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A Look At Logan Stout And The Birth Of IDLife

The name Logan Stout sparks off a thousand thoughts whenever mentioned. Born on 16th September 1979 in Texas, Logan Stout is a good definition of an all in one person. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker; one of the most sought after leadership trainers, business owner and to top it up he writes and is among the best-selling authors.

Logan is also the founder and CEO of the Dallas premier baseball academy although that does not come as a surprise considering he was once a baseball player. In short, Logan Stout is involved in a little bit of everything from sports to giving life-saving messages to people throughout the world in the form of his books such as Stout Advice and talks.

In an aim to pass on his top notch leadership skills to the young generation, Logan Stout is in partnership with John Maxwell who is also a motivational speaker with universal recognition.


About IDLife
Logan Stout recently ventured into a health program known as IDLife. The program aims at helping people to reach their goals by ensuring that they are healthy. IDLife ensures that you use nutritional products customized especially for you. For IDLife to work, you have to answer a questionnaire where you give your personal health history and also your current lifestyle. From the information you give, you get a recommendation on the kind of vitamin supplements that suit you.

IDLife products are of high quality and are specially modified to suit your individual needs, thanks to the info that you provide on the questionnaire. Apart from just health benefits, you can also get financial profits through IDLife. All you have to do is sign up as an associate and pay the setup fee. From there you can get to down to work and start looking for clients. You don’t need to have the products. All you have to do is look for buyers, set up sales and the company does the rest, which includes paying you. Another way to earn from IDLife is by sending links to interested parties, and you earn once they make orders. Anyone can become a member; therefore, you too can join the band wagon today for that extra cash.

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The Amazing Story of Gregory Aziz in 5 min!

Mr. Gregory is the current chairman, CEO and the President at National Steel Car located in Hamilton, Ontario. The firm is rated top in engineering railroad freight cars and most developed in the world. He was born in London on April 30, 1949. Besides his role at National Steel Car, Greg Aziz is a successful Entrepreneur.


He had his education at Ridley College and later joined Western Ontario University majoring in economics. In 1971, he acceded to the family food industry, known as Affiliate Foods. Within 16 years as the manager, he was able to push it to an all-inclusive wholesaler, with distributions to all key markets. James Aziz worked in several banking opportunities in New York, from where he was able to organize the purchase of National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco, with the aim of transforming the corporation into an unmatched Railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. Since then the company has extensively expanded its manufacturing capability from 3000 to 12000 increasing the rate of production need to raise the number of employees.


The firm does not rely on its past achievements. Instead, their relentless pursuit of excellence and an ever-closer attention to the esteemed customers ensures that they continue to be the leading railcar company in North America. Greg Aziz’s company has set four close-to-heart sense of purpose; to honor the traditions of their past, move forward with full determination, to perform with a relentless focus on quality and excellence and lastly to lead in the market.


Under the leadership of Gregory Aziz, the National Steel Car has for years been at the top of its competitors. In 1996, the company got recognition for its quality products and received an award TTX SECO. More so, It remains the only freight car company which is ISO certified 9001: 2008 that means they are still the top quality Freight car producers.  See This Page.


The sponsorship by Gregory Aziz’s company has benefited Hamilton community. The firm further contributed to the development of Theatre Aquarius and supported Salvation Army among other charity groups. Every year, the National Steel Car organization workers go to the Christmas party organized by the firm to mark and celebrate the unity and mutual success.


Over 23years Gregory James Aziz, has done his best to transform the National Steel Car to delivering unimaginable and the most astounding quality Railroad cars. Not only did he succeed in the company but he has also done his best in enhancing community and personal satisfaction within Hamilton Community.


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Services Provided by the Award-Winning Railcar Company, National Steel Car

National Steel Car is one of America’s premier railroad manufacturing companies. For the past 100 plus years, this railroad freight, engineering establishment has earned itself a stellar reputation for its innovative manufacturing approaches. National Steel continues to exceed the expectations of, not only their global clientele, but those set by the industry as well.


ISO 9001:2008 Certification


National Steel is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturing company. It is the only ISO certified railroad and freight engineering firm in the entire North American continent. National Steel Car has scooped several prestigious awards, for instance, the TTX SECO accolade.


Ravenous Testimonials


The dealers are termed as trustworthy and remarkably devoted to their jobs, according to their many customers. The railcars are of superb quality and customers never have to worry about delayed shipments, ever!


Services Offered


  • National Steel Car sells vital spare parts for railroad cars. Parts like fulcrum brackets, brake piping, handholds and ladder rounds, body bolsters and trucks, and wheelsets.
  • The company provides after-sales services for railroad cars.


Corporate Social Responsibility


This Hamilton, Ontario-based company is actively involved in charity work. They’ve continued to sponsor local artists and performers in the city for years on end. The staff at National Steel Car often takes time off their busy schedules to organize local food drives for the less fortunate members of that community. Some of the beneficiaries of the philanthropic endeavors of the manufacturing firm include The Opera Hamilton, United Way, Theatre Aquarius Center for the Arts and the Salvation Army.


About National Steel Car


This manufacturing company now produces well over 12,000 quality railcars per year. The Ontario-based firm has a strong and a dedicated staff of over 3,000. National Steel Car started out as the Imperial Car Company in June of 1912. Visit the company’s official website and take a walk down memory lane of the incredible transformation National Steel Car has undergone over the 100 years. While on the website, you can also check to see if you qualify for any of the amazing job opportunities availed to professionals like engineers and accountants. Read More.


About Greg James Aziz


Gregory James Aziz, born in April 1949 is a highly respected American business executive. He serves as the President and C.E.O of National Steel Car. Greg holds an economics major from the University of Western Ontario. Previously, Greg Aziz worked at Affiliated Foods-owned by his family. Under his able stewardship, the food company expanded and spread its wings to South America, Canada and in Europe.

Susan McGalla’s: The Corporate World’s Female Hero

Having a gender-diverse company is key to keeping your business thriving. Pitssburgh’s Susan McGalla is proof of that. Statistics have shown that ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform companies that are not diverse. Business analysts believe it is because these companies are open to new ideas. Despite all this, only a small percentage of top positions in S&P 500 companies are currently held by women.

Females struggle to reach high executive level positions within a variety of organizations. People like Pittsburgh’s own Susan McGalla has helped make it a little bit easier. Susan McGalla rose up through the ranks at American Eagle Outfitters, when she began all the executives were male. Before leaving American Eagle, she became president. She is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. The sports industry is dominated by men. As part of the Business Strategy and Creative Development, she helped develop the “wear what we wear” campaign that encouraged Steeler fans to purchase authentic Steeler gear.

Susan McGalla started her own consulting firm, P3 Executive Consulting. While Susan McGalla succeeds, many still struggle. The “glass ceiling” is still a reality and is constantly being addressed year after year. Networks have been created to provide women with support and the opportunity to share ideas with each other. These networks fail to address the issues stopping change from happening and that is discrimination.

Women leaders have found one way to end the gender discrimination cycle with corporations and that is to offer sponsorship opportunities. The executive sponsor would work with the women to create opportunities and recommend women to head projects or work on key assignments. This would encourage male leadership to come along of serious businesswomen to help them find the right executive role. Businesses should be working to find a way to increase the number of women executives in all businesses.

Susan McGalla was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio. She has two brothers and her father was a top football coach. She attended Mount Union College where she earned her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. She serves on the Board of Advisers at Mount Union College.


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