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Corporate Resolutions Helps Companies With Their Executive Hiring Process


Modern human resource departments have generally become adept at hiring the right candidates for the plethora of jobs that they deal with on a daily basis. Many major corporations with well-run human resources departments are able to hire a candidate that could be later described as an excellent fit more than 90 percent of the time. And these results are quite easily attainable through in-house procedures, without ever having to outsource a thing.


It is, therefore, tempting for companies that are looking to hire new executive-level employees to believe that because their human resources departments are so talented at selecting the right employees for the rest of the jobs that need filling, then it is reasonable to conclude that they will do a good job at choosing the next CFO or president.


But this ignores a critical mathematical reality. When it comes to hiring individuals who have the power to lead the company to success or ruination, getting it wrong even one percent of the time is a risk that is simply unacceptable. When it comes to hiring new executives, your company needs to get it right, 100 percent of the time.


That’s the product that Corporate Resolutions, one of the most respected companies doing executive background checks cor corporations, and employment-related due diligence, is selling. With the almost all-seeing power that a Corporate Resolutions comprehensive background check puts into the hands of your executive hiring team, the chance of making a potentially fatal error in hiring the wrong candidate is all but removed from possibility.



The stakes are higher than ever



One of the most striking changes to have occurred in the world of business over the last 70 years has been the shocking gaps in pay that have developed between the average worker and the people overseeing the largest corporations.


Executives of the top 1,000 businesses in America can expect to make anywhere from $5 million per year in total compensation all the way up to $100-plus million. Unfortunately, these are prizes that can tempt almost anyone to skirt the rules and play fast and loose with the facts. And this is one reason that resume padding is demonstrably on the rise. But the place where misrepresentations on resumes can do the most damage is exactly where they are most likely to occur.


Because someone who is looking to get hired at a job that comes with such a salary stands to make life-changing money for completing even a tiny fraction of a year’s employment, the incentives to lie, embellish and conceal past negative behavior are enormous. And with pay like that, the worst people are often attracted right alongside some of the best.



Comprehensive background investigations can prevent fatal errors



Corporate Resolutions has a team of full-time professional investigators. These are not only able to access thousands of proprietary and public databases, but they are also experts in carrying out real-world investigations, such as delving into the ways that a job candidate is perceived by their former coworkers, bosses and underlings.


Corporate Resolutions has expertise in everything from Federal-level criminal background checks to education verification. With so many data points located across so many different geographic locations, times and systems, getting past the severe silo effects of data being scattered around many different areas is a serious challenge. But this is the type of challenge that Corporate Resolutions excels at. And at the end of the day, this means that a Corporate Resolutions background investigation won’t miss a thing. It will give you and your executive hiring team the complete picture on the individual you are considering hiring, leaving nothing to chance.


When placing the entire future and even the existence of the company itself in the hands of someone who will very probably end up with the power to avoid being fired at a later date, getting things right the first time takes on a new urgency. Corporate Resolutions can help companies avoid bringing executive-level employees on board who may be capable of inflicting enormous damage on the firm and its reputation, before those problems ultimately materialize and cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars or its very existence. You can’t afford not to get the power that comes with a Corporate Resolutions comprehensive background check.