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Flavio Maluf Takes Eucatex Company To The Next Level

As the saying goes, if it is a rose it will blossom, Eucatex Company has proved to be a rose. From a humble start, this company has grown to be one of the established and reputable businesses in Brazil, thanks to the professional and top notch leadership of one Flavio Maluf.

In 1951, Eucatex Company was established; a tiny company which no one would think that it would one day grows to be an international company. During this time, this company would only focus on producing ceiling tiles and panels. In just a duration of 3 years since its inception, the company had already opened Fiberboard Industrial Unit, its first ever mill in Sao Paulo.

The unit focused on producing flexible boards, but as time went on it also started manufacturing ceiling tiles and panels. This company takes environmental issues seriously, and it’s the reason that up to date, it continues to conserve the environment. It believes that the environment should be preserved for the future and that is why it continues to plant more eucalyptus trees. The progress saw the company scoop various awards. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

As time went by, the company now started opening up representative offices in many cities in Brazil and also extended to Buenos Aires in Argentina. One good turn deserves another, and at this time, Eucatex Company would produce up to 100 tons every day. Today, the company does not only provide ceiling tiles but also, various products such as laminate floors, wall partitions, MDP and MDF panels, doors, hardboards, paints, and varnishes. It exports its products to more than 37 countries.

The successes of this business can be attributed to one Flavio Maluf, who is the company’s CEO. Flavio Maluf assumed this position in 2005 April. He also is the company’s Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers and Vice Chief Executive Officer as well, among several other positions that he holds in the same company. Mr. Flavio Maluf is a learned man, and it’s thought that his high education has enabled him to run this business efficiently. He received a degree in Mechanical Engineering t from PUC and also a business management postgraduate degree which he got from New York University. Follow:


Flavio Maluf Discusses New Deal

Flavio Maluf, president of Eucatex, issued a note last night, informing the company’s workers and leaders in Botucatu about the deal between Eucatex and Duratex. They have confirmed that they will do business between companies. Eucatex will give a farm in Capão Bonito in exchange for the production line of thin sheets of wood in Botucatu.

Flavio Maluf believes that productivity at work is an essential factor for success. Because of this, the president of the companies Eucatex, the businessman and executive Maluf, brings some tips to overcome the possible obstacles and not drop the income in this period. Check out.

1- Do not overdo in unnecessary conversations

This is a habit that can take a lot of the employee’s work hours. What contributes most to the establishment of this custom are the breaks for coffees and snacks. It is at these times that people focus on the same place and start random conversations – which is not a prohibited practice, everyone has a right to breathe, provided that it is short. However, when it stretches too far, it becomes inappropriate and results in loss of productivity. Visit to learn more.

2- Do not overdo the use of the cell phone

With all the technology nowadays it’s hard to stay away from this little gadget that sounds magical, does not it? Yes, but it does. Of course, many jobs require you to be connected, informed, up to date – but for everything, there is a limit. Flavio reports what the founder of the Longitude School says: a look at the messages and news is tolerable, but this should not be so frequent as to disrupt the progress of work and decrease professional performance. So watch out.

Mr. Flavio is Chief Executive and director of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio and serves as the Chairman of the Board at Eucatex since 2005. S.A. Industria e Comercio. He worked for Sistemas S.A. Corretoras de Título e Valore Mobiliário and Citibank, New York. Flavio Maluf got his Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering at Fundação Armando Álvares

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Felipe Montoro Jens and The PPP Project in Sao Paulo that Helps Generate Jobs

It’s hard to pound the pavement. Looking for a job knowing that there’s a lot of uncertainty and competition out there means that there are sacrifices, risks, and unfortunate situations that would push the limit of one’s talents and endurance. When a country has not a lot of entrepreneurs, risk takers and is without a business culture that’s prevalent in the corners of the country, there would be a lot of jobless people pounding the pavement. Fortunately, in Brazil, there are business leaders like Felipe Montoro Jens who are initiating ways to generate jobs through a public and private partnership. Right now, one of them would be the PPP projects in Sao Paulo. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

100,000 Jobs for Brazil

It may seem like an act of pulling a rabbit out of a hat to say that with the help of Felipe Montoro Jens, Sao Paulo Brazil can get about 100,000 of jobs. In the new program set by a municipality-centered project in Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens will help build a committee that would improve the housing situation in Brazil. With the help of the group Cohab-SP, the new residents of the housing project will be chosen. Those who will qualify will get to live in the housing project with the support of the government. It is also with the help of the city of Sao Paulo that the right families will be chosen. These families will then be the residents of the PPP housing community.

However, the significant contribution of the Private-Public Partnership set by Felipe Montoro Jens is the fact that more jobs will be generated to those who will be helping Mr. Jens in building the housing project. Amid the series of phases of the housing project, more people can get the opportunity to offer their skills, expertise, and labor to earn income from the budget set for the project. Truly, Felipe Montoro Jens has helped produce the right amount of sustainable level of work highly needed by the country.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Mr. Jens is the CEO of EnergiparCaptacao S.A. as well as the chairman of Concessionari do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A.

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The BMG has closed in its new partnership with Blanco ITAU bank. The announcement was made by one of the company’s director’s Mr. Marcio Alaor in an interview. He is the vice president of the leading bank in Brazil. The Bank is the pioneer of the pay loans sector with specialization with consignment credit. The bank maintains a strong relationship with its customers in its efficient strategies and the highly competitive market. The partnership will have a significance effect on the market and will lead to the creation of a new bank the ITAU BMG payroll. The primary role of the bank is to safeguard the BMG operation in payroll loans. It’s expected to advance over R 300 million to customers and will remain operational for over three years


The new merger bank is set to start operations in 90 days. It will also finance private sector employees and tap the enormous potential market. The merger of BMG and ITAU bank came as a surprise to many. The initial negotiations with other banks like Bradesco and BTG banks. In the last talk minutes, the call from ITAU CEO changed focus and BMG considered the new partnership. The new BMG funding will give access for BMG to a financing of $ 3.5 billion in the next five years.


In an interview conducted by the Minas, the BMG vice president ended speculation of the many players in the market. The new partnership differs from the initial arrangement with other banks in that the BMG’s databases will remain unchanged and BMG will contribute shortly. The current operation of BMG bank remains unchanged. The new bank will exclusively deal with the payroll loans and enlarge the scope of the private sector.


The BMG will own 30% of shares in the new bank. ITAU bank is expected to contribute at R700 million to add the total contribution to R 1billion. The BMG bank is planning to transfer all its payroll transactions to the new bank. The banks agreed to restructure its system to incorporate the new bank. With the shortage of money for the new bank, the banks will have to outsource over 100% funds.


Marcio is the current t vice president of the bank and very key to its operations. He lives in Belo Horizonte, in Brazil. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has propelled BMG bank to its great height. The article is recapped from Mina’s journal.


Brilliant Brazilian Books to Behold

Was your summer reading list pushed aside? No worries, now that school is back in session take a dive into a cultural experience with your family. These authors come all the way from Brazil and they have a lot of stories on their minds.

Ana Maria Machado is a well known children’s author in Brazil. She has been awarded with the Hans Christian Anderson award for her works and contributions to children’s literature. Some of her books include Alice e Ulisses, Tropical Sol da Liberdade and Canteiros de Saturno.

José Bento Monteiro Lobato is another famous children’s author. Besides writing children’s books Lobato has written short stories for an adult audience and was an art critic. He children’s books are A Menina do Narizinho Arrebitado or the Girl with the Turned up Nose, Reinações de Narizinho or Adventures of the Little Nose and Viagem ao Céu or Voyage to the Sky.

When a Brazilian hears the name Jaime Garcia Dias they will more than likely know who this man is and what he has achieved. This young author was a writing prodigy at the age of fifteen. Eventually he became a teacher at the Carioca Literature Academy, where he inspired many young aspiring teen writers. He has written novels, for journals, and has earned many awards for his writing achievements. Some of these achievements include the White Crane award, awards for his novels, and the ABC award. A few of his novel titles are Fell from Heaven, Chronicles that Made Me a Man, and Dois Caminhos.

Adonias Filho is another author worth learning about and reading. This man was a famous journalist, novelist and literary critic. He found his writing inspiration in his home town of Itajuípe, Brazil. He wrote different types of novels, some were even romance novels. Filho wrote Memórias de Lázaro, Léguas da promissão, and Luanda Beira Bahia and many more.

As you create your next list of novels to read keep these great authors in mind and dive into another culture’s literary achievements.

Lawyers In Brazil: Tips For Choosing A Lawyer

Are you looking for good representation in a legal matter? Want to hire a competent lawyer in Brazil? If you are contemplating the need for a lawyer, that’s your signal to search for the right lawyer for your situation. You will need to schedule a consultation with a reputable lawyer who can help you get out of the problem.

It is helpful to ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues who have been through legal procedures, but keep in mind that the facts of their legal issue may be different from yours. So you will still need to do your own research to find out more about the lawyer and his or her practice.

Consider comfort level. A relationship of trust is essential in a legal case. Selecting the right lawyer for business or personal matter can be an important factor in deciding the outcome of the case. The decision is not something to be taken lightly, so you should not hesitate to research more than one lawyer. Assess your comfort level with a lawyer before you decide if the lawyer is right for your situation.

A competent lawyer will do whatever is legally necessary to resolve your problem and to satisfy your legal needs. It is absolutely necessary to find the right match for your needs and to ensure that you choose a lawyer with whom you are comfortable. You want a lawyer who will pay close attention to your needs and give you the personal attention you require, no matter how hectic his or her schedule may be.

In choosing a lawyer, seek someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in the area of law you need help with. Lawyers must always be learning, keeping up with the latest changes and developments in the law. Reliable lawyers are dedicated to staying up to date with the law.

You should look into the lawyer’s fees and billing. You should find out whether the lawyer charges on a contingency, a flat fee, or by the hour. You should find out what the hourly rate is. If the lawyer does not tell you about fees, do not hesitate to ask. It is important to find out about these things up front.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an experienced and reputable lawyer in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho practices in a vast range of business and corporate litigation law, and he is one of the most respected commercial litigation lawyers in the Brazilian legal system. He has an extensive list of clients, including celebrities, politicians and large corporations. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho works hard to get the best possible outcome in his clients’ cases.