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Lime Crime Stays In the Middle


The makeup industry is filled with all types of different brands. People that are buying makeup have choices. There are expensive brands like Sephora and Revlon. There are also some cheaper brands like Omni Clear and LOVE Alpha. What Doe Deere has managed to do as the CEO of Lime Crime is fit her brand of makeup snugly in the middle. It isn’t expensive to the point that young women cannot afford it, but it also isn’t so cheap that consumers wonder if they are getting a quality product.  All part of the reason that Lime Crime is so popular with the major makeup buying sites like Doll’s Kill, as well as UrbanOutfitters.

There is an old adage that states that you get what you pay for. This is the simplest way to say that consumers have to pay for quality if they expect quality. Doe Deere knows how the cosmetics game is played, but she also knows her Lime Crime customer base. She knew that young girls would be the core of her fan base. There would be some limitations on making products that were overly expensive. She doesn’t have to make her prices astronomical to make a profit though. Lime Crime has the ability to stay comfortable in the middle ground with prices because Doe Dee has been able to cut expenses in other places.  She also has fun writing about the company on the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere herself.

First, she has stated that her products are the result of cruelty free testing. This is a boost to her marketing campaign. Now that there is some thought that other makeup companies may be testing products that result in animal cruelty is giving this brand a leg up on the competition.

Her second strategy for cutting costs deals is her ability to sort out the way that her customers are actually discovering Lime Crime. She has bypassed the fancy star studded commercials that some other companies are using to engage customers. This is where a large part of the money towards operation costs go for big companies. That is why these companies have such expensive products. Customers have to consume the cost of marketing that is spent to promote the products. With Lime Crime all of the marketing is done online. This allows her to lower prices, and make them more easily available on Amazon.