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Ted Bauman Helps Main Street American Protect and Grow Their Wealth

As a writer, Ted Bauman’s job is considerably different than his former positions in the financial industry. Before working for Banyan Hill Publishing, he spent 25 years in South Africa taking on different roles in the non-profit sector in executive positions. Most of these positions consisted of managing funds for organizations developing low-cost housing for the disadvantaged in the area. 14 million people were assisted by his efforts while working for Slum Dwellers International in 35 countries.

After moving back to the United States, Ted Bauman quickly gained a reputation for helping corporations increase their profits by millions of dollars. He was even the winner of a prestigious investing competition in which he was able to make a $38 million profit even though the economy was going through one of the biggest recessions in recent history. Eventually, he decided to make the move to an editor at Banyan Hill in order to help everyday Americans achieve the financial success in investing with his newsletter Profits Unlimited.

One of the most recent publications of Ted Bauman gave suggestions on how to safeguard different liquid assets for people of all financial levels. It’s important to not keep all assets in one place and that is why he suggests diversifying storage options. One of the easiest actions to take in order to secure possessions is to get a lockbox or a safe. While lockboxes are good for smaller items, they are not as easily secured like a safe that can be bolted down. No matter what option is chosen it’s essential to make sure that the lockbox or safe is waterproof and fireproof to protect items from disaster.

Ted Bauman knows what it’s like be making a living with working-class positions and how hard it is to make ends meet doing manual labor. This is one of the things that inspired him to try to help others get out of these positions using the financial advice that he publishes after extensive amounts of research. While Ted Bauman is skilled at making corporations richer, he knew that in order for a society to thrive the people at the bottom must be doing well also. Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes

What Does Nine9 Look For In Their Roster?

Being a part of Nine9 is a great step in the right direction to becoming an actor, singer, or any kind of entertainer. They provide great opportunities to people a part of their roster because of their connections and long list of wonderful people who work in tangent with their team. Their staff is here ready to help polish your skills so you can go out there and make a career out of your craft. They strive to look for the right people, and usually it’s just them trying to find the right motivated individuals who aren’t getting the chance elsewhere.

In a world where you need an agent to get casting calls, you should consider Nine9 because they can help you. They don’t care about look or being a certain way. The only thing they want out of you is a genuine goal of wanting to pursue something in this career industry.What do they look for in their talent? Well, after you sign up and submit your application, they will try to get in contact with you to find out who you are as a person and to set you up with an appointment.

If you walk in to that appointment with the genuine goal of being your best, they will consider you and bring you in to their team. They love it when people who don’t have a whole lot of experience chime in because then they can mold you into doing so much more in this business. Nine9 is here to help open doors for you as an entertainer. Nine9 is known for their marketing tools and overall connections in this business. If you are trying to accomplish more in this industry, working with Nine9 can help get you ready for the future so you can land acting jobs.

Jim Hunt of VTA Publications Talks About His Investing And Daily Research

Jim Hunt VTA Publications was formerly a bank worker before deciding to go out on his own and give others an alternative to banking for investing money. He’s the founder of VTA Publications, a print and multimedia company specializing in investment information and business blueprints. Jim Hunt VTA Publications has become an important person for self-taught investors and his investment activities have quite a few followers on YouTube. He’s always busy reading up on market activities and getting ideas for new business ventures so Ideamensch, a popular business blog decided to ask him more about his activities.

Hunt told Ideamensch he does best when he hears his customers needs and then after hours of research lets the ideas come alive while relaxing. As a man who’s always staying in the loop of industry trends Hunt says biotech is the field that’s sparked his interest the most. He’s shared the idea of opening up affiliate businesses through services such as Clickbank and Infusionsoft as a way for those beginning in business can generate some income right off the bat. Jim Hunt VTA Publications finds he can be most productive in the morning and tries to get the heavy work done right away to free his afternoons for research and his evenings for family.

Jim Hunt has a team of editors that work with him at VTA Publications and you can find several blog posts there about tips for winning people over to your business ideas. But the topics that are specifically addressed are retirement planning, stock charts, trades and business seminars on Retirement planning is a course that highlights information the bible has on the subject. Their stock charts course takes you into the numbers and system you need to know when making trades, and there’s another course all about unknown trades and options. The seminars have even more information about little-known business ideas and are available only on DVDs that can be ordered along with the other courses.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has put together two additional courses called “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” These courses go in-depth into trading and show how a bear market could be your ticket to riches, and how just 10 trades could also help you strike it big. All information and materials can be found at

Jeffry Schneider, Investing In Wealth and Health

Financial investment is an art that requires due diligence and skill to succeed. It is due to the need to offer smart and informative investment choices that investment companies come to existence. Ascendant Capital LLC is an alternative investment boutique based in Austin, Texas. It pools funds from private equity, hedge, and real estate funds that are not often disposable to investors. With the backing of marketing, educational and operational services they then come up with versatile value-added offerings. Distribution of the offerings is done through Registered Investment Advisors, Private Banks, Family Offices, and broker-dealers around the world.

Jeffry Schneider is a seasoned financial advisor and founder of Ascendant Capital LLC. In his role of CEO, he leads a group of professionals and technicians who come together to offer alternative investment offerings. Using his over 24years of experience in the financial services industry Schneider has led Ascendant Capital to incredible growth under 5years. The company has grown from two to more than thirty employees and has helped raise over $1billion while working for other managers. He managed to instill a healthy work culture based on trust and transparency in his staff which eventually paid off. Despite these achievements, Jeffry and his team continue to work hard so as to enable the company to perform in similar fashion in future.

Mr. Schneider is a native of Manhattan and holds a degree in Bachelors of Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Before starting his firm, he worked for various reputable companies where he gained a lot of skills and in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry. Some of the companies where he worked before include Alex Brown, Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch. He then used to work for Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors before venturing out to form Ascendant Capital in 2009. It is while at this two last firms that he gained the crucial skill of analyzing managers and advising them appropriately.

Apart from investing in wealth, Jeffry Schneider has also invested in his health by living a healthy lifestyle. He is a triathlete and marathon runner who enjoys eating healthy and staying fit. Over the years Mr. Schneider has participated in various marathons and half-Ironman challenges that have seen him travel widely. He is also a volunteer and actively supports causes such as the Gazelle Foundation, Cherokee Home for Children, Gods Love we Deliver, Wonders and worries among others.

IAP Worldwide Continues To Raise The Bar With Their Services

Today, IAP Worldwide Services has become one of the leading international providers of logistics and facility management as well as a host of other technical services. They specialize in professionalism and surpassing the expectations of their clients. Throughout their long history, they have been recognized as a company that can do the impossible.

The company’s origins began more than 60 years ago, based out in South Carolina in Irmo. IAP started off primarily as a logistics and procurement company. Luckily enough, the company earned a contract with the US Government, where they were supplying the US Army with generators. Since then they have managed to build their contracts with governments into hundreds of millions of annual revenue.

Throughout the years that the company has been in business, they have continued to improve on their services and extend into more areas by acquiring new companies on This gives them more specialties and expertise to handle problems from their clients. They are capable of providing their services all around the world in a timely and professional manner, never missing a chance to do more than expected.

IAP Worldwide managed to acquire the engineering company, G3 Systems in 2006, which opened the doors for engineering departments. This business provided services on all over the United Kingdom, to both governments and commercial residences. By acquiring the company, IAP Worldwide is now able to maintain, design, and operate different equipment in the most challenging and remote locations across the globe.

Over their many years of business, IAP Worldwide has gone through several restructurings, and today they have more than 2,000 dedicated employees that are working in more than 100 different locations in countries all around the world.

IAP Worldwide is capable of handling nearly all situations today, whether it be mission support or providing relief in the case of a natural disaster. Their services and abilities to plan, coordinate, and executive plans with proficiency is top notch, allowing them to beat out much of the competition in the industry. They have managed to build up government contracts on Facebook in the US, supplying more upwards of 175,000 military personal at locations all over the Middle East and United States.

James Dondero Goes With Argentine Bonds

Argentine bonds are the hot new bond on the market today, and James Dondero is working with the government down there to make sure that he can secure as many of the bonds as he needs. He has made a choice to invest in international bonds because the economy in Argentina is growing, and he wants to be sure that he has something that is sure to mature over the years. Highland Capital Management has invested in Argentina before, but this is a new set of bonds that will mature after the first set.

The bond purchase from Highland Capital Management is part of a move of cash to new international investments that James Dondero believes is a much better use of his resources. He wants to be sure that he clients are cashing in big in a few years when the bonds come to maturity, and he also wants to make sure that he is parking cash in places with the most promise. He wants to see the economy there grow, and he knows that the government can use the cash he is investing.

The idea for Argentina is to sell bonds that will pay off debt and manage some of their recent expansion. The country needs to continue to offer its people more services, and the bonds will pay for these expansions pretty easily. The Argentinian government wants to get the money coming in as soon as possible, and the only way to do that is to work with international investors who are interested in their bonds. There is a lot that can be done for the country with new cash flow, and they will see grand results with these bonds.

Dondero is an expert investor who knows that he can make a lot of money by using bonds to invest. He wants to make sure that those bonds are stable for his clients, and he wants to move more money there to see how large his return can be. Everyone deserves to make money from his investments at Highland Capital Management, and he is taking a stable path to high dividends.

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Highland Capital Management Owes its Success to its Founder

In the recent financial return 2016, the portfolio of Highland capital management was still high. It had its top 10 holdings performing exemplary well in the market with and had made new stakes with new buys. The top new buys include Spdr SP 500 Etf Tr, Amazon Com Inc., Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc., Danaher Corp Del and Intracellular Therapies Inc. Highland Capital Management also sold out its stakes in some of the sectors something common with hedge funds maybe to add value, create a momentum or create the hedge fund a better position in the market, or possibly to embark on a new venture in the market. The performance of highland capital management as a hedge fund is remarkably good especially with its target being more on health sector recording 18% and information technology recording a similar percentage.

James Dondero is a tough credit analyst who has been in the financial sector especially credit analysis for more than 3 years. He embarks on investments that are tough and required hard work. He is not the kind of an investor to go for easy investments strategies but in return, his company has been top most among other hedge funds in America. He has 24 diversified alternatives as a manager and investment expert. Of the distressed area that he has been dealing with include below investment grade securities, niche products like oil and gas and private equity in distress. The sectors made James Dondero develop alternative solutions to credit distress like the hedge fund, REITs, private equity and institutionalized banking. His products have received recognition with awards and application by many financial institutions, retailers and consumers too.

James achieved a very great profit back in 1989 when he was the chief investment officer of Protective Life GIC subsidiary. The business grew to over $ 2 billion in a span of 4 years. He was also an investment manager with American Express and he managed $ 1 billion for the company. James is a certified CPA, CMA, and CFA. He is a beta gamma sigma graduate of the University of Virginia and has acquired lots of recognition by being allowed to be a trusted board member of over 12 public and private corporations. James is tough and works tirelessly in investments, and his efforts are eminent with Highland capital management. He has managed to develop lots of solutions with his team of employees because he works as a team player. His achievements are beyond other investors, and he is the kind of an investor to reckon with.

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Avi Weisfogel Helps With New Dental Sleep Appliances

Avi Weisfogel, co-founder of Healthy Heart Sleep and owner of Dental Sleep Masters, is working hard to help people to understand the issues around sleep apnea. Avi is a dental professional that has spent many years helping another dentist to understand the importance of dental appliances. Graduating with degrees in psychology and biology first, Avi understands the psychology of not sleeping and the problems sleep apnea causes to the body. As a chief lecturer, he spends a lot of time talking with other professionals. He provides hours of dental coaching and consulting to his colleagues.

Avi Weisfogel spent his first 15 years working in his own dental practice. He earned several awards before he began his pursuit of training on sleep apnea and it’s dangers. In New Jersey, he is treating people with special appliances that are going to help people that suffer from sleeping disorders.

When people are planning their vacations they have to worry about how they will carry their large c-pap machines on the airplane or on the train. Packing a continuous pressure machine is not as easy as you may think. It is large and there are many different parts to consider. If the person does not take the c-pap with them on their vacation, they may suffer from exhaustion. If the person has sleep apnea really bad, they will have difficulties concentrating and staying awake during a business meeting.

New equipment is coming. A travel c-pap machine is better to bring along in your luggage. It is smaller and lighter. Oral appliances and Avi Weisfogel are working together to provide relief to people with sleep issues. A mouth guard helps keep the tongue from falling into the throat. Another new appliance is the nasal valve. This attaches over the nose and provides a valve that opens and redirects air during breathing. People using these may have a better chance of sleeping and getting enough rest to function on their trip. If you are bringing any of these special sleeping devices or oral devices with you on the trip, make sure you bring a copy of your prescription with you. Empty out any water from the humidifier tank. Make sure to carry any of the items you can in your carry on bags.

Avi Weisfogel is also involved with the Operation Smile campaign. He is hoping to get people to donate to the fund me page so that many people can get free dental care. Check out the article in the Huffington post and be sure to look for the GoFundMe page for Operation Smile.

How White Shark Media Handles Its Customer Complaints And What Every Company Should Learn From Them

Any business regardless of whether it offers goods or services to its clients comes across customer complaints. Complaints are part of the growth journey and therefore, business owners should not be worried about them. If anything, they are supposed to be happy because that means their effect is felt even though it is not in the best way. To get a customer complaint and fret is one thing just as it is to get a complaint and get working to ensure that it never happens again.

White Shark Media knows how to keep its clients close. It knows that by ensuring that the client gets satisfaction is imperative for its uninterrupted growth as well as future successes. The company has managed to reach a point where it feels that it has made enough mistakes and seeks to address them so that clients can rest assured that it will at every moment try to offer them with solutions that work as they are designed to.

When customers complain that they have lost touch with their Ad-word campaigns, the company realizes that the customer is not taken through the ins and outs of the campaigns and therefore, it works to ensure that communication is improved from that point.

On the other hand, when customers complain that they feel like they are getting inadequate communication, the company slots monthly calls to improve the experience. White Shark also provides phone systems with direct extensions for the same purpose.

When customers complain that their brand new campaigns are not performing as well as their old ones, White Shark provides experienced supervisors who oversee the campaign management and provide feedback.

In the event that a customer asks for SEO services, the company evaluates their needs and out of that, advises on the most appropriate company to deal with.

In the rare event that a customer complains about signing up and getting a contact person who is not in tune with their needs, the company forwards the reported case to its Senior SEM consultants who take over from that point.

When a customer feels that a campaign is created from an account that he/she does not like, the company gives them full control of the account. From 2010 however, the company made sure that all campaigns it runs for its customers are on their accounts.

Out of being very responsible and open when handling its customers, White Shark has received a lot of positive reviews in the last couple of months. Out of that, many business owners and prospective business people will attest to the fact that excellent customer care is key to the success of any business. It has managed to build trust and therefore, taken the business to another level.

2015 Stock Market Ends Flat

The end of 2015 found the stock market right where it has started. However, this can be a good thing because it can help investors adjust their psychology when it comes to making the right investments. This can actually lead to good news for 2016. The first half of 2015 was rather calm due to the optimism of the investor combined with solid fundamentals. However, as the years went on, there have been growing concerns which has resulted in a radical change in attitude in the period starting August and lasting throughout October. The crash has brought forth a lot of worries that have caused investors to be skeptical.

However, there were some investors tat were able to weather the storm. Among the investors that were able to push through the crash with wisdom is James Dondero. Jim is highly experienced as an investor. It should be no surprise that he is able to fight through even the toughest periods of times when it comes to investing because he has over 30 years of experience investing in different stocks and markets. He runs a hedge fund called Highland Capital. He manages CLOs, mutual funds, REITs, ETFs and plenty of other financial activities.

Jim began his career in 1984 when he worked as an analyst. This has given him the experience and the ability to be bale to handle any downturn of the market which included the recent one of 2015. James is also quite optimistic about the new year as the market recovers to its previous levels. All that needs to be done is to learn from the mistakes of the previous year and not repeat them. Given James Donero’s experience, even he remains cautious about the market and the uncertainties that have recently been revealed.

The recent downturn of the market has definitely left a lot of investors shaken to the point that even the signs of recovery were not enough to restore confidence in the market. The investors are looking to new factors to measure when it comes to whether the market is safe or not. The investors kept tight to their pessimistic anxiety. One thing they look to in order to help give an indication of whether or not the market is safe is oil. The price of oil is what triggered a lot of concerns as it dropped to lower prices. Goldman Sachs is one of the people that are predicting an even further plunge in the price of oil.

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