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Nick Vertucci Releases a New Book

Today, many streets have been filled with iconic structures, all in the name of providing both commercial and residential properties. Thanks to the real estate industry, beautifying the cities has been fastened while maintaining the world-class quality. The real estate industry has contributed significantly to the country’s economy as well as the living standard of both the citizens and the key players. However, every business has its ups and down moments, and Nick Vertucci never hesitates to share his experience and guidelines to survive the real estate industry.

Not long ago, Nick Vertucci released a new book titled; Seven Figure Decision: Having the Balls to Succeed. In the book, the real estate investor shared with the world his journey to success. Also, Nick’s book gives step by step guides to succeed in the real estate sector. Nick shares the principles that he applied and which saw him earn his first million.

During the journey, we are all prone to mistakes. Nick’s success journey was also the same, and he uses the book to reveal to the world the lessons learned from his mistakes and how he implemented change to correct them. Some of the experiences covered in Nick’s book are such as how to push past fears and follow dreams. Also, Nick advises on how to raise sights higher and how they can impact the results.

Nick’s book was well received. According to Kevin, Nick’s rising from poverty to a millionaire then returning to poverty before climbing back again is more than motivation. Also, readers have shown an exceptional love for the new book because of its motivating and inspiring content.

About Nick Vertucci

Nick’s life story is an indication that everyone has a chance to rise from rags-to-riches. Nick was from a humble family. He lost his father at a young age and had to watch his mother undergo difficulties to make ends meet. However, that did not hinder him from pursuing his dreams. Today, Nick owns and runs The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. Nick’s company is based in Irvine, California and is committed to purchasing bank owned properties.

When it comes to experience, Nick holds more than what is needed because he has been developing properties for both commercial and private purposes. Before joining the real estate industry, Nick used to work as the president as well as the CEO of Coastline Micro, his company that supplied computer systems to businesses around the country. Nick schooled at the Canyon High School where he acquired his diploma in 1984. Today, Nick travels around the country training and mentoring the real estate investors. His recent book is an indication of his outward contribution to improving the real estate sector.

Flavio Maluf Takes Eucatex Company To The Next Level

As the saying goes, if it is a rose it will blossom, Eucatex Company has proved to be a rose. From a humble start, this company has grown to be one of the established and reputable businesses in Brazil, thanks to the professional and top notch leadership of one Flavio Maluf.

In 1951, Eucatex Company was established; a tiny company which no one would think that it would one day grows to be an international company. During this time, this company would only focus on producing ceiling tiles and panels. In just a duration of 3 years since its inception, the company had already opened Fiberboard Industrial Unit, its first ever mill in Sao Paulo.

The unit focused on producing flexible boards, but as time went on it also started manufacturing ceiling tiles and panels. This company takes environmental issues seriously, and it’s the reason that up to date, it continues to conserve the environment. It believes that the environment should be preserved for the future and that is why it continues to plant more eucalyptus trees. The progress saw the company scoop various awards. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

As time went by, the company now started opening up representative offices in many cities in Brazil and also extended to Buenos Aires in Argentina. One good turn deserves another, and at this time, Eucatex Company would produce up to 100 tons every day. Today, the company does not only provide ceiling tiles but also, various products such as laminate floors, wall partitions, MDP and MDF panels, doors, hardboards, paints, and varnishes. It exports its products to more than 37 countries.

The successes of this business can be attributed to one Flavio Maluf, who is the company’s CEO. Flavio Maluf assumed this position in 2005 April. He also is the company’s Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers and Vice Chief Executive Officer as well, among several other positions that he holds in the same company. Mr. Flavio Maluf is a learned man, and it’s thought that his high education has enabled him to run this business efficiently. He received a degree in Mechanical Engineering t from PUC and also a business management postgraduate degree which he got from New York University. Follow:


Dr. Mark McKenna – Inventor Of The OVME App That Boost Patients Self Esteem

Dr. Mark McKenna graduated in 1999, from Tulane Medical School, but instead of pursuing a career in the medical field, he went into the real estate business.

Dr. Mark McKenna lost millions of dollars when Hurricane Katrina unleashed its fury on New Orleans in 2005. Dr. McKenna rebuilt the company, but later he dissolved it and relocated to Atlanta where he founded his company called ShapeMed, which was a franchise. These offices sold Botox treatments, removing hair by using a laser, weight loss and nutrition therapy.

Dr. Mark McKenna sold his company to Lifetime Fitness and became a part of the staff. After Lifetime had been sold to a private organization, he resigned from the company. Mr. McKenna at the age of 43 is pursuing a new business enterprise called OVME which will open in the early part of next year. He has a vision of embarking on a nationwide chain of medical cosmetic offices using an application (app) that Botox patients can use. Patients using the OVME app will be able to interface with practitioners who are freelancing and will treat the patients in their home.

Dr. McKenna was asked if he knew he wanted to branch out into the business sector instead of caring for patients, while in medical school. His reply was that he looked at the nice cars driven by Physicians and the amount of money they made. He is the son of a doctor, and he witnessed the ups and downs in billing and remunerations and how it had a negative impact on his father’s practice. While in medical school he began purchasing real estate.

Buckhead residents are ready to get some help from OVME, to make them feel and look better. This medical aesthetic treatment provides patients with a better perspective on life and help them become self-confident. Many patients, both current and former knows that when Dr. Mark McKenna treats them, they are getting excellent care. Dr. Mark McKenna has over 20 years experience, and he is improving on present medical practices enhancing the feel and look of conclusive results, and lowering the risk of patients getting hurt by using ways that are slightly invasive.

Flavio Maluf Discusses New Deal

Flavio Maluf, president of Eucatex, issued a note last night, informing the company’s workers and leaders in Botucatu about the deal between Eucatex and Duratex. They have confirmed that they will do business between companies. Eucatex will give a farm in Capão Bonito in exchange for the production line of thin sheets of wood in Botucatu.

Flavio Maluf believes that productivity at work is an essential factor for success. Because of this, the president of the companies Eucatex, the businessman and executive Maluf, brings some tips to overcome the possible obstacles and not drop the income in this period. Check out.

1- Do not overdo in unnecessary conversations

This is a habit that can take a lot of the employee’s work hours. What contributes most to the establishment of this custom are the breaks for coffees and snacks. It is at these times that people focus on the same place and start random conversations – which is not a prohibited practice, everyone has a right to breathe, provided that it is short. However, when it stretches too far, it becomes inappropriate and results in loss of productivity. Visit to learn more.

2- Do not overdo the use of the cell phone

With all the technology nowadays it’s hard to stay away from this little gadget that sounds magical, does not it? Yes, but it does. Of course, many jobs require you to be connected, informed, up to date – but for everything, there is a limit. Flavio reports what the founder of the Longitude School says: a look at the messages and news is tolerable, but this should not be so frequent as to disrupt the progress of work and decrease professional performance. So watch out.

Mr. Flavio is Chief Executive and director of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio and serves as the Chairman of the Board at Eucatex since 2005. S.A. Industria e Comercio. He worked for Sistemas S.A. Corretoras de Título e Valore Mobiliário and Citibank, New York. Flavio Maluf got his Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering at Fundação Armando Álvares

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Felipe Montoro Jens and The PPP Project in Sao Paulo that Helps Generate Jobs

It’s hard to pound the pavement. Looking for a job knowing that there’s a lot of uncertainty and competition out there means that there are sacrifices, risks, and unfortunate situations that would push the limit of one’s talents and endurance. When a country has not a lot of entrepreneurs, risk takers and is without a business culture that’s prevalent in the corners of the country, there would be a lot of jobless people pounding the pavement. Fortunately, in Brazil, there are business leaders like Felipe Montoro Jens who are initiating ways to generate jobs through a public and private partnership. Right now, one of them would be the PPP projects in Sao Paulo. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

100,000 Jobs for Brazil

It may seem like an act of pulling a rabbit out of a hat to say that with the help of Felipe Montoro Jens, Sao Paulo Brazil can get about 100,000 of jobs. In the new program set by a municipality-centered project in Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens will help build a committee that would improve the housing situation in Brazil. With the help of the group Cohab-SP, the new residents of the housing project will be chosen. Those who will qualify will get to live in the housing project with the support of the government. It is also with the help of the city of Sao Paulo that the right families will be chosen. These families will then be the residents of the PPP housing community.

However, the significant contribution of the Private-Public Partnership set by Felipe Montoro Jens is the fact that more jobs will be generated to those who will be helping Mr. Jens in building the housing project. Amid the series of phases of the housing project, more people can get the opportunity to offer their skills, expertise, and labor to earn income from the budget set for the project. Truly, Felipe Montoro Jens has helped produce the right amount of sustainable level of work highly needed by the country.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Mr. Jens is the CEO of EnergiparCaptacao S.A. as well as the chairman of Concessionari do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A.

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Ted Bauman Offers a Thief-Proof Strategy to Preserve Your Personal Information

Ted Bauman Offers a Thief-Proof Strategy to Preserve Your Personal Information

These days, bad guys act like it’s their right to enjoy a happy lifestyle by stealing law-abiding individuals’ personal information. The latest tactics of thieves continue to grow by the minute. Thankfully, Ted Bauman offers a thief-proof strategy to preserve your personal information.

So, here we have this movie illustrating how homeowners set up a safe system to protect their gold. Thus, disguised robbers as fake painters used explosives to take the valuable metal. Well, the owners of the safe had designed a structure that would cause the possessions becoming useless if the safe wound up into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, gold is worthwhile, but you should guard a more highly-priced item against thieves, which is your personal information. Many organizations look forward to making use of your private material. And, who is to say any system can keep your data from being compromised?

Therefore, you will need to do better than trust the card’s magnetic strip as protection at an ATM. Even more, secure your information records to a hard drive — which you should place inside a water-fire proof strongbox. Apparently, a burglar might fail to come across a small safe; even so, you have no guarantees.

By copying your data to the Cloud is an excellent recommendation to saving your documents. As well, you should make your information theft-proof by encryption on both the computer and in the cloud. Furthermore, keep in mind your sensitive information is as valuable as the physical property. Read This Article to learn more.

Ted Bauman underscores the concept we live in a digital age. And, cybercriminals will go to extremes in breaking into your computers for access to valuable private data — beware that file encryption is critical. From working experience, Mr. Bauman realizes the saying; knowledge is power. Furthermore, he makes it his responsibility to advise people with the most-recent news and essential tips for financial choices.

The Bauman Letter Editor is a Washington, D.C. native who further became a South African immigrant. Ted Bauman served various positions for over 25 years in Africa’s tropical country. Most of his traveling experience was through Europe, Asia, and the African continent. Bauman held degrees in History and Economics which he earned from the University of Cape Town.

Ted eventually came back to the United States and worked for International Housing Programs where Atlanta, Georgia was the central office. In this position, he experienced more traveling adventure such as the Caribbean and Latin America. After a while, Ted Bauman moved on from Habitat for Humanity International to begin his vocation as a writer and researcher. Learn more:


Daniel Taub outstanding work as a diplomat

Daniel Taub was born in the U.K in 1962. He is an outstanding international lawyer and an influential Israeli diplomat. He served as Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015. He began working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 1991. He took many diplomatic and legal posts. . The foundation is based in Jerusalem.

He got his bachelor’s degrees in three universities namely; Harvard University, University College in London and finally University College in Oxford. Daniel Taub moved to Israel in 1989 and had since then been serving as Israel Defense Force as a combat medic. He is also a reserve officer in Israel international law division.

Mr. Daniel Taub is a writer. He has written several articles concerning Israel and the Middle East. Some of his pieces have been featured in various magazines and newspapers like the Guardian, The Times, the Daily Telegraph among others. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He is the writer of the book; Parasha Diplomatic. The book talks about diplomatic insights on biblical texts. Daniel Taub is the scriptwriter and creator of the famous Israeli drama series called HeChatzer. He also scriptwriters for the President of Israel; Chaim Herzog.

He is an expert in international law specializing in counter-terrorism and the rules of wars. He has worked as a legal adviser to Israel’s government. He is Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs principal deputy legal advisor. He attended the country’s missions in Geneva and New York.

Daniel Taub introduced the Bizcamp start-up competition when he was appointed as Ambassador to the St. James’s Placing. The organization focuses on trade and technology. Due to this, he was nominated for the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative award.

Mr. Daniel Taub lectures and public speaks diversely on international law and negotiation theory. He has been many times interviewed on television. The stations that have had a chance to interact with him are; Sky News, BBC Radio among others.

In his interview with BBC Radio, he was named the first Israeli Ambassador to be interviewed by the station.

Daniel Taub has a habit of curiosity that makes him more productive as a diplomat.

He is genuinely interested in people he meets and what they are passionate about since people appreciate being heard. His main diplomatic techniques are to work in the realm of the possible and be an active listener.

Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Michael Hagele: Tenacity and the importance of sole practitioners

Michael Hagele began his legal practice because through his experience he found that a smaller or a sole proprietary practice gave way to providing quality and cost-effective legal services. He finds that tenacity is vital to success. It’s that challenge of working through the problem, assessing any new information coming in that will lead to success down the road.

There was a time when he worked at a car wash in Chicago during the winter months. The experience pushed him to take charge of his own future, as well as find purpose in his life. For Hagele, clients come first as their life or business can easily depend on him being able to do his job successfully.

His day starts with what matters most to his clients, which means giving counsel on general or intellectual property issues. Hagele’s day spans from taking care of his clients to speaking with his overseas investment partners as they strategize and assess the project’s progress. He uses everything at his disposal to achieve his goals even as he takes a break from his day to enjoy the views that nature offers or taking a bike ride. This enables him to reach his creative peak, as he states that it’s not unusual for him to find solutions to his clients’ issues while he is outside and enjoying nature. See Michael Hagele on The State Bar of California for more details.

As an entrepreneur, Hagele uses social media tools because it’s an important factor towards growing a business in today’s age. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t come without its challenges as he has come to the conclusion that it’s important to find people that are just as invested as you in the success of the company.

At the end of the day, once it’s all said and done, he highly recommends reading a book by Ron Chernow: “Alexander Hamilton,” which covers the birth of the U.S. and at the same time, the book is highly entertaining.

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Investor Paul Mampilly has some bad news for Apple stocks

Paul Mampilly is one of the people who takes his time to write about the way he sees the stock markets. Recently he has given his opinion about the Apple stocks. He has predicted that in 2018, the value will go down. Although this is a thing that has not happened in many years, it is bound to happen this year since the company has failed to be innovative, it has failed to maintain its competitive edge by introducing products that are fresh to the customers.

The company has lately been releasing the same products only with little modifications. This is the thing that is not going down well with the customers of this company. For instance, they have recently released iPhone X. this is just another phone that is a modification of iPhone 8. Customers including the co-founder of the company, have opined that they prefer the iPhone 8 over the iPhone X. There is nothing that is so exciting about is new products.

When a company faces such a daunting task, there can only be one prediction; the company will struggle to expand its market worth. As Mampilly has already predicted, Apple will struggle to maintain its competitive edge if it does not do something about it. Customers will start looking for alternatives which are not good news for the company.

Paul Mampilly describes those who have been investing in the company lately as people who are still living in the shadows of its founder Steve Jobs. They need to realize that the days of Steve Jobs are gone. He is no longer in the company, and for the first time, it will experience the impact he had in the company.

It is now seven tears after the death of Steve, and the company has not managed to introduce even a single new line of product. It is still producing devices that had been introduced by Steve Jobs. This will impact the company badly since we are going to see customers develop monotony over their products. This will drive the prices down, and the company will lose its competitive edge.

Paul also predicts the company is facing a hard time in the future after it was alleged that it is releasing updates meant to slow the older device down so that users can buy new ones.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an investor with clout in the financial industry. He has accomplished what many investors have not. He retired at the age of 40 after he made enough money from the stock markets as a hedge fund manager. He is now more concerned in training investors on how to invest in the financial markets.

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Troy McQuagge Gets Feted in the One Planet Awards for US Health

The USHEALTH Group, Inc’s CEO Troy McQuagge has been recently named the Gold Winner as the CEO of the year in the just concluded prestigious One Planet Awards. This award is highly coveted by business owners around the world, for it honors the excellence of any type of business in the industry world over. For a company to participate, they are asked to submit their nomination which does not discriminate against the size of business, whether governmentally owned or private, start-ups or smallest, or even non-profit or profit organization.

In 2010, McQuagge started working in USHEALTH Group Inc., and since then, he has always strived to turn the company around. First, Troy McQuagge targeted the USHEALTH Advisors agency setting it to what should be the company’s captive agency. That was a success, and it’s what made him be elected the company’s President and CEO in 2014. The company has since realized a significant change in performance, growth, and profitability ever since Troy took USHEALTH Group, Inc.’s steering wheel.  Read more about Troy McQuagge US health at

While receiving the award, Troy McQuagge UShealth expressed that it was his honor to be named by the award’s organizers to receive the esteemed industry and peer recognition. He continued to dedicate the award to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. saying that that was a statement to the company’s commitment to bring down the cost of healthcare affordability for their customers, through making innovative coverage available, and can grow as their customer needs grow.

Enterprises should be recognized for their professional excellence, and this is what the One Planet Awards are for. Currently, these honors are conferred in categories and sections such as teams, executives, PR, Marketing, new products and services and Corporate Communications, and enterprises from all over the world.

Everyone who knows Troy would describe him as a very humble and down to earth man despite having achieved great things in life. People who have worked under him would term him as the best boss who is ever considerate and has the welfare of other people at heart. Through his good leadership, Mr. Troy has elevated the USHEALTH Group, Inc. from its humble beginnings placing it among the world’s best performing businesses of all times.

In the year 1982, He went to the University of Central Florida to pursue Legal Studies Bachelor of Arts. In 1992 is when his career started, at the time working for an insurance company called Allstat. He went on to work for a couple of insurance companies such as Freedom Life insurance of America, and Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc.Troy has worked with many other organizations including Hope Kids Phoenix, Health Market, Trinity, Habitat for Humanity, Semper Fi fund, and Phoenix of New Orleans.

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