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What Inspired BMG’s Marcio Alaor

Dr. Wilmar was a former executive of BMG bank and is one of the biggest inspirations that Marcio Alaor had on his journey to becoming the vice president of the bank. According to, Marcio Alaor worked many years with Dr. Wilmar and learned many things from the professional who also saw a large amount of success with the company. He made sure that he maintained a friendship with Dr. Wilmar even after he had reached the level of success that he was hoping for with the bank. This helped him to make the bank, and himself, even more successful.

In a journey of becoming better, growth is one of the most important factors. Without growth, a person or company will not be able to move on from where they were at in the beginning of the journey. Growth allows people to be able to achieve more and gives them the opportunity to work toward something better. Marcio Alaor wanted growth not only for himself but also for the BMG bank because he knew that it would bring about great changes for all of the people who worked for the banking company. He was able to achieve this growth only by being successful.

Success is something that must be achieved with a drive to succeed and a strong desire. Someone who knows that they should never quit or give up will be able to have success as long as they work toward the better parts of what they are doing with their lives. Marcio Alaor knows that success is due to his strong desire for improvement and his ability to become a better person as well as have a better business. He knew that he would able to be successful only if he never gave up on the goals that he had for himself and the bank.

A huge bank and a vice president position weren’t always in the cards for Marcio Alaor. He started out as a shoe shiner for the executives of the bank. This is where he met Dr. Wilmar and where he continued to learn more about what success was. He knew that he had a drive and knew that he worked very hard, but he did not know what these would do for them. Along with help from Dr. Wilmar, Marcio Alaor was able to rise from a shoe shiner to the vice president of the bank.

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Ricardo Guimarães Thinks Brazil’s National Debt Is Out Of Line

Brazil pays almost $R17,300 per second in interest on a national debt that is more than $R5,909,444,000. The total interest on that debt is more than R$547,528,987,000 per year, and the debt represented almost 59 percent of the gross domestic product in 2014, according to BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães. Guimarães thinks the national debt is out of line, and the government is too out of touch to control it. When China hit a financial and manufacturing wall in 2014, Brazil started to fall apart, but there were signs that the economy was headed for trouble before it actually happened, according to some economists. Brazil was too dependent on exports, and when the price of oil, iron ore, and other resources started to decline, the government did nothing to stop the hemorrhaging, according to Guimarães.
In a recent article, Chinese President Xi Jinping said China’s GDP growth rate would stay around 6.5 percent for the next five years, and that rate would be enough to reach China’s five-year plan. But the article voiced Guimarães skepticism about China’s growth citing the fact that China’s weak consumer market will not produce a 6.5 percent growth rate. Most economists agree with Guimarães. China’s manufacturing base is eroding, and prices continue to impact China’s export business. Even after China devalued their currency in order to increase their export business last year, it didn’t kick-start the economy that much.

Guimarães is not an economist. He is a banker and an entrepreneur that understands the world market. interviewed Ricardo recently, and he said Brazil needs more entrepreneurs that understand the world market. Most Brazilian entrepreneurs don’t have the fortitude or the insight to understand the global market because Brazil has always been a relatively closed market until recently. Brazilian entrepreneurs have grand dreams, and they are as creative as any entrepreneurs in the world, but a large percentage of them lack the proactive nature that makes good entrepreneurs great, according to Guimarães.
Ricardo Guimarães is a Brazilian entrepreneur that acts on his dreams. He has proven that one man with vision and a proactive plan can change the course of business. Guimarães has done that with sports sponsorships in Brazil. BMG Bank now sponsors more than ten Series A soccer teams, and BMG Bank’s business has doubled because of Guimarães concept of investing money in sports to promote bank products.
According to a article, Ricardo has increased the 86-year-old bank’s profits using Brazil’s love of football as the base. Brazilians are serious about soccer, and BMG Bank has become synonymous with soccer across the nation. Football fans recognize the orange BMG logo at game time, and when they need money, BMG is the first bank they call. BMG has more than 800 qualified agents in place to handle those calls.

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The BMG has closed in its new partnership with Blanco ITAU bank. The announcement was made by one of the company’s director’s Mr. Marcio Alaor in an interview. He is the vice president of the leading bank in Brazil. The Bank is the pioneer of the pay loans sector with specialization with consignment credit. The bank maintains a strong relationship with its customers in its efficient strategies and the highly competitive market. The partnership will have a significance effect on the market and will lead to the creation of a new bank the ITAU BMG payroll. The primary role of the bank is to safeguard the BMG operation in payroll loans. It’s expected to advance over R 300 million to customers and will remain operational for over three years


The new merger bank is set to start operations in 90 days. It will also finance private sector employees and tap the enormous potential market. The merger of BMG and ITAU bank came as a surprise to many. The initial negotiations with other banks like Bradesco and BTG banks. In the last talk minutes, the call from ITAU CEO changed focus and BMG considered the new partnership. The new BMG funding will give access for BMG to a financing of $ 3.5 billion in the next five years.


In an interview conducted by the Minas, the BMG vice president ended speculation of the many players in the market. The new partnership differs from the initial arrangement with other banks in that the BMG’s databases will remain unchanged and BMG will contribute shortly. The current operation of BMG bank remains unchanged. The new bank will exclusively deal with the payroll loans and enlarge the scope of the private sector.


The BMG will own 30% of shares in the new bank. ITAU bank is expected to contribute at R700 million to add the total contribution to R 1billion. The BMG bank is planning to transfer all its payroll transactions to the new bank. The banks agreed to restructure its system to incorporate the new bank. With the shortage of money for the new bank, the banks will have to outsource over 100% funds.


Marcio is the current t vice president of the bank and very key to its operations. He lives in Belo Horizonte, in Brazil. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has propelled BMG bank to its great height. The article is recapped from Mina’s journal.



An initial public offering is the first time a private company calls the public (private investors) to take up shares. It is a way for a corporation to raise money for its growth and became a publicly traded company. Mr Marcio is a banking expert who serves as the Vice President of Banco BMG.He is also an expert on IPOs and was recently interviewed on the same. He gives us a recap on the IPOs in history that changed things and the importance of IPOs to companies.
Marcio says the 1st motor company to raise an IPO was General Motors of the US. It is today valued at $ 53.12 billion dollars and recently celebrated 100 years since raising an IPO. Another company that raised an IPO was Ford Motors. It is an American based company that has pioneered heavy hitters in the market like the Ford Mustang and the Ford T. Its IPO led to an astonishing 600 million calls for the shares. This year, the biggest IPO was from the Japanese Post Holdings. It raised $ 12 billion in the exercise thanks to overwhelming interest from the Japanese public. Its stock value increased by 16%.It comes after Alibaba raised $ 21 billion in its IPO September last year.
Japan Post Holdings manages three separate companies. These are Japan post bank; Japan post insurance and Japan post postal services. It has 24000 post offices in Japan. It is one of the most recognized brands in Japan and it’s raising the amounts is not a surprise. Ferrari recently floated an IPO that has seen its shares increase by10%.It is today valued at $ 10 billion.
MarcioAlaor is a native of Santo Antonio do Monte, who rose from a shoe shiner to become the vice president of Banco BMG. He is a business administration graduate and has grown to become one of the most senior bankers in Brazil. He is also active in Philanthropy, having been recently awarded by his local town for his efforts there. He even had a food court named after him. He embodies the reputation BMG has with its clients of rising from nothing to build empires.
BMG has always hired those committed to their causes. It supports sports team across Brazil and recently announced its support for Tennis genius Marcelo Melo.

Source: Exame Magazine