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Benedict Cumberbatch is committed to a vegan lifestyle

Benedict Cumberbatch has made a quick name for himself in Hollywood, based on his Oscar-worthy performance in “The Imitation Game,” and his new popularity as the Dr. Strange character in the “Avengers” films. It appears that Cumberbatch has made it well known that he’s chosen the vegan diet as his way to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.


In an article from, Cumberbatch made it a point to mention that he’d gone vegan in several different interviews to promote “Avengers: Infinity War.” Cumberbatch mentioned the vegan diet in an interview with Time Out London, as well as in an interview with YouTube star Sophia Grace. In a third interview, he spoke about his experiences while in Singapore, saying he tried the local food but only “as much as a vegan can.”


While his fellow cast members like Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Chris Evans have engaged in serious workouts or specialized diet plans, Cumberbatch seems to credit a vegan diet for keeping him slim. It seems fortunate he received the role of Dr. Stephen Strange, who generally is not known as one of Marvel’s more muscular heroes.


PETA mentions in their article that Cumberbatch not only eats vegan food but also dresses the part to support a vegan way of life. They remind fans that when he appeared on the cover of the British GQ magazine in 2016, he wore vegan boots along with a suit made by Brave GentleMan which is an all-vegan menswear store. Talk about living the lifestyle!