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Wine Consultants With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is an interesting way for people to build their wine collection. All that they have to do is get in touch with one of the independent wine consultants, and they have the ability to learn about new wines and build up there wine collections quickly. Many people that have never considered wine purchases before may have a desire to do this for their parties.

Sometimes it really takes the help of a wine consultant to get an idea of just how many wines are available and what wines will suit you best. The great thing about these independent consultants is that they are all over the world. The Traveling Vineyard has conferences and mentors for the new independent wine consultant. This means that they get the online training that they need in order to give consumers exactly what they would like.

The Traveling Vineyard has a large collection of wines, and clients get a chance to experience what different ones are like when they attend wine hosting parties. These are events that are given by the independent consultants for Traveling Vineyard. This is one opportunity for consultants to build their customer base. When it comes to the training aspect of the job there are annual conferences where all of the independent consultants get a chance to come together and learn more information and compare notes with one another.

Many wine consultants believe that this is a fun and easy job to do. Anyone that likes to connect with people and share information will find that this is a very appealing job. It allows them the chance to socialize and also give their customers a chance to try before they buy. This is what many people are interested in because it changes the entire direction of their buying habits. Many people do not like to buy something that they have never tried before especially when it comes to wine. These independent wine consultants for Traveling Vineyard allow customers to get the chance to try out everything that they would need beforehand. This why consultants have had so much success.

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The Entrepreneurial Nature of John Goullet

Mr John Goullet founded Info Technologies in late 1994 and served as its Chief Executive Officer and President. John first started as a Computer Consultant then as an Information and Technology staffing account executive before deciding to search for his own Information and Technology staffing corporation in 1994.

He has expanded Info Technologies into an award winning organization and made it one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Goullet was a bright student and earned his degree from Ursinus College. He then went on to work in companies like Computer Sciences Corporation for three years, The Constell Group for three years, Bridgewater for two years, Cap Gemini America for four years and at TSR Consultants for three years.

He dedicated his company on indulging in the corporate environment as well as the Information and Technology staffing needs of his clients, then matching the personality and work style of his mentors as well as their skills sets to meet the client needs.

“Diversant” is a company that provides Information and Technology staffing solution to companies all over the nation like Fortune five hundred companies. John’s leadership proved efficient and within five years the company was worth more than thirty million dollars.

As a far-sighted person, John saw that he could go further by partnering with others, so he combined Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. John Goullet then assumed the mantle as the Principal. He is active in the company in the formation of strategies that help Diversant face and conquer the challenges of the ever-evolving Information and Technology industry.

Diversant is a fully-certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and is the largest African-American owned Information and Technology staffing firm in the United States. They offer a wide range of scalable Information and Technology staffing and diversity products including Information and Technology staff augmentation, direct-hire and innovative diversity solutions. Products and services from the company are based on unique and outstanding policies with a goal of fulfilling the needs of its clients, members and the community that is served by the enterprise. They help customers to solve critical problems that require experts.

Farron Bernhardt Is The New CEO For The Manse On Marsh


The Manse on Marsh is pleased to announce a new CEO, Farron Bernhardt. He comes to the facility with high recommendations and a lot of experience with assisted living facilities. Farron stated in a recent article, on PRWeb, that he is pleased to be a member of the Manse family. He reports that he believes the facility is tops and will remain tops as long as he is at the helm. Farron is happy to get the opportunity to get to know each and every resident in the facility. Mr. Bernhardt speaks highly of the coastal community and the facility. According to him, the facility is going to continue to be the best and he is going to see that it does.


Since the facility opened it’s doors in San Luis Obispo, the Manse has been doing great things for the residents and community as a whole. The facility is a great place to retire. The residents are happy and very well taken care of. Each resident has the opportunity to speak about the facility and they all say good things. They are all happy with the facility and the care they receive. Each family member speaks high marks on the care their family member receives and the care the facility receives. This facility cares about the people it serves as well as the people that serve. Each person that works at the Manse on Marsh is full of good remarks, and they have a high ranking page on Indeed full of happy former employees.


A great assisted living facility will outshine the competition with great marks and gold stars. This is the second time this facility has reached the gold star mark. Every person that tours the facility speaks highly of the staff, the amenities, and the recreation. Having a good reputation and great recreation makes living at the Manse a treat. Most people are scared or dreading leaving their home to live in a facility. They worry about the care. They worry about the facility and how it will be kept. No one has to worry about the Manse. The housekeeping and laundry staff keep the facility in top clean shape. The nursing staff and administrative staff make sure each resident gets the care they require. The facility runs like clockwork and Farron is happy to be heading the ship. Check out how he does as CEO by following The Manse on Marsh on social media, including Twitter and Facebook platforms.

Recent Movies Highlight Problems Small Investors Face

These past few years has seen a wave of movies that focus specifically on the corruption of the stock market and the disadvantages that small investors have compared to large financial institutions and accredited investors.

Movies like the “The Big Short”, have highlighted the effect that large investment institutions have on the economy, and how one mistake may mean lost profits for one firm but may also an economic disaster for everyone else.

The “Wolf of Wall Street”, showed how corrupt stock brokers profited off of trading fees, whether or not their clients made money. Today, the real Jordan Belfort is said to have a net worth of -100 million because of all the money his firm defrauded investors.

Although both these movies are fictionalized versions of real events, they do touch upon real problems that small investors face in today’s investment market.

Real Problems That Small Investors Face

In the light of another recent financial movie, “Money Monster”, Brad Reifler touched upon a few of these problems: like fees, access to investment, and stock market risks.

Small investors are often charged high fees, regardless of the performance of their portfolios. These fees can be found in both discount brokerages (which do not provide any financial advice) and firms that personally manage investments.

Due to a decades-old regulation of who constitutes the definition of an accredited investor, most small investors do not even have access to a lot of different types of investments.

Then there is the issue of stock market risk. Since small investors can typically only invest through the stock market, then their returns are correlated with the performance of the market, which significantly increases the risk that they have to take.

Brad Reifler has three decades of experience in the investment market. He has founded several investment firms, like Pali Capital and Reifler Trading Company, and is currently serving as the CEO of his latest company: Forefront Capital.

Reifler has spent years focusing on the plight of unaccredited investors, and in response to a system that he views as unfair, he has developed a trust specifically geared for small investors: it charges no management fees and is not correlated with the stock market.

Become the Next Major Billionaire through the VTA Publications

Information is power and with the right information, propelling yourself up in the ladder becomes so easy. Ignorance will be your only problem as all the information is at your disposal. With the recent publication by Jim Hunt make mom a billionaire in just ten trades. It all seems so hard to attain it and to some people even unattainable. However, on doing the maths, you will prove yourself wrong. Ambition is as good as a vision for the future, with the fixed goal in mind, you will not go withdrawing the returns you get from your investments., instead, you will allow it accumulate and eventually, you will be the millionaire you had aimed to be. However, in combination with your investment efforts, you require a good analyst so as to know the stocks to trade in, those that will keep going higher, yet are viable. The VTA offers all these solutions for you, and you need not look much further.

The VTA Publications makes all your dreams come true by showing you exactly how you need to achieve them. One step at a time, taking even the baby steps if you have to and eventually getting there. The economics and finance experts have gone a mile further to as in investment decisions. Many consider stocks as the only investment option available, but from reading, Jim Hunts publications alongside those of other experts in the VTA publications, you will understand that there are very many investment opportunities available for you and will not necessarily need to put all your eggs in one basket.

Stay up to date on all investment and finance information by always logging into the VTA website and reading their publications. This will not only enlighten you on viable opportunities in the market but help you’re investing through getting insight on finance perspective from renowned investors and investments professionals of the century. Just the major thing you need for your next major step to making yourself a billionaire. Distributing risk, being key, but knowing where exactly to distribute it through investment is the principle concern.

Highland Capital Welcomes New Leadership Of Institutional Products? Terry Jones Takes Up The Mantle!

Terry Jones appointment as HCM (Highland Capital Management) new president isn’t untoward. After all, James Dondero, the group’s co-founder, and the chief president is extremely particular when appointing leadership. So, how does Mr. Jones expertise fit HCM already well-rounded model? He’s committed some twenty-five years to the shifting financial services sector. With this, he’s prepared to practice with precise accuracy and coherence at HCM. He’ll report directly to president/controlling partner James Dondero. In fact, Dondero is the mastermind behind Jones appointment.

With Mr. Jones as an addition, HCM executive body aims to redress critical risk management areas. Certainly, Mr. Jones expertise in measuring and handling portfolio risks is an asset to reaching an agreeable outcome. He’ll conduct a thorough search and inspection across HCM extensive platform to identify, access and mitigate risks. Additionally, Mr. Jones should serve as an intervention in border sales transactions and strategic business development as the firm positions itself to ride the volatile financial market verticals.

Largely, Terry Jones inclusion as part of the HCM executive family has many perks. In fact, James Dondero boldly expressed how his addition will transform the firm on diverse levels, especially with respect to optimizing client resources and isolating the vehicles influence risks. What’s more, Mr. Jones has no reservations about joining HCM. He acknowledges this an opportunity garner additional experience, especially given HCM impressive reputation as an elite investment and finance boutique. HCM operates principally out of Dallas.

Today, it manages over $20 billion assets as Terry Jones enter office as president governing the firm’s Institutional Products. He comes highly qualified and seasoned as a former Highland Funds Lead Director, SEI AIC III and New York’s Genworth Life Insurance Company board associate. In addition, Mr. Jones formerly worked as Goldman Sachs portfolio manager and founded Battersby Capital Management. At Battersby Capital Management, he took up office as CIO (Chief Investment Officer) and president. The executive graduated CBS (Columbia Business School), a BGS (Beta Gamma Sigma) scholar and a Columbia College Economics BA honoree.

HCM co-owner and the group’s president, James Dondero launched the investment banking consultancy in 1993. He has some thirty years under his belt as an equity/credit markets specialist. Additionally, he goes by the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CMA (Certified Management Accountant) designation. A BAP (Beta Alpha Psi) and BGS (Beta Gamma Sigma) legatee, James Dondero holds the highest respect as a U.Va. MSC (the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce) scholar.

In 1984, Dondero entered Morgan Guaranty Trust where he functioned as a financial analyst. This was his first employment. He pursued higher hierarchies as he navigated market verticals occupying roles as Protective Life GIC Chief Investment Officer and more. Currently, he’s an appointment board associate of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Additionally, Dondero chairs Nexbank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. Read the full PR Newswire story here!

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Charles Koch Launches Campaign to Fight Poverty and Improve Education

Stand Together is the name of the new non-profit initiated by Charles Koch, which will focus on fighting poverty and improving education. Plans will be shared with Koch donors at a seminar in Palm Springs, California.

Stand Together will make a “real difference in people’s lives by actually solving the problems they have,” says Evan Feinberg, executive director of the organization.

The non-profit’s efforts will be helped by Bob Woodson, CEO of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise. Woodson, 78, a veteran of civil rights activities, was also instrumental in formulating President George W. Bush’s faith-based initiatives. He wants to attract people who are “social entrepreneurs,” those who are successful in solving societal problems like drug addiction in poor neighborhoods.

Feinberg described the program as a mix of grant-writing and infrastructure funding. New non-profits would be set up. An example he gave was Stand Together supporting a business owner who would hire former jail prisoners in a community-based program.

Woodson praises the program. “What makes Koch unique is that he is the only person with money that has come to us and not dictated to us what we should do but wants to help us build on what we already do.”

Americans for Prosperity, the largest grass-roots political advocacy group founded by the Kochs, has become involved in the poverty project by teaching couponing classes in poor neighborhoods. The Libre Initiative, a different group aimed at poor Hispanics, gave away free turkeys to Latinos. Koch himself along with Koch Industries, has donated $25 million to the United Negro College Fund.

In conjunction with the Obama Administration, Koch officials have pushed for prison reform and eliminating state licensing for certain jobs. Both feel these licenses are too costly for the poor and discourage potential careers.

Koch Industries is the second largest company in the United States. It has 100,000 employees in 60 countries and takes in $115 billion every year. Charles and his brother David inherited the company from their father and have been generous donors to the arts and political causes.

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China Tells Hedge Fund Investors To Stop Betting Against The Yuan

Okay. China is an economic monster and some people would like to see it go away. But it’s not that simple. China is the glue that is holding the global economy together. But the world is suddenly realizing that the glue may be harmful to global financial health. China is a monster, but that monster did the world a lot of good over the last ten years.

Sure, some of their products fall apart easily, but people buy and then they ask themselves why they do. Retailers around the world depend on China goods because they sell them at higher margins. And investors have been making money from Chinese investments for years as well.

But all the positives are on the verge of going away this year. Men like George Soros, Kyle Bass and Jim Dondero of Highland Capital Management have found a way to make a lot of money from China even though the country is on life support compliments of their enormous reserve fund. Dondero and other hedge fund investors are betting that the Chinese yuan is going to depreciate over the next three years. China’s not happy about their strategy, and the Red government said they will counter with a strategy of their own.

Jim Dondero is one of the founders of Highland Capital Management. Jim left his cushy investment job and partnered with Mark Okada another investment guru. The two men formed Highland Capital Management in 1993. Both men wanted to start a hedge fund firm that made risky bets on what some investors call questionable assets. Not all the assets Highland Capital’s assets were questionable. Dondero made some very solid investments in healthcare, energy companies and information technology firms.

Those three investment sectors are the Highland Capital’s core assets today, but Jim Dondero is betting a lot of money that the devaluation of the yuan will happen. In fact, hedge firms around the world are betting billions of dollars that the yuan will be worth a lot less in the future than it is now.

The yuan lost 15 percent of its value in 2015, according to a article. Bloomberg also said the yuan could drop in value by 40 percent over the next three years, but Dondero and other hedge fund managers say that won’t happen. China must let the yuan depreciate to salvage their fragmented economy, but the government will control the devaluation.

The article also points out that China will try to use every economic trick they can to stop investors from betting against them by shorting-selling the yuan. The Chinese are trying to stabilize the country, and they are not afraid to use money and power to get their economy back on track.

Kyle Bass Advises American Investors To Be Concerned

China has been pulling a fast one on us, and not paying attention to this will likely lose America millions and billions–even trillions–of dollars by year’s end. The big irony of it is, that largely communist country is losing money the same way America’s supposedly “capitalist” economy did back in 2008: a bunch of banks are allowing loans that won’t ever return the money. The chickens are being released out the back of flying bomber, and there’s no way they’re ever going to come home and roost. How bad is the problem? China’s banking system has a worth of about 35 trillion, but the entire country’s yearly GDP is only 10 trillion. That’s a difference factor of some 350%.

So why is this bearish for American markets? Well, a lot of American industry is tied to China right now. Donald Trump’s ubiquitous lips blubbering “China” may not be making those East Coast utterances without cause. America is so tied to the Chinese economy, when the other shoe drops, the USA stands to lose between a tenth and a fifth of its economic power; and that’s an economic grizzly twice the size of a polar bear if you think about it. The domino effect is going to result in an additional recession, and America is already in substantial debt. China’s economy could result in a very negative domino effect.

But maybe Kyle Bass is just the boy who cried “bear” as UsefulStooges is reporting. Though, in his case, the story would have to be inverted, as he’s successfully cried “bear” several times. Bass is a hedge fund manager out of Argentina who has ties to the country’s socialist president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. He currently operates out of Texas, and the reason he’s being mentioned here is that he A.), successfully predicted the crisis which burst America’s economic bubble in 2008 due to sub-prime lending, and B.), he’s been able to manipulate the stock market via pharmaceutical companies in order to short sell his own stock.

Bass is the leader of an organization called The Coalition For Affordable Drugs, which has been successful in their effort to decrease the cost of some big-time pharmaceuticals’ medicines. When the price dropped, Bass short-sold his stocks and made a pretty penny. It was done completely legally, though the technique is under-handed, and the US government has waxed bipartisan trying to shut Bass down but to no avail.

So is his advisement to be taken, or should it be ignored? That’s something which can’t easily be decided; but should the economy drop between ten and twenty percent by year’s end, then the right choice one should have made will be nothing but evident.   More about Kyle and his predictions can be read on his blog.

Why Having A Wikipedia Article About Your Business Is Beneficial

Creating a Wikipedia page for your business or company can have many benefits. First it will establish credibility for your business. Wikipedia is highly reputable in the eyes of many people, including many scholars and professionals. It is a respectable source of information. Therefore, establishing a Wikipedia page for your business or company will make it seem like it is a credible and trustworthy business. 

In business, earning the trust of customers is crucial. Without people trusting your business, its services and its products, a business cannot survive for long. People nowadays search the net extensively before deciding to order food, products or hire contractors from businesses. Having your very own Wikipedia page will help you earn the trust of potential customers. With greater trust, your business should see greater business and more customers flocking to it. Trust plays a similar role to reputation for a business. Lose the trust of customers and the public and your business or company can come tumbling down and crash. 

Another reason to establish a Wikipedia page for your company is to provide information about your firm and spread the word about it. As stated previously, more and more people are searching for goods and services online nowadays. Not only are they searching for goods and services now, but they are also searching for information about companies and the services they offer. Having your own Wikipedia page will help place your business out there on the net, thereby increasing the exposure you get. If you don’t place your business out on the net through a Wikipedia page, you are giving another business the edge over you. With your own Wikipedia page you will gain a footing on the internet that can prove to be invaluable in attracting and retaining customers. 

Wikipedia business page creation can be tedious. Wikipedia requires that every one its articles published online abide by its set of guidelines or “rules.” This can be a discouragement to many companies and businesses that lack the expertise and will to publish a professional article about their company on Wikipedia. There is a way to have a highly professional and accurate Wikipedia article written about your business. Get Your Wiki is a company that offers Wikipedia writing services for a nominal fee. The professional Wikipedia writers for hire at Get Your Wiki are well versed in writing articles and they are familiar with all the requirements of Wikipedia’s writing policy. Get Your Wiki gives businesses and companies the ability to get on Wikipedia and take advantage of all the benefits that come with having a professionally devised article published online.