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Dr. Mark Mofid Moves Cosmetic Surgery a Notch Higher.

After a long period of negative publicity in the gluteal augmentation industry, Dr. Mark Mofid has eventually come to the rescue of the industry. Following a myriad of medical accidents that have been occurring; some caused by doctors’ negligence, the cosmetic medical community in America has had rough times appearing in the news headlines as a result of operational failures.

The main cause of the failure in cosmetic operations has been defective implant products that have been incompatible with human muscles structures. The implants have been so generic and in many instances destined to sag shortly after the operation. This is an aspect that has led many patients to lose confidence with the gluteal augmentation industry, with the fear that the cosmetic operations could in one way or the other fail, following these reasons among others like the surgeons’ negligence.

This negativity motivated Dr. Mark Mofid to engage in constant research that has taken him more than eight years of his life in medical practice to achieve his goal. Dr. Mofid always believed that there existed millions of opportunities to improve the future practices of the gluteal augmentation industry. Due to this, he entered into deep research that involved critical designing and brainstorming, trying to innovate a product that was superior to the already existing ones; which he believed were defective and obsolete.

After a long period of rigorous research, Dr. Mark Mofid came was lucky to invent an implant product that in all medical aspects, was superior compared to the older versions. His gluteal implant was generally more appealing than the older implants, it also had improved ratios, superior intramuscular positioning and also had a lower profile.

The introduction of this implant into the industry has led to skyrocketing of the success cases of cosmetic operations in America. This can be attributed to increased confidence by the patients concerning the product. They now feel that it’s possible to undergo a cosmetic surgery successfully without fear of anything going wrong.

This confidence has led to increased number of successful cosmetic operations in America. Currently, America ranks almost as high as Brazil concerning the successful cases, which is the leader in the gluteal augmentation industry. Thanks to Dr. Mark Mofid and his innovation.

The Legacy that Dr. Imran Haque Aims to Leave in the Medical Community

Dr. Imran is one of the most respected internists in the entire Ashboro area. He has been seeing his patients for the past 15 years and provided a variety of healthcare services. He performs physical examinations, treats and helps patients manage diabetes and other cosmetic procedures such as Venus body contouring, laser hair removal, weight management and many other services. He received his medical training from the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem program. Because he offers a variety of treatment solutions, patients typically come to him when they need specialized treatment in their area of need.


His practice is known as Horizon Internal Medicine. He has received many glowing recommendations from patients who have entrusted him with their lives and their services over the years. Some of the things that the patients like about the doctor include the fact that he is always willing to listen to their complaints and that he offers them the best solution to their problems. He has cultivated a culture of deeply understanding the problems of each patient and giving an individualized care in each situation.


Besides the fact that he is a good medical Doctor, people that come to him say that at a personal level, he is the best doctor they have ever met. They are taken aback by the fact that even when they are having emotional issues that stem from dealing with medical problems, the Doctor will be emotionally available to support them through the worst of the cases. There is a patient who hails the doctor and says that were it not for his endless support; she would have had a tough time dealing with the loss of her child.


Medical bills are another headache that patients deal with. At his practice, paperwork is conducted within the shortest time possible, and a variety of insurance options are acceptable. When you visit his practice, you can expect that in addition to excellent customer service, there will be good quality customer support and that all the aspects of the treatment process will be catered for.