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Why Brazilian Real Estate Industry is on the Global Limelight

Brazil is one of the third world countries that has developed over the years to improve its economic situation. The country has different types of economic activities that have spearheaded the development of the South American country. The country has a deep rooted culture and tradition which has facilitated the cohesion and integration of the Brazilian citizens. As a result, structural development has taken a toll in the economic growth sector. Many companies have emerged and are offering affordable construction services to the general public. As a result there has been the development of both commercial and residential real estate companies.

These companies have provided a good environment for local citizens to easily acquire and own homes. The commercial sector has also benefited a great deal since the services offered cover the entrepreneurs who have benefited from reduced rental rates. These companies are spread throughout the entire Brazil with the capital city having the most number of companies. Due to the inflation rates globally, the real estate companies have suffered a setback which has seen the house rents to rocket rise. The most affected areas are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro where the rate of doing business has reduced. As a result the companies have developed alternative ways of attracting customers to invest in their products by reducing the rents. These companies have enabled many people to become financially stable and develop interest in establishing more robust business entities.

One of the leading real estate companies in Brazil is the Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos. The company was established in 2004 and has its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. This is a privately held company which has specialized in different aspects pertaining to the real estate sector. The company has invested in professional employees who have grown since its inception to over 200. This has provided the basis through which professional services are delivered to the general public.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has diversified its service to other field in the economic front. For instance, it deals in brokerage in rental properties, allotment of different properties, construction of residential and commercial houses, architectural services and property valuation. These services have made the company to compete favorably in the capital market to become the best notable in service delivery. Through property valuation, many people have been able to know how much their properties are worth and what kind of insurance policy is the best for the property. The company has developed expertise in building residential houses with different models ranging from 2 bed roomed to 3 bed roomed houses.