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Infinity Group Australia: The Best Choice for Your Wallet

Finding a balance in modern life can be a struggle for anyone. There are so many factors to consider when attempting to live one’s best life. A major factor that many people have to consider is their individual financial fitness. Being financially stable can benefit one’s life in many ways that seem obvious. One way that a healthy financial balance can benefit an individual’s life that isn’t as obvious is peace of mind. By maintaining healthy finances, a person can free themselves from many worries of the modern age. The something that many Australians haven’t explored to its full extent.


One way that a person can take control of their finances is by implementing a financial advisor. These financial experts are able to assist their clients in many ways. There are the obvious ways of making sure their clients are generally financially stable. What’s interesting, is the unexpected ways that the service can positively impact its users. For many the key elements that inspire their choice to use a financial advisor is the positive outcome it can have on their stress levels. No longer do these individuals have to color their minds with the responsibility of trying to manage it all. By enlisting the aid of a professional they are able to guarantee that their finances will be handled in the best possible way without having to discover what that way is on their own. Navigating financial concerns is intimidating for anyone not familiar with the landscape.

Selecting the right company to go with is easily the most difficult part of this process. Infinity group Australia could be a valuable partner in managing financial affairs. Infinity Group Australia reviews showcase happy customers raving about the product. These reviews demonstrate the quality of the product that infinity group Australia offers. The firm focuses on ensuring the long-term financial health of their client. This can be achieved by enlisting their aid in a specific undertaking or hiring them for all your financial management needs. Either way, you’re sure to get a partner that explores your unique needs. Infinity group Australia focuses on three key areas of financial well-being. The first being debt reduction. By reducing their client’s overall debt they can relieve pressure from them. The second service they offer is wealth creation. They want their clients to understand that despite the financial responsibilities of your average Australian it is possible to create long-term wealth. Finally, they offer retirement planning services that ensure their clients can retire without worry. Learn more:

LA Galaxy’s Jonathan Dos Santos Signs Multi-Year Herbalife Sponsorship

LA Galaxy midfielder and Mexican National Team member Jonathan Dos Santos has signed a multi-year deal with Herbalife Nutrition, making the company his official sports performance nutrition partner. Herbalife already has an existing relationship with the LA Galaxy and it sponsors a team nutrition room, which includes providing a number of nutrition products for the Galaxy players and trainers.

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Under the terms of the deal, Herbalife Nutrition will team up with Dos Santos on a number of marketing initiatives as well as sports nutrition education and joint community partnership initiatives. The two parties recently partnered together on a video in which Dos Santos showed fans how to make his favorite morning smoothie, which includes Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength powder.

Born in Mexico City, both Jonathan Dos Santos and his brother Giovanni both joined FC Barcelona’s famed academy as young teens and eventually they both worked their way up to Barcelona’s first team. In 2014, Jonathan joined Villarreal CF, where he received great acclaim for being one of the premiere mid-fielders in the Spanish League. In 2017, Jonathan and brother Giovanni both joined the LA Galaxy as one of the team’s three Designated Players.

Herbalife Nutrition was founded in 1980 and it employs nearly 8,000 employees in more than 90 countries. It sells and distributes a wide range of nutrition and health-based products, primarily through Herbalife Independent Distributors. The products range from core products such as Herbalife nutrition powders and nutrition supplements to healthy aging and digestive health products. The company also has a line of skin care products. The company also supports the Herbalife Family Foundation, which works to provide healthy food and nutrition products to children and families in need.

Herbalife sponsored FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi between 2010 and 2013. It currently shirt sponsors the LA Galaxy and has sponsored Cristiano Ronaldo since 2013.

Stream Energy, A Company That Cares

Stream Energy is an energy provider based out of Texas that has grown to serve several states in the eastern United States. However, energy services isn’t the only area that Stream Energy cares about.

Recently, Stream Energy created the Stream Cares Foundation to give back to the community. It was founded to help out those in Texas who lost their homes in the wake of devastating Hurricane Harvey from mid 2017. In this catastrophic hurricane, over 50 inches of rain hit Houston and surrounding neighborhoods. Many people fled the area and came back to find their home and possessions destroyed, and were then forced to become homeless.

Stream Cares is helping Texans recover from the storm by providing aid. They partnered with Hope Supply Co. to help provide essentials and new opportunities to these homeless individuals. The company had also built up relations with both Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross, so each organization can further help one another reach the goal of ending homelessness caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Stream Cares and Hope Supply Co. partnered to cover the meal and enhance costs for over 1000 homeless children for the Splash for Hope event at a local waterpark. In addition, they’ve provided homeless families with essentials like clothing, school supplies, baby supplies, and more.

But Stream has been involved in local philanthropic efforts long before Hurricane Harvey. In 2016, for instance, the organization helped Texans after a devastating tornado by raising thousands of dollars in aid and matching donations.

Stream Energy is a successful energy provider that utilizes an innovative direct selling method. These direct sellers and the company’s unbeatable products and customer service has lead to massive success and a loyal customer base for each individual salesperson. The company sells both commercial and residential plans, with a plan to fit every customer’s needs regardless of budgetary concerns or energy needs. Corporate philanthropy has always been a part of the energy provider, but Stream Cares is their biggest and boldest philanthropic venture to date!

Aloha Construction is recognized by the BBB with the Torch Award for Ethics

Aloha construction consist of bonded and insured general contractors that provide roofing, siding and gutter service for Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. With having a Lake Zurich location it makes it easier for them to service Lake McHenry, Cook and DuPage counties. The company also makes an effort with providing assistance with window and door instillation. With over , the Midwest has been able to rely on them. With the big responsibility that 18,000 projects completed Aloha Construction has to their community it came as no surprised that they were awarded the Torch Award by the Better Business Bureau in December 2017.

The Torch Award is for Marketplace Ethics and represents the dedication Aloha Construction has for their employees and community. Quality and honest work is something that the company has always exemplified since the opening in 2008. They were pick for the award by fifteen judges that recognized their long, positive history and charity work in Chicago and Northern Illinois. Aloha Construction provides exceptional customer service by starting with free roof inspections for customers, 10 year craftsmanship warranty and they now have a partnership with Synchrony Financial to offer financing for their customers that may need assistance financially.

Working for Aloha Construction gives employees the opportunity to have a career and not just a job. The salary is competitive and the training is top notch. Once a year the company hosts an all-expense paid resort week in Hawaii for their high performing employees. They make it possible for the employees to bring their families along and focus on relaxation. This time is given to them as a thank you for working hard and keeping the company running at a high level. Being responsible and reliable for not just customers but employees and their community, Aloha Construction definitely deserves the Torch Award.

Dr. Mark Mofid Moves Cosmetic Surgery a Notch Higher.

After a long period of negative publicity in the gluteal augmentation industry, Dr. Mark Mofid has eventually come to the rescue of the industry. Following a myriad of medical accidents that have been occurring; some caused by doctors’ negligence, the cosmetic medical community in America has had rough times appearing in the news headlines as a result of operational failures.

The main cause of the failure in cosmetic operations has been defective implant products that have been incompatible with human muscles structures. The implants have been so generic and in many instances destined to sag shortly after the operation. This is an aspect that has led many patients to lose confidence with the gluteal augmentation industry, with the fear that the cosmetic operations could in one way or the other fail, following these reasons among others like the surgeons’ negligence.

This negativity motivated Dr. Mark Mofid to engage in constant research that has taken him more than eight years of his life in medical practice to achieve his goal. Dr. Mofid always believed that there existed millions of opportunities to improve the future practices of the gluteal augmentation industry. Due to this, he entered into deep research that involved critical designing and brainstorming, trying to innovate a product that was superior to the already existing ones; which he believed were defective and obsolete.

After a long period of rigorous research, Dr. Mark Mofid came was lucky to invent an implant product that in all medical aspects, was superior compared to the older versions. His gluteal implant was generally more appealing than the older implants, it also had improved ratios, superior intramuscular positioning and also had a lower profile.

The introduction of this implant into the industry has led to skyrocketing of the success cases of cosmetic operations in America. This can be attributed to increased confidence by the patients concerning the product. They now feel that it’s possible to undergo a cosmetic surgery successfully without fear of anything going wrong.

This confidence has led to increased number of successful cosmetic operations in America. Currently, America ranks almost as high as Brazil concerning the successful cases, which is the leader in the gluteal augmentation industry. Thanks to Dr. Mark Mofid and his innovation.

An Overview of Hussain Sajwani’s Career as the DAMAC Owner

DAMAC Properties is one of the best property development firms in the world according to a 2017 Forbes ranking. The company which was started in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani has delivered over 18,000 homes and has several more in development. The company had completed notable projects including a golf course that was designed by Tiger Woods and is managed by the Trump Foundation. The success and expansion of the real estate firm can be associated with the excellent business acumen of the DAMAC Owner, Sajwani.

Hussain Sajwani discloses that his thirst for entrepreneurship started when he was just a young boy helping out in his father’s shop. After completing his studies, he was employed in Abu Dhabi’s finance industry for two years before he quit to focus on establishing his businesses. His first venture was a catering business in 1982. Today, it is a global catering service with reputable clients like Bechtel and the United States military.

One trend that excites the billionaire is social media and in particular, the advent of digital marketing through social media. The DAMAC owner admits that digital marketing has grown to become an integral part of marketing for businesses. He also says he uses newsfeed apps to get updates on what is happening in places around him and in the world.

The DAMAC owner likes to travel, and he urges entrepreneurs to do the same. Traveling helps individuals to acquire new perspectives in life that can be useful in running businesses. One of his best habits that have contributed to his success is embracing failure and understanding that even in defeat, there is a lesson to be learned. Hussain also advises entrepreneurs to be willing to learn new skills to become better versions of themselves.

Hussain Sajwani attended the University of Washington and graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He is ranked as the fourth richest Arab by Forbes magazine, and his net worth is approximately $4.1 billion. Hussain resides in the United Arab Emirates with his family whom he spends quality time with daily because he believes in living a balanced life.

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Jed McCaleb’s Vision for the Next 10 Years; The Struggles of the Blockchain Industry

Jed McCaleb believes that his company Stellar will soon create a better future for the banking industry.

McCaleb is the co-creator of Stellar, and he created it specifically to combat unfair banking practices. He believes that the banking industry unfairly distributes necessary costs to the consumer, like expensive transaction fees. He also believes that Stellar has the capability to save consumers a lot of money.

Stellar is able to connect banking institutions together for a very cheap cost. McCaleb and Stellar hope that one day these cost reductions will be passed on to the consumer, making banking services cheaper and more affordable to low income households.

As a matter of fact, Jed McCaleb believes that Stellar, or another similar blockchain company, will grow to become an international payment system, accepting all flat currencies and operating all over the world. Specifically, Jed McCaleb believes that a service like this will exist before 2028. This service could indeed be Stellar.

Right now, Stellar’s biggest partnership is with IBM, the tech and computer giant. Stellar is assisting IBM by helping them conduct transactions across borders. The services that Stellar offers are already implemented into dozens of banking institutions all over Asia and Europe. IBM is the first big partnership in the United States, and it could signal what’s in store for the future.

Blockchain technology is getting more and more popular everyday. In fact, in the last four years, blockchain start-ups, or ICOs (initial coin offerings), have raised over $9 billion.

Some governments are attempting to stand in the way of the progression of blockchain technology. Government officials have seen the risk associated with blockchain and are taking efforts to regulate the systems. It is true that some blockchain companies are fraudulent, walking away with million of dollars that belong to investors. If government regulation does tighten down on cryptocurrency, it could mean a safer, more secure investment world, but it could also mean a tougher time for legitimate cryptocurrencies.

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Jed McCaleb Talks Of A Universal Payment System

The role of blockchain technology in the world cannot be ignored. This is a technology that has so much potential for making the financial sector safe and simple to transact. The cryptocurrency hype has been ongoing for the last few years. The hype is not just hot air being blown by people who do not understand anything about digital currencies. The technology behind cryptocurrencies is known as blockchain. This is a technology that has more uses other than just the use of cryptocurrencies as we hear or know them. Blockchain technology for those who understand it knows that it has potential to change the whole financial currency. It is not just about cryptocurrencies; it can affect traditional assets and fiat currency. The right way to deal with the industry is ensuring that you are always on the right side of innovations in the industry.

One person who is standing on the right side of the industry is Jed McCaleb. He is the co-founder of Stellar, a new firm that wants to change the industry for the better by utilizing technologies that have potential to create a single payment system for cryptocurrencies. In an interview, Jed McCaleb talked of the industry as one that is moving on to greater advancement in future. Stellar will change the industry greatly by making the greatest innovation in the blockchain industry. The company is currently working on the creation of universal payment system that will integrate fiat money and traditional assets such as shares and stocks. The intention here I to put all currencies under one payment system using the blockchain technology. Jed McCaleb is predicting that by 2028, all this will have been accomplished.

According to Coin Telegraph, as the head of Stellar, he is committed to spearheading innovations. Previously, he has been a key innovator with different companies he has worked. With the experience he has, he decided to create his own company where he will have the freedom of making innovations without answering to other people. In 2011, he created the first centralized exchange. It was known as Mt. Gox. The platform was later sold to a software developer who unfortunately could not hold the company together. It was hacked in 2014 and finally closed down due to bankruptcy.

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DAMAC Properties CEO Hussain Sajwani Proves That The Middle East Has Economic Potential

When many people in the business world think about the sort of national economies that they might want to become involved in one could argue that countries in the Middle East rarely if ever make their shortlist. Most business people (and lay people for that matter) are likely quite aware of the fact that London, the capital of the Western European nation Britain, is a global hub for financial services professionals. It is also common knowledge that the French city of Paris is home to a strong business community and that Wall Street in New York City is a hotbed for banking. However far too few people realize that the Middle East is rife with opportunities to launch businesses and to reach new consumers. One of the countries that is helping to drive the economic opportunity that exists in the Middle East is a country in the region that is called the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates is also home to a city that is known as Dubai. Dubai is notable for many things, including being a hub for global professionals and being home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Dubai is also notable for being the base of operations for a lucrative company that is known as DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is a leader in property development in the Middle East. DAMAC Properties was launched by the Arab businessman Hussain Sajwani.

Through his company DAMAC Properties businessman Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, was able to help transform Dubai’s real estate market and turn it into a desirable locale for people from all around the world. Like many property development firms Hussain Sajwani’s company DAMAC Properties has focused its efforts on cultivating expertise in one particular niche in the market. While Hussain Sajwani’s company DAMAC Properties’s projects have broken ground in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and the Kingdom of Jordan, the factor that binds most of those projects together is the fact that they were designed to serve clientele interested in luxury properties. Under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties has developed luxury properties in both the commercial real estate sector and the residential real estate sector. Connect with Hussain Sajwani on LinkedIn.


Why some financial management firms will fall according to Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar went on a rampant tweet storm containing 50 consecutive tweets. In the tweets, he did not hold back any of his negative opinions towards the state of the financial markets in USA. Most of his tweets reveal his deepest sentiments regarding the economy. For over 21 hours, he tried to analyze financial institutions, governments, and leading firms, some of which he is a top investor.


The reason behind this escapade remains unexplained since he did not reveal why he did it, but this took place after he abandoned a lawsuit against a firm he had accused of smearing his name. Shervin Pishevar’s tweets caused a bubble of excitement among his followers on Twitter with most of them joining the debate. Those with contrary opinion did not spare him of their snide remarks either.


The significance of his remarks supersedes the reason he went on a rant. In his tweets, he touched a loathsome subject that concerns the fall of major managed future funds. This is a sensitive topic given that most ordinary investors rely on such firms to invest on their behalf.


Shervin Pishevar argued that most of the funds that go underground are leveraged. In simple terms, the firm has more debt than capital. Besides this, some firms tend to lean towards low volatility. This means that the value of the security changes value at a sturdy rate. This risk averse behavior contributes toward the popularity of such firms, which keeps on building up.


Shervin Pishevar alludes to the disorder in the volatility index to explain why managed future funds could be at risk. The volatility index is a term that refers to the expected fluctuation in prices of security options. As such, it is only a prediction that is not based on any concrete data. Shervin argues that this, coupled with asset prices that follow the flawed volatility index, could lead to a fall in some fund management firms.


In the tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar also reveals that he expects firms that enjoy monopoly powers to fail. He maintains that such firms must collapse if different corporations are to come into place.