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Brad Pitt Is Seeking Joint Custody of Jolie-Pitt Children

Brangelina fans are not having a good year. First there were the reports that the power couple was splitting up after a decade together, then came allegations that Angelina didn’t want Brad near their children. Luckily, both stars are committed to providing a safe and supportive space for their brood and have fully cooperated with the relevant authorities.


Celebrity watchers were surprised when the idolized family disclosed potential tensions between Brad and the oldest Jolie-Pitt son, Maddox. The current teenager was Angelina’s first child, and he spent several years as the man of the house before Brad entered the picture. Fans learned that Maddox and Brad were not getting along after a plane ride turned ugly, prompting an investigation by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services.


Thankfully, the DCFS probe  quickly ended  in no official complaints towards Pitt. Now, the star is focused on retaining custody of the six children he shares with Angelina. Her busy future as a filmmaker, special representative for the United Nations’ refugee branch and visiting professor may not leave Ms. Jolie-Pitt with enough time to provide full-time care to the children, even with the help of nannies and tutors. The most likely outcome will be shared custody between the A-list stars, which they will be sure to manage with the same grace and love they’ve used for all other matters concerning their children.