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Christie Impeachment Mulled by Democrats in NJ Assembly

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) insisted for three years that he did not know anything about the closure of two lanes entering the George Washington Bridge at Fort Lee that led to a massive traffic jam for four days. The traffic jam was deliberately created by several of Christie’s close associates to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee for not endorsing Christie during his re-election campaign in 2013. It became known as the Bridgegate scandal.

The trial of the two defendants, Bridget Anne Kelly, Christie’s deputy chief of staff, and Bill Baroni, a Port Authority of NY and NJ official appointed by the governor, started off last week with both the prosecutor and the defense attorney stating that Christie knew about the traffic jams while they were happening.

Assembly members, who prefer to remain anonymous, said that Christie knew more during and after the traffic snarl than he told the public. A committee chairman, not named, said “obstruction of justice” would be the likely charge for impeachment. He said the assembly is studying how to proceed and speculates that there is a 50/50 chance it will come to that stage. Speaker of the Assembly Vincent Prieto (D) would have to approve, following a recommendation of the judiciary committee. The response from a Christie spokesman: “Ridiculous.”

Christie was a candidate for president during the primaries, dropping out and becoming an advisor to Donald Trump. Christie told MSNBC that he was dropped from consideration for vice president on Trump’s ticket due to the Bridgegate scandal.

Impeachment Charges “Ridiculous” Says Christie

With only two years to go in his final term as New Jersey governor, Chris Christie now has to worry about whether the Democrat-controlled state assembly will move forward with plans to impeach him over the so-called Bridgegate scandal. Remember that one? 2013 lane closures on the heavily-traveled George Washington Bridge between New Jersey and New York City turned out to be a political vendetta to create chaos.

The question is whether or not Christie had knowledge of the scheme. The republican governor claims he didn’t, but a key witness who has already pled guilty to knowledge of the scheme appears ready to testify in court that the governor’s denial doesn’t hold water. A source spoke to NBC 4 in New York, estimating there was about a 50-50 chance that Articles of Impeachment would be filed for obstruction of justice.

The decision on whether or not to take an impeachment vote against the sitting governor resides in the hands of Speaker Vincent Prieto. A majority vote of the 80 member assembly would be needed to proceed. Christie’s impeachment trial, if it comes to pass, would take place in the state senate, where two-thirds of the senators would have to vote in the affirmative to convict.

The scrum takes on a more national meaning when considering Christie’s role of advisor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Rumors are circulating that Christie might in in line for attorney general in the event Trump is elected.

A spokesman summed up Governor Christie opinion on the matter with a single word: “Ridiculous.”