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Stream Energy, A Company That Cares

Stream Energy is an energy provider based out of Texas that has grown to serve several states in the eastern United States. However, energy services isn’t the only area that Stream Energy cares about.

Recently, Stream Energy created the Stream Cares Foundation to give back to the community. It was founded to help out those in Texas who lost their homes in the wake of devastating Hurricane Harvey from mid 2017. In this catastrophic hurricane, over 50 inches of rain hit Houston and surrounding neighborhoods. Many people fled the area and came back to find their home and possessions destroyed, and were then forced to become homeless.

Stream Cares is helping Texans recover from the storm by providing aid. They partnered with Hope Supply Co. to help provide essentials and new opportunities to these homeless individuals. The company had also built up relations with both Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross, so each organization can further help one another reach the goal of ending homelessness caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Stream Cares and Hope Supply Co. partnered to cover the meal and enhance costs for over 1000 homeless children for the Splash for Hope event at a local waterpark. In addition, they’ve provided homeless families with essentials like clothing, school supplies, baby supplies, and more.

But Stream has been involved in local philanthropic efforts long before Hurricane Harvey. In 2016, for instance, the organization helped Texans after a devastating tornado by raising thousands of dollars in aid and matching donations.

Stream Energy is a successful energy provider that utilizes an innovative direct selling method. These direct sellers and the company’s unbeatable products and customer service has lead to massive success and a loyal customer base for each individual salesperson. The company sells both commercial and residential plans, with a plan to fit every customer’s needs regardless of budgetary concerns or energy needs. Corporate philanthropy has always been a part of the energy provider, but Stream Cares is their biggest and boldest philanthropic venture to date!

Aloha Construction is recognized by the BBB with the Torch Award for Ethics

Aloha construction consist of bonded and insured general contractors that provide roofing, siding and gutter service for Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. With having a Lake Zurich location it makes it easier for them to service Lake McHenry, Cook and DuPage counties. The company also makes an effort with providing assistance with window and door instillation. With over , the Midwest has been able to rely on them. With the big responsibility that 18,000 projects completed Aloha Construction has to their community it came as no surprised that they were awarded the Torch Award by the Better Business Bureau in December 2017.

The Torch Award is for Marketplace Ethics and represents the dedication Aloha Construction has for their employees and community. Quality and honest work is something that the company has always exemplified since the opening in 2008. They were pick for the award by fifteen judges that recognized their long, positive history and charity work in Chicago and Northern Illinois. Aloha Construction provides exceptional customer service by starting with free roof inspections for customers, 10 year craftsmanship warranty and they now have a partnership with Synchrony Financial to offer financing for their customers that may need assistance financially.

Working for Aloha Construction gives employees the opportunity to have a career and not just a job. The salary is competitive and the training is top notch. Once a year the company hosts an all-expense paid resort week in Hawaii for their high performing employees. They make it possible for the employees to bring their families along and focus on relaxation. This time is given to them as a thank you for working hard and keeping the company running at a high level. Being responsible and reliable for not just customers but employees and their community, Aloha Construction definitely deserves the Torch Award.

Entrepreneurial Nuggets of Wisdom From Nick Vertucci

Many middle-class citizens work tirelessly to move to the next class of life but very few actually achieve this. Nick Vertucci recently penned down a book explaining how changing one’s financial status is absolutely possible. Seven Figure Decisions describes his personal journey to success in great detail.

Nick Vertucci invested considerably in real estate and was able to shake off the middle-class tag. His greatest admonition is that one should quit playing safe if they hope to make any step towards financial freedom. The book provides lessons on how to pursue your dream without being held back by fear.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to put the needs of their clients above their own. They are also educated on how to reach out for better goals. Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank put his weight behind the book. The fact that Nick Vertucci achieved success, failed then bounced back intrigues him greatly.

Readers get to enjoy words of wisdom that motivate and inspire them to reach out to what they have in their hearts. The loss of his father after his tenth birthday ushered his family into a time of financial strain. This culminated in Nick Vertucci making his car his home. Many would have would have thrown in the towel at this point. He wanted to change and was willing to put in the work to achieve that.

His first company came to life thanks to the sale of computer parts. At the turn of the new century, his business nosedived as he lost everything he had worked so hard to get. The first few years of the century were not a walk in the park as he labored to provide for his family.

His fortunes changed when a friend introduced him to the real estate industry. Nick Vertucci was skeptical at first but he has never looked back. His persistence and determination set him above the rest of his peers. He instructs many aspiring entrepreneurs in his real estate academy. It is based in California and has served students since 2014.

Hyperloop One Executive Chairman Shervin Pishevar Is Tweeting Like A President

No one expected Donald Trump to continue tweeting once he moved to the White House. But the urge to tweet can be hard to ignore for the famous and the wealthy. Just ask Shervin Pishevar. He’s the latest big-money investor to use Twitter as his soapbox. Shervin Pishevar is not as famous as Donald Trump, but he is famous in the startup industry. He was the man who told Menlo Ventures to back Uber when Uber was just getting started. And Pishevar is the guy Elon Musk is working with on the Hyperloop One startup. Shervin Pishevar also has a piece of Warby Parker, Didi, Washio, TaskRabbit, Tumblr, Klout, and Parse. That’s just a few of his current investments.

But Shervin Pishevar is not in the news for backing another new startup or for rejoining his investment firm, Sherpa Capital. Shervin is tweeting his way to national attention, and he is making progress. His recent 21-hour, 50-tweet tirade has some investors shaking their heads, and other investors are taking his tweeting predictions as fact. Pishevar said a financial crisis is coming, and the bond market is not going to be a safe haven for investors during that crisis.

Shervin Pishevar also put a tweet in motion that warns of a Silicon Valley breakdown, and a warning that China is beating the U.S. not only in economic growth but also in infrastructure growth. Government officials are short-term thinkers, according to a Shervin Pishevar tweet. And big U.S. corporations are as powerful as some countries, and that isn’t good news, according to a Shervin tweet.

The Pishevar tweet rant didn’t really reveal any new information except for the 6,000-point drop in the stock market and the crash of the Bitcoin. Most investors know there is financial trouble brewing. Big investors are covering their bets the best way they know how. Shervin didn’t say when all his tweet predictions will be a reality. But Pishevar isn’t done putting himself out there on Twitter, according to some investors. Who knows? Shervin likes to shake things up, so any topic is fair game for Shervin.

Aloha Construction, Covered with Solid Ethics

Aloha Construction is a family owned and operated roofing and siding company with multiple locations in Illinois and Wisconsin. The company is well known for customer service, but the Lake Zurich location paved the way as they hammered ethics over their foundations. In December 2017 Aloha Construction earned one of the most coveted awards available from the Better Business Bureau; the BBB Torch award was proudly received by the Lake Zurich branch team. The award is given by the BBB for outstanding ethics practices.

Earning the award is just the beginning for Aloha Construction. The roofing and siding company has huge aspirations for 2018. A new storm season is rearing is in the near future. who better to champion preparedness for all roofing and siding needs in vulnerable areas than Aloha Construction. The staff at Lake Zurich humbly await the challenge of the upcoming season and promise to deliver the same brand of ethics that earned them the BBB Torch Award last year.

One might wonder why an award from the BBB is so important. The Better Business Bureau has been around for over 100 years. The company is dedicated to finding the right businesses for the right jobs. The BBB has accurately listed and rated more than 5.3 million businesses. The Bureau keeps tabs on both good and bad aspects of businesses and allows would-be customers an inside look at the trustworthiness of prospective businesses. A person can be sure that if they need to find information, they can trust the BBB to have the information needed to make solid, informed decisions that will have a lasting effect on their lives.

Aloha Construction is also community-minded in the sense they enjoy giving to others in the form of charities. In February 2018, Aloha Construction donated nearly $2,000 dollars to Camp One Step by Children’s Oncology Services. This is a true testimony to a company that cares about getting it right.

Philanthropy and Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a direct sales company that is currently located in Dallas, Texas. They primarily deal with energy related marketing and keeping their consumers connected.

Leslie Kennedy of the Dallas Patch recently sat down with Stream Energy to discuss the wonderful work that they exhibited in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Due to the success of the company, they were able to launch a charity organization of their own known as ‘Stream Cares.’ Stream has worked with several charitable groups in the past like Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, and the Red Cross. However, since this devastation was so close to home they teamed up with an organization knows as the Hope Supply Company.

The Hope Supply Company was founded to provide homeless children with clothes, food, and even with fun activities to do. Stream Energy had not considered philanthropy on this scale before the plunder of Harvey, but they agreed that there was no other choice than to help the awesome people of Texas in an extreme way.

Stream Cares uses funds that the company earns through their widely successful sales to help benefit the people of Dallas, as well as people located in surrounding areas. They also reach out to local veterans and veteran families to provide exciting events like barbecues. They also reach out to children of veterans to provide special toys and experiences for them, like dining with brand new American Girl Dolls at the American Girl cafe.

They also teamed up with the Salvation Army in 2016 by sending both volunteers and by matching thousands of dollars worth of donations to help with the devastating North Texas tornadoes. Through helping the families cope and by helping people start over, the company made a big difference.

Overall, Stream Energy loves to help out local people who are struggling. They consider themselves successful not just because of their sales, but also because of the huge difference they get to make in the lives of thousands of people each year. The employees of the company love helping everyone that they come into contact with

Talos Energy – One of the Best Places to Work in Houston

Talos Energy is a small business based out of Houston Texas. This small company which currently employees 93 employees is an expert in offshore exploration and oil production. This independent oil and gas company has been voted one of the top workplaces in the small business category since 2013. If you have been looking for a career with one of the best places to work in Houston and have a passion for the energy sector Talos Energy may be the perfect fit for you. The company which currently employs 93 employees is an industry leader in the energy and oil sector despite just being founded in 2012.

Talos Energy Gives Back

Talos Energy relies upon employees with a plethora of different backgrounds and expertise to provide the high-quality services that they offer today. One of the ways that Talos Energy shows that they care about their employees is through community involvement. Not only does Talos Energy hold events with organizations such as the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and the Houston Food Bank, but they also give each of their employees a $500 allowance that can be given to any not-for-profit organization of their choice.

Talos Energy Employee Benefits

Some of the benefits that employees of Talos Energy receive include comprehensive medical coverage that is compatible to mainstream plans that are available at zero or minimal cost to employees and their families. They also offer dental and vision coverage, 401K retirement plans, a health savings account, basic and voluntary life Insurance, paid vacation time off based upon your years of experience in the industry and a very balanced and flexible schedule that works with the varying needs of employees in their day to day lives.

A Career with Talos Energy Could be Yours

If you’re looking for a career in a field that continues to see exponential growth and are passionate about working together with others to find Innovative techniques that will help is a continued success of this sector you should check out Talos Energy today. You never know when a career with one of the best small companies to work for in Houston could be yours.

Close-up of Adam Milstein’s Fight Against Anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein, a philanthropist who works to support the state of Israel and US-Israeli relations, warns against the dangers of radical Islam in his recent article titled “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide” (03/14/2018 edition of the Jewish News Syndicate).

The main thrust of Adam Milstein’s article is that radical Muslims are working with radical leftists to fan the flames of anti-Semitism throughout the world.

I agree with some of Adam Milstein’s assertions. There is a certain segment in America who are quick to paint Israel as evil for some of the actions it takes against Palestinians but refuse to equally judge the Palestinians and other actors such as ran and Syria for heinous acts committed against Israel.

And this unfortunate phenomena is not only in America. When I taught in China, for example, many of my students saw Palestinians as the innocent victims and Israel as the bad guy. When I explained to them that the situation in the Middle East was way more complex than that, they gave me the polite deference afforded a teacher in China. But their eyes belied their disagreement with my assessment.

But where Adam Milstein errs is in assigning such hypocrisy to just the left. There are many people whose political ideology lies to the right who are also quite anti-Semitic such as neo-Nazis and white nationalist groups. If Adam Milstein truly wants to help lead the crusade against anti-Semitism, he needs to attack it wherever it raises its ugly head, whether from radical leftists, or ultra-nationalist right wingers.

Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, and other isms are not limited by geographical boundaries or ethnicities or economic statuses. Rather, they are conditions of attitudes and prejudices that are more spiritual in nature. Adam Milstein is to be commended for his efforts in fighting against anti-Semitism. How successful he will e will depend on how willing he is to tackle anti-Semitism wherever it exists.


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Roberto Santiago –The Exceptional Investor.

Why do we work hard? To have a good time using what we earn. However, in this society, people are all about adding more and more wealth. This way people hardly have a moment to bond and have leisure time. Research shows that individuals who take some time off their normal schedule to have some fun, are more productive compared to those people who work 24/7. Roberto Santiago realized that one factor that hindered his people from having their leisure is the struggle of accessing leisure joints.

Many people use the weekends to do their shopping for next week leaving no time for fun related activities. Roberto Santiago decided to solve this problem for the residents permanently.

Roberto Santiago’s popularity began because of his blogging activities. He blogged on informative, interesting topics that attracted a good audience. However, his great success that he is associated with is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall.

Roberto began his career by attending Pio X-Marist College and later the University of Joao Pessoa where he acquired a bachelor degree in Business Administration. This was to ensure he got the fundamental skills of running a business. This is an essential aspect for every CEO.

His first entrepreneurial venture is the cartonnage company. Later in 1987, he purchased the land on which the mall was going to build. By 1989, he launched the company. This was the greatest gift to his people. After some time, he established the Domus Hall at the rooftop of the Manaira Mall.

The Domus Hall is the most significant feature of the Manaira Mall. The hall can accommodate a capacity of 14000 people. The hall is divided into two. The lower part is used for the public entertainment through shows and concerts. The upper part has cabinets for individuals who want privacy. The Domus Hall is not limited to shows and concerts. The residents are allowed to lend the space for their occasions. Many weddings, graduation, and conferences have been held in the Domus Hall.

The Domus Hall is well aerated to ensure that the airing condition is conducive for everyone. Based on the capacity of the hall, it is essential that the conditioning is given special attention. Despite the large size, during shows, everyone gets a clear view of the screen. A lot of energy an attention was given to the designing process. The Domus Hall has a very outrageous sound range and a lighting system. This provides the audience with a thrilling experience and a chance to live in the scene.

Roberto Santiago is among the most prominent business people in Brazil. His business has improved the welfare of the society. This is through employment by attracting investors and developing the infrastructure of the area. Investors are advised to follow his example of minding the welfare of the community.


Omar Yunes Rises in Business Against All Odds

Omar Yunes won the award for the Best Franchise of the World competition that took place on 5th December in Florence, Italy. Omar Yunes became Franchisee of the Japanese food chain when he was only twenty one years old. Today, he has thirteen franchised units in Veracruz, Mexico and Puebla. This is an estimate of 10% of the units which the brand has.

Omar Yunes says he is proud to be the only representative and that the reality is that the prize he won is of the four hundred employees of the thirteen units that he manages and the brand that he has created. Representatives from France, Hungary, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil attended the BFW 2015 edition. Some of the factors which were looked into are; the contributions of the franchisee in terms of savings and knowledge, employee motivation and how much improvement has been proposed for the model and more information click here.

According to Diego Elizarrarras, Omar got the maximum award since it has acted as a major factor of the franchising-franchisee relationship to achieve better information management and the implementation of control boards which help to develop clear measures for each unit. Elizarrarras believes that the award speaks of a strong sector of the country which has won its own right leaving behind the days when the Mexican franchises were regional and what Omar Yunes knows.

Omar Yunes is a Mexican investor who represents Sushi Itto. The great franchisee has won several awards. He founded several franchises with the name of Sushi Itto that is the most popular Japanese fast food joint. Omar Yunes had no experience when he first ventured into business despite ending up successful. This should be a source of motivation for young people who want to venture into business especially the fast food market for the first time and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

With time, Omar Yunes gained experience learning from his mistakes and the challenges that he faced to become one of the best and most successful leaders of the food industry in Mexico. Omar Yunes does his job effortlessly without breaking a sweat and is loved and respected by all his employees. Through his franchises, he has created employment for many young people in Mexico and