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The Success of Glen Wakeman and Why He Is A Mentor

Glen Wakeman, a business revolutionary known for his entrepreneurial and mentoring spirit. As part of his works, Glen has provided guidance for startup companies as well as the creation of key dimensions for performance assessment and improvement methodologies. A holder of an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago and a BS in economics and finance from the University of Scranton, Glen Wakeman is the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings. During his early career, Wakeman held various positions as a Board member, public company CEO, small businesses owner as well as an investor. In addition to these is a 21- year old background in management at GE in business development and P&L roles (

Wakeman is passionate about the development of businesses through company and individual agility improvement and through the application of the key performance dimensions. Ie leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. He is currently the founder and president of Nova Four, a strategic advice and capital access providing business accelerator for developing companies. As a way to sustain the improvements, he also performs Board duties and CEO coaching. Through his startup,, Glen also works with early-stage entrepreneurs. This also provides online business planning services as well as reaching customers through digital marketing (Affiliatedork).

According to Wakeman, reviewing of numbers from the previous day of business is how a typical day should start. These numbers include service performance, cash totals, and sales. A conference with partners for the division of duties follows next to ensure each partner is assigned a responsibility for the day, who will attend to sales meetings, payment of bills, design revisions, and management of administrative tasks. According to him, productivity depends most on trust, the division of duties, and no backtracking.

Glen Wakeman attributes his success to his curiosity. He says that through his curiosity he has been enabled to persevere through his problem-solving methods. He adds that it has provided him with innovative thinking through which he has achieved customer satisfaction. For use of web services, Wakeman, recommends a live chat with customers as it is more flexible, professional and inexpensive. He adds that Doodle is great in the organization of meetings, calendars, and general time management while consistently keeping the administrative costs down. Having worked in an automobile parts factory as one responsible for cleaning bathrooms, Glen rates this as his worst job ever but he had to do it anyways for his college fees. Glen learned that there is dignity in every job and he never took any opportunity for granted.