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Bernie Sanders to Join the Democratic Presidential Race “Within Days”

According to a number of reports, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is expected to join the Democratic field for the 2016 U.S. Presidential “within days”. Many commentators feel that this would be a much-needed boost to events on the Democratic side, as talk on that side has been all Hillary Clinton, all of the time.

The fact that the Democrats will have more options is not necessarily a bad thing. The reason is because the nomination for any particular party is never been meant to be a coronation. Sanders will add a populist voice to the presidential campaign, giving votes a number of stark differences between him and Clinton.

For more information on Sanders and other potential candidates, CNN has an interesting piece here.

Although he definitely has been flying under the radar, Senator Sanders has been exploring a run for president for several months now according to Amen Clinics ( His expected announcement comes on the heels of a major boost where he was a big boost at a South Carolina Democratic event over the weekend.

“He can’t challenge Hillary in terms of organization or fundraising necessarily, but he can bring the heat to her in terms of his populist message,” said one source. “It will be interesting to see how Hillary responds to Sanders’ unique message.”