatment is packed with essential oils that go deep in your roots and strands to add body and shine to weak and dull hair.

For more information, head over to WEN’s website.

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The Queen of Unicorns Has Broken Ground

Doe Deere might be one of the most under rated makeup game-changers in this age. Because of her courage to go beyond the natural look, she spoke for millions of women who wanted more than the safe makeup of her time.

Growing up in Russia, she never had big aspirations. Her greatest dream was to become a musician, which she completed while living in New York at 17 years of age. Her life was centered around doing what she loved, and she wanted to express that in her image. When she couldn’t find the makeup to emulate what she wanted, she created it herself. With this new dream she moved to Los Angeles and created Lime Crime Makeup.

With Lime Crime Makeup there is nothing natural about your look. Bold colors and bright pigments are their foundation. Their lipsticks and shadows guarantee to make you the center of attention no matter where you go. Because of her outgoing personality, she landed her amazing husband whom she says has helped her realize her dreams more than once.

To achieve her new dream, she didn’t do anything half-way. Just like her bold move to halfway across the world for her music, she studied at FIT in New York to achieve her new dream. As the makeup world slowly adopted a look outside the neutral tones in 2008, Lime Crime became a centerpiece. Doe Deere was bringing out looks like dark lipsticks and bright unicorn hair to the in-crowd. Fast-forward to 2016, and celebrities right and left are following in this Russian dolls dream.

Now known as the “Queen of Unicorns”, Doe Deere is breaking new ground every chance she can. Her introduction on her website says, “I make makeup for boys and girls like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you”. How awesome is that?!

You can visit her website where she has a community to help you with your makeup adventure. Here you can find eye and lip makeup of all difference genres like heavy metal and unicorn lipstick. The most inspiring part of her website is the “#limecrime” link which takes you to the many people who support her cause. Get ready to be awed and inspired by the way people combine her makeup uses. Get ideas, share your love for crazy makeup, and hopefully create friendships thanks to Doe. As for what she plans in the future, to continue her dream to express through her makeup and famous unicorn hair.

Follow Doe @doedeere

Wengie’s Seasonal Skin Care Advice

Wengie is a beauty blogger that left a very successful career to share her favorite beauty secrets online with others. Sure, this sounds like a drastic move for a woman that was earning a six figure income. However, it was the right move for Wengie. This move paid off substantially for Wengie. She has one of the most popular channels on YouTube. She is also one of the most popular Australian based YouTubers. Her Asian inspired beauty secrets are viewed in her well produced videos by millions during the year. In this video. Wengie shares seasonal skin care advice with her audience.

Seasonal Skin Care
Doesn’t it seem like most of us use the same skin care products in the summer and winter? Well, Wengie shares this fact. It is important to switch up your skin care routine. Certainly, the skin care routine used in the summer isn’t suitable for the winter months. Wengie also shares some advice about controlling oily skin in the summer and the best way to nourish dry skin in the winter. Of course, Wengie is going to share her favorite seasonal products with the audience. Check out this video here.

Here is something that you might not know. Wengie is one of the top channels on YouTube. She is the top Asian, Australian YouTube channel. Wengie has a passion for beauty, fashion, and makeup.


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Dr. Jennifer Walden Helps Women Look Amazing

Dr. Jennifer Walden is helping women find their inner diva because she is one of the best plastic surgeons in the world. She has moved to her Austin, Texas home to open up a new branch of her practice. She has been able to help women look their best so that they can find their inner diva, and she gives women all the choices that they need to change their appearance. There are some people who are going to need to come in to get a consult, and there are some other people who are going to be able to come in with an idea of what can be done.

These women who are going to be able to ask Dr. Jennifer what she would do to make them look great, and she is going to be able to help every woman find the one thing that is going to make them feel great. They are going to be able to get the results they want from surgeries that they have carefully picked out with the help of Dr. Jennifer. There are going to be a lot of procedures that are going to be much easier for women to get, and they can pick from the list. The list of options is long and safe for all women in the office.

Women who need something that is going to be non surgical can come into the office to get that because it is going to be much easier than a normal surgery. The normal surgery is going to take more time, but some women are going to be able to get those surgeries because they are going to have the best results from these particular procedures. There are some things that are going to be perfect for the patient, and there are some things that patients need to be told to do because they are the best option for them. Anyone who wants to look better is going to get a lot of great results because they are going to be able to come in and get Dr. Jennifer to show them the options.


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How Doe Deere Rebels Against the Laws of Fashion

Acclaimed queen of the unicorns and CEO of Lime Crime’s makeup line, Doe Deere never restricts herself to the stifling fashion and beauty laws. As a rebel, she sees them more as suggestions to help you on your path to hotness. Featuring gorgeous colorful locks and unique makeup color palettes, it’s not at all surprising that Doe Deere has busted through the walls of fashion like a rainbow wrecking ball. Check out her four favorite fashion rules to break.

1. Don’t pair bold eyes with bold lip colors.
If you haven’t heard this one before, you’re definitely in the minority. One of the oldest rules in the book, “they” say you should never couple more than one bold feature with your makeup. Well your favorite beauty icon, Doe Deere finds herself breaking this law on the daily and she’s not the only one. Take a look at any of the most beautiful celebs and you’ll notice smoky eyes and bold lips are simply stunning. So keep things exciting and fresh by having fun with glam looks.

2. You shouldn’t mix too many colors.
Since “too many colors” is obviously objective, this rule is a toughie. However, Doe Deere firmly believes that there’s absolutely no shame in the game if you don a massive splash of color. This is a fantastic fashion rule to break whether it’s for your hair color, clothes or even your makeup. For those a bit shy when it comes to jumping into the rainbow right away, first try dabbling in the color palette with a touch here and there.

3. Never wear socks with open toes or heels.
Reigning unicorn queen, Doe Deere has changed the game with this “grandma trend.” You’ll be surprised at just how much fun it is to break this lame law. Couple your favorite patterned socks or tights with whatever shoe you like. After all, why should you cover those sexy socks with your shoes when you can rock the heel or open toed shoe? Never pack away your summer kicks again.

4. Don’t clash with mixing patterns.
This may be the most mundane fashion rule ever to come into existence. All the same, so many fearfully abide. Don’t worry yourself too much about clashing patterns. Simply go for what you like and you’ll see that most patterns are complimentary. Doe Deere says let loose and mix and match those bold patterns. You only live once, right?

Check Doe Deere in the video below!

Finally! Makeup Options for Girls with Rainbow Hair Color

Virtually every beauty magazine and cosmetic website has tips for the “right makeup” for blondes, brunettes, and redheads. But what if you do not fall into any of those categories? What if your hair is, for example, vivid green or cotton candy pink? How do you find the makeup that is right for you?

Enter Lime Crime, a makeup company for those whose styles are more Rihanna or Demi Lovato than Audrey Hepburn or Jennifer Aniston. In addition to blue lipsticks and glitter eye makeup, their website offers a section called “Hairspiration.” On this page, you simply pick your wild hair color (sorry if you still have boring brown tresses), and it pops up with makeup options chosen by stylists to complement your chosen hue.

For example, if you have bright purple hair (such as Kelly Osborne’s), LimeCrime suggests a dark red pout such as their “Wicked” Velvetine liquid to matte lipstick. It is a look similar to that seen on Katy Perry when she was rocking a deep purple mane.

If you have dyed your hair steel grey, the site suggests a light pink lipstick called “Cashmere.” The site expands on this color name, playfully calling it, “Greige” (grey + beige). This kittenish combination echoes a similar look worn by Lady Gaga on the September 2010 issue of Vanity Fair, but it still looks very fresh today.

Want to see how a potential look works in real life? On the HairInspo page, there is a curated row of Instagram pics showcasing LimeCrime makeup fans with the chosen hair color/makeup pairings. You can see how real girls pair their own makeup with fun hair color and end up with a selfie-worthy look.

This trend is not about being “matchy-matchy” but rather about a younger and more inclusive view of beauty. By incorporating makeup pairings to go with bright orange, electric blue, and even mermaid-ombre hair color, LimeCrime is celebrating diversity and encouraging consumers to have fun with their looks, challenging them to go beyond the “Barbie doll” concept of beauty and express their personalities through makeup and haircolor.

LimeCrime is a brand with a conscience. Its products are vegan and cruelty-free. The company’s slogan is “Makeup for Unicorns,” or for women that are fun, adventurous, and, most of all, unique.

And what if the website has you wanting to dye your own tresses lavender or cerulean? LimeCrime is also getting into producing hair color.

Jenifer Walden the Successful Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Plastic Surgeon who is currently certified to practice by the renown American Board of Plastic Surgery. She is formally fellowship-trained mainly at the field of Cosmetic Surgery.

Just the other day, Jenifer moved and permanently stay in Austin from his previous residence in the New York City. She did this so that she could manage to raise her twin boys near their family. Dr. Jennifer Walden is recognized by many to be a very active member at the prestigious American Society for the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

She is a member at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, among other positions. She is also known for siting in several boards. She has managed to accomplish very many projects throughout her entire career like a cosmetic surgeon, and she been able to be awarded several trophies.

Many people recognize her as a Texan native. Dr. Jenifer Walden was born and grew in Austin, later she is known to have been brought up in Northwest Hills. Walden went for her high school education at the famous Anderson High School. When she was in high school she was actually a good football player. When she completed the under graduate schooling, she decided to go to college at the University of Texas located in Austin. After working hard in the university, she managed to graduate, with Honors with Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

The bachelor’s degree was not the end of her studies. She later very worked hard and proceeded to get a Medical Doctorate, which was eventually completed attaining the Highest Honors and she graduated as the Salutatorian at the famous University of Texas Medical Branch. Walden was selected to become the president of Texas Alpha Chapter.

Today, Jenifer is actually a regular person at different media houses, where she is invited to discuss about various beauty issues, like the the current technological developments in cosmetic surgery,soft tissue injectible, the various mommy makeovers, the current and the most talked about celebrity plastic cosmetic surgery, among other important topics that are related to her profession.

Apart from being extremely competent and a very experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeniffer Walden is known to be an established writer. She has been able to write and also publish various books and other winning papers made for research. She has been able to do co-authoring, having been able to edit an award-winning textbook which is called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. introduced in 2010, by Elsevier the book has been able to do very well. She is also a medical philanthropist. During her own free time, she helps the unfortunate and the needy individuals who come her way. She is an actually a role model to women all over the world.