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Talos Energy – One of the Best Places to Work in Houston

Talos Energy is a small business based out of Houston Texas. This small company which currently employees 93 employees is an expert in offshore exploration and oil production. This independent oil and gas company has been voted one of the top workplaces in the small business category since 2013. If you have been looking for a career with one of the best places to work in Houston and have a passion for the energy sector Talos Energy may be the perfect fit for you. The company which currently employs 93 employees is an industry leader in the energy and oil sector despite just being founded in 2012.

Talos Energy Gives Back

Talos Energy relies upon employees with a plethora of different backgrounds and expertise to provide the high-quality services that they offer today. One of the ways that Talos Energy shows that they care about their employees is through community involvement. Not only does Talos Energy hold events with organizations such as the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and the Houston Food Bank, but they also give each of their employees a $500 allowance that can be given to any not-for-profit organization of their choice.

Talos Energy Employee Benefits

Some of the benefits that employees of Talos Energy receive include comprehensive medical coverage that is compatible to mainstream plans that are available at zero or minimal cost to employees and their families. They also offer dental and vision coverage, 401K retirement plans, a health savings account, basic and voluntary life Insurance, paid vacation time off based upon your years of experience in the industry and a very balanced and flexible schedule that works with the varying needs of employees in their day to day lives.

A Career with Talos Energy Could be Yours

If you’re looking for a career in a field that continues to see exponential growth and are passionate about working together with others to find Innovative techniques that will help is a continued success of this sector you should check out Talos Energy today. You never know when a career with one of the best small companies to work for in Houston could be yours.

Meet Glen Wakeman: The CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC

Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer of the LauchPad Holdings LLC. Wakeman has a Bachelor Degree in Economics and holds an MBA. He is known for his mentoring and the enthusiasm he has in entrepreneurship. Glen Wakeman has been exceptionally helpful to the new startups. Glen Wakeman is renowned for his five steps methodology performance that has been proved workable, read more here.

When asked what motivated him to begin the company, he says that matching money and ideas is something he finds joy doing. He says that he realized that many startups failed because they don’t know the thin line between an idea and a plan. They, therefore, built a simple software solution to help with planning.

Everyone has ideas; the problem is bringing the ideas to life. Again, everyone has their own thing for making their opinions fruitful. For Glen Wakeman, he discusses his ideas with others. This helps because to do this; he has to go through his plan and all strategies for presentation carefully. This methodology can only work if the people around you do not agree with everything you say. They have to be individuals who question your ideas because not all ideas are brilliant.

One character trait that makes him more productive is curiosity. Glen tends to want to know how things are happening the way they are. This character has helped him in understanding customer behavior and meeting the needs of his clients.


Inspirational Story of Glen Wakeman

Like other successful business persons, has had his struggles. He once worked in an automobile part factory as a washroom cleaner. He considers this the worst job he has ever done in life. He never had a choice because he needed money to pay his college fee. From this job, he learned that every type of labor has dignity and henceforth appreciated all the opportunities that present themselves to him.

If Glen Wakeman was given a chance to start over again, there is one thing he could do differently. He could ensure he maintained every person he came along on his way to the top. He has learned the one factor that separates success from failure is connections.

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