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Stream Cares Reaches out to the Dallas Community

The social responsibility movement is being driven by millennials and companies are quickly delving into corporate social donations in order to garner more clients from different sectors. Numerous corporations have developed strategies that can help them indulge in giving back to the community. One such company is Stream Energy.

Background Information

Stream Energy was formed with the intention of providing clients with gas, energy, and other home services. The firm serves about seven states including New York and Georgia. Its services are available nationwide, and they are easily accessible. It also uses multilevel marketing as the main business model.

The Patch Article

Apart from providing energy services, Stream Energy values corporate social responsibility. A prime example is when Hurricane Harvey attacked Dallas, Texas and companies flocked into the community to support the victims who either lost property or their loved ones in the natural disaster. In an article posted on, Stream Energy is issuing its support to the victims of Hurricane Harvey by rallying employees to support their community as well.

Philanthropic Activities

Stream Energy has an independent foundation that offers charity services. Stream Cares was formed to support different charitable foundations that can support the community as well. The organization has also partnered with Habitat for Humanity, a firm that helps families construct new houses alongside repairing existing homes. This organization provides voluntary labor as well as affordable mortgages. It also offers families affordable equity.

More Philanthropic Activities

Additional organizations Stream Energy has worked with include The American Red Cross. It offers emergency assistance and disaster relief to the country. Besides, in 2016, this company became a partner with The Salvation Army. They raised money for victims of the tornado in North Texas. This donation was doubled and the contributions matched by the associates. Moreover, through a partnership with Operation Once in a Lifetime, the organization helped veterans from Dallas. Their families also received this support.


Perhaps it is also important to note that the company has also supported a lunch event for veterans. Employees served them burgers and steaks in a Texas steakhouse. From the number of philanthropic activities Stream has been involved in, it is clear that it cares for its community.


How Stream Energy Takes Action Within the Community in Times of Need

Stream Energy is known for the many services it provides to its customers, which includes not only services for energy, but also for wireless connections and protective home services. This leader in the energy field was recently the topic of an online article that featured its new philanthropic foundation. Known as Steam Cares, this foundation recently stepped up to help victims after Hurricane Harvey created a path of destruction that left many people homeless in the Dallas area.

When Hurricane Harvey hit the southwestern region of the United States it not only delivered 56 inches of rain, it also created devastating effects that destroyed homes as well as people’s lives. The active role Stream Energy took in helping these individuals rebuild their lives is in keeping with the company’s philosophy on philanthropy. As a company that has been contributing to charitable efforts for more than 10 years, it came as no surprise to see them launch their own caring foundation. The new Steam Cares foundation simply formalizes the company’s process of helping.

The process of creating a separate foundation specifically for the purpose of aiding charitable efforts, is something that is relatively new to the corporate world. As the leaders at Stream Energy have seen with the community involvement after the fatal blow struck by Hurricane Harvey, this type of foundation has many benefits. Not only does it allow a company to give back to their community, it also helps them gain the respect of the general public, which could lead to the acquisition of new customers.

The help Stream Energy provided to the community of Dallas after Hurricane Harvey, is just one of a long line of charitable efforts put forth by this company. Stream is currently partnered with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross, where it helps stimulate action for giving at the local level. This company also takes action against homelessness in the Dallas area by partnering with an organization known as Hope Supply Co. With a 24 percent increase in the city’s homeless population, Hope Supply helps provide clothing, diapers and school supplies to homeless children.

Jim Toner: Do These Things

Jim Toner is a successful entrepreneur with more than 28 years of experience in real estate investment. It’s a career he purposefully ventured into after crunching the numbers of his multiple jobs and realizing that he could never provide for his family all that he wanted at that rate. He studied the ‘real estate investment with no money down’ courses for several months and then he made his first deal. Then he closed another and then another and another. Several years in, he started to share his methodology and strategies with his family and friends. They soon suggested that he offer conference seminars where more people could attend.

Though he would continue the path of success, he did encounter some harsh adversity thereafter, as well. But he and his family pulled through it and exited the ordeal as refined gold. Jim Toner shares with us some of the keys that serve as the foundation for his and his family’s success.

He advises us to rise early, spend some time simply in thought and then expend physical energy. These three activities alone help him to keep his mind and body positioned to exert more and new energy. Jim also reveals that he guides his daily accomplishments from an angle of an overall understood direction (as developed during his quiet, early morn, thinking session) but allowing for the day’s happenings to also carry him productively through it. Another of his tips for a lifetime of success is reading regularly. This permits you to acquire knowledge and perspectives that may differ from your present paradigm in a positive way. Likewise, reading gives you something new to discuss with others as you build and solidify relationships. Jim Toner suggests we read Victor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search For Meaning.”

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner teaches that of utmost importance, particularly in regards to financial success, is that we must maintain a healthy and positive attitude. This is the true mark of an entrepreneur and all who dare to meet life head on and thrive right through it. This us an aspect of the resilience factor. Though it helps to have a team, your personal level of undaunted determination will even impact their willingness and enthusiasm.

Finally, Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) counsels us to lead lives of disciplined freedom. With purposeful living as demonstrated through time management and smart goal setting, we empower ourselves to live fully. We must work for ourselves and master sales. Consult with those who know more than you on the topic and emulate what these successful people are doing. He also acknowledges that these keys to success remain the same across generations and through millinea. Our surroundings and tools will change but our fundamental response as human beings remains the same. That response encompasses integrity, bravery, diligence and kindness. The formula doesn’t change. And while you’re at it, buy yourself some real estate. It’s the cornerstone of building family wealth. Here’s an interesting vimeo documentary featuring Jim Toner.

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An Overview of Hussain Sajwani’s Career as the DAMAC Owner

DAMAC Properties is one of the best property development firms in the world according to a 2017 Forbes ranking. The company which was started in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani has delivered over 18,000 homes and has several more in development. The company had completed notable projects including a golf course that was designed by Tiger Woods and is managed by the Trump Foundation. The success and expansion of the real estate firm can be associated with the excellent business acumen of the DAMAC Owner, Sajwani.

Hussain Sajwani discloses that his thirst for entrepreneurship started when he was just a young boy helping out in his father’s shop. After completing his studies, he was employed in Abu Dhabi’s finance industry for two years before he quit to focus on establishing his businesses. His first venture was a catering business in 1982. Today, it is a global catering service with reputable clients like Bechtel and the United States military.

One trend that excites the billionaire is social media and in particular, the advent of digital marketing through social media. The DAMAC owner admits that digital marketing has grown to become an integral part of marketing for businesses. He also says he uses newsfeed apps to get updates on what is happening in places around him and in the world.

The DAMAC owner likes to travel, and he urges entrepreneurs to do the same. Traveling helps individuals to acquire new perspectives in life that can be useful in running businesses. One of his best habits that have contributed to his success is embracing failure and understanding that even in defeat, there is a lesson to be learned. Hussain also advises entrepreneurs to be willing to learn new skills to become better versions of themselves.

Hussain Sajwani attended the University of Washington and graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He is ranked as the fourth richest Arab by Forbes magazine, and his net worth is approximately $4.1 billion. Hussain resides in the United Arab Emirates with his family whom he spends quality time with daily because he believes in living a balanced life.

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Jed McCaleb’s Vision for the Next 10 Years; The Struggles of the Blockchain Industry

Jed McCaleb believes that his company Stellar will soon create a better future for the banking industry.

McCaleb is the co-creator of Stellar, and he created it specifically to combat unfair banking practices. He believes that the banking industry unfairly distributes necessary costs to the consumer, like expensive transaction fees. He also believes that Stellar has the capability to save consumers a lot of money.

Stellar is able to connect banking institutions together for a very cheap cost. McCaleb and Stellar hope that one day these cost reductions will be passed on to the consumer, making banking services cheaper and more affordable to low income households.

As a matter of fact, Jed McCaleb believes that Stellar, or another similar blockchain company, will grow to become an international payment system, accepting all flat currencies and operating all over the world. Specifically, Jed McCaleb believes that a service like this will exist before 2028. This service could indeed be Stellar.

Right now, Stellar’s biggest partnership is with IBM, the tech and computer giant. Stellar is assisting IBM by helping them conduct transactions across borders. The services that Stellar offers are already implemented into dozens of banking institutions all over Asia and Europe. IBM is the first big partnership in the United States, and it could signal what’s in store for the future.

Blockchain technology is getting more and more popular everyday. In fact, in the last four years, blockchain start-ups, or ICOs (initial coin offerings), have raised over $9 billion.

Some governments are attempting to stand in the way of the progression of blockchain technology. Government officials have seen the risk associated with blockchain and are taking efforts to regulate the systems. It is true that some blockchain companies are fraudulent, walking away with million of dollars that belong to investors. If government regulation does tighten down on cryptocurrency, it could mean a safer, more secure investment world, but it could also mean a tougher time for legitimate cryptocurrencies.

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Jed McCaleb Talks Of A Universal Payment System

The role of blockchain technology in the world cannot be ignored. This is a technology that has so much potential for making the financial sector safe and simple to transact. The cryptocurrency hype has been ongoing for the last few years. The hype is not just hot air being blown by people who do not understand anything about digital currencies. The technology behind cryptocurrencies is known as blockchain. This is a technology that has more uses other than just the use of cryptocurrencies as we hear or know them. Blockchain technology for those who understand it knows that it has potential to change the whole financial currency. It is not just about cryptocurrencies; it can affect traditional assets and fiat currency. The right way to deal with the industry is ensuring that you are always on the right side of innovations in the industry.

One person who is standing on the right side of the industry is Jed McCaleb. He is the co-founder of Stellar, a new firm that wants to change the industry for the better by utilizing technologies that have potential to create a single payment system for cryptocurrencies. In an interview, Jed McCaleb talked of the industry as one that is moving on to greater advancement in future. Stellar will change the industry greatly by making the greatest innovation in the blockchain industry. The company is currently working on the creation of universal payment system that will integrate fiat money and traditional assets such as shares and stocks. The intention here I to put all currencies under one payment system using the blockchain technology. Jed McCaleb is predicting that by 2028, all this will have been accomplished.

According to Coin Telegraph, as the head of Stellar, he is committed to spearheading innovations. Previously, he has been a key innovator with different companies he has worked. With the experience he has, he decided to create his own company where he will have the freedom of making innovations without answering to other people. In 2011, he created the first centralized exchange. It was known as Mt. Gox. The platform was later sold to a software developer who unfortunately could not hold the company together. It was hacked in 2014 and finally closed down due to bankruptcy.

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DAMAC Properties CEO Hussain Sajwani Proves That The Middle East Has Economic Potential

When many people in the business world think about the sort of national economies that they might want to become involved in one could argue that countries in the Middle East rarely if ever make their shortlist. Most business people (and lay people for that matter) are likely quite aware of the fact that London, the capital of the Western European nation Britain, is a global hub for financial services professionals. It is also common knowledge that the French city of Paris is home to a strong business community and that Wall Street in New York City is a hotbed for banking. However far too few people realize that the Middle East is rife with opportunities to launch businesses and to reach new consumers. One of the countries that is helping to drive the economic opportunity that exists in the Middle East is a country in the region that is called the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates is also home to a city that is known as Dubai. Dubai is notable for many things, including being a hub for global professionals and being home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Dubai is also notable for being the base of operations for a lucrative company that is known as DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is a leader in property development in the Middle East. DAMAC Properties was launched by the Arab businessman Hussain Sajwani.

Through his company DAMAC Properties businessman Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, was able to help transform Dubai’s real estate market and turn it into a desirable locale for people from all around the world. Like many property development firms Hussain Sajwani’s company DAMAC Properties has focused its efforts on cultivating expertise in one particular niche in the market. While Hussain Sajwani’s company DAMAC Properties’s projects have broken ground in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and the Kingdom of Jordan, the factor that binds most of those projects together is the fact that they were designed to serve clientele interested in luxury properties. Under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties has developed luxury properties in both the commercial real estate sector and the residential real estate sector. Connect with Hussain Sajwani on LinkedIn.


Why some financial management firms will fall according to Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar went on a rampant tweet storm containing 50 consecutive tweets. In the tweets, he did not hold back any of his negative opinions towards the state of the financial markets in USA. Most of his tweets reveal his deepest sentiments regarding the economy. For over 21 hours, he tried to analyze financial institutions, governments, and leading firms, some of which he is a top investor.


The reason behind this escapade remains unexplained since he did not reveal why he did it, but this took place after he abandoned a lawsuit against a firm he had accused of smearing his name. Shervin Pishevar’s tweets caused a bubble of excitement among his followers on Twitter with most of them joining the debate. Those with contrary opinion did not spare him of their snide remarks either.


The significance of his remarks supersedes the reason he went on a rant. In his tweets, he touched a loathsome subject that concerns the fall of major managed future funds. This is a sensitive topic given that most ordinary investors rely on such firms to invest on their behalf.


Shervin Pishevar argued that most of the funds that go underground are leveraged. In simple terms, the firm has more debt than capital. Besides this, some firms tend to lean towards low volatility. This means that the value of the security changes value at a sturdy rate. This risk averse behavior contributes toward the popularity of such firms, which keeps on building up.


Shervin Pishevar alludes to the disorder in the volatility index to explain why managed future funds could be at risk. The volatility index is a term that refers to the expected fluctuation in prices of security options. As such, it is only a prediction that is not based on any concrete data. Shervin argues that this, coupled with asset prices that follow the flawed volatility index, could lead to a fall in some fund management firms.


In the tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar also reveals that he expects firms that enjoy monopoly powers to fail. He maintains that such firms must collapse if different corporations are to come into place.

Roberto Santiago –The Exceptional Investor.

Why do we work hard? To have a good time using what we earn. However, in this society, people are all about adding more and more wealth. This way people hardly have a moment to bond and have leisure time. Research shows that individuals who take some time off their normal schedule to have some fun, are more productive compared to those people who work 24/7. Roberto Santiago realized that one factor that hindered his people from having their leisure is the struggle of accessing leisure joints.

Many people use the weekends to do their shopping for next week leaving no time for fun related activities. Roberto Santiago decided to solve this problem for the residents permanently.

Roberto Santiago’s popularity began because of his blogging activities. He blogged on informative, interesting topics that attracted a good audience. However, his great success that he is associated with is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall.

Roberto began his career by attending Pio X-Marist College and later the University of Joao Pessoa where he acquired a bachelor degree in Business Administration. This was to ensure he got the fundamental skills of running a business. This is an essential aspect for every CEO.

His first entrepreneurial venture is the cartonnage company. Later in 1987, he purchased the land on which the mall was going to build. By 1989, he launched the company. This was the greatest gift to his people. After some time, he established the Domus Hall at the rooftop of the Manaira Mall.

The Domus Hall is the most significant feature of the Manaira Mall. The hall can accommodate a capacity of 14000 people. The hall is divided into two. The lower part is used for the public entertainment through shows and concerts. The upper part has cabinets for individuals who want privacy. The Domus Hall is not limited to shows and concerts. The residents are allowed to lend the space for their occasions. Many weddings, graduation, and conferences have been held in the Domus Hall.

The Domus Hall is well aerated to ensure that the airing condition is conducive for everyone. Based on the capacity of the hall, it is essential that the conditioning is given special attention. Despite the large size, during shows, everyone gets a clear view of the screen. A lot of energy an attention was given to the designing process. The Domus Hall has a very outrageous sound range and a lighting system. This provides the audience with a thrilling experience and a chance to live in the scene.

Roberto Santiago is among the most prominent business people in Brazil. His business has improved the welfare of the society. This is through employment by attracting investors and developing the infrastructure of the area. Investors are advised to follow his example of minding the welfare of the community.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Are Shaking Up the Fashion World

Two young entrepreneurs from Los Angeles are shaking up the fashion industry. Their names are Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Adam Goldenberg started out in the business world when he was just fifteen. He started his first company around that time, which was called Gamers Alliance. He sold it to Intermix Media in 1999. Remember that he was still in high school at the time. After he sold Gamers Alliance to Intermix Media, he became the Vice President of Strategic Planning at Intermix Media. At the age of twenty, he became the Chief Operating Officer for Intermix Media. He met Don Ressler at Intermix Media.


Don Ressler also worked at Intermix Media. He also had his own website, which was called Fashion Heaven. He sold Fashion Heaven to Intermix Media in 2011. In 2006, he and Adam Goldenberg teamed up to create a fashion ecommerce company called Intelligent Beauty. This was just the first of many successful brands. After doing so, they realized that there was a need for a new sort of fashion company, one that made purchasing clothes easy while having the latest trendy and fashionable clothing. That is why they started JustFab.


JustFab was a company that offered monthly membership subscriptions. People who subscribed would receive monthly clothing and accessory shipments. JustFab was a huge success. At a later time, Adam and Don decided to rename their company. They called it Techstyle Fashion Group. They now own what is known as Fabletics. Fabletics is a fabulous company that offers monthly memberships to fashion enthusiasts. It has over one million active paying members, and it has achieved a two hundred percent growth rate ever since it was launched just a few years ago.


The funding for JustFab came from Matrix Partners. The people at Matrix Partners knew and trusted Adam and Don, as they had also funded Intelligent Beauty. Techstyle is now known as the Silicon Valley in the fashion world.


They are similar to Silicon Valley in many ways, even though they are in the fashion industry and not the tech industry. They incorporate the latest technology into their business model. In fact, their entire business model is built around tech. They also have a mission, which is to improve people’s lives by giving them access to clothing that would benefit them. Clothing defines what people feel about themselves, and better clothing can make them feel confident.