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Be Discovered with Brown Modeling Agency

It is no secret that modeling agencies tend to look for a specific type of look when they select models for different modeling gigs. To start with, height is an important aspect. Generally, companies look for men who are anywhere from 5’11” to 6’2″. Females are preferred to be in the 5’8″ to 5’11” range. The height expectations remain fairly specific within the modeling industry. However, the other measurements tend to vary more depending on the job.
Companies tend to look for male models who are in shape and can wear a size 40 or 42 jacket. Male models should also not appear too bulky or too thin. As for female models, it is prefered that their measurements stay within a certain range. The bust should be between 31-36 inches, the desired waist range is 22-24 inches, and the hips should be in the 32-35 inch range. With that being said, plus size modeling jobs have a much wider spectrum for their model requirements. The need for plus size models has opened up opportunities for a wider variety of body types.
Something aspiring models should know about this particular career choice is that simply fitting the physical criteria won’t necessarily guarantee you work. One of the best ways to find work modeling work would be to find an agent through a trusted modeling agency who will market you within the modeling industry. There are plenty of modeling agencies to choice from. DNA, Elite, NY Modeling, IMG, and Brown Modeling Agency are only a small handful of examples.

Are you are new to the modeling industry? One agency that might be a good place start your career is Brown Modeling Agency. Brown Modeling Agency is a company that is based out of Texas and uses social media and technology to advertise for their clients. They have been getting their models work with some high-end brands since 2010.
Becoming a part of this family of models could be as simple as filling out the form they have on their website and sending it in with a picture of yourself. You could end up with your photos, portfolio, and resume featured on their website. Whether you intend to work as a commercial, theatrical, or fashion model you can potentially use this agency to help find work.

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