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Susan McGalla Broke the Glass Ceiling and Wants to Help Other Women Do the Same

Susan McGalla is a successful businesswoman from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, who has worked hard to achieve recognition in the retail management industry. She has pushed her way to the top to become the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Using her experience as a lifelong Steelers fan and an executive with an eye for fashion to create the “what we wear campaign” that helped revitalize the Steelers fan fashion division.

McGalla has risen in a male dominated industry despite all the obstacles that were in her path. As a child, she was not given special treatment because she was a girl. In fact, she faced many of the same obstacles that other girls faced. She became tough and resilient, which helped her succeed in her chosen field as an adult.

Unfortunately, Susan McGalla is a rare example of success, and many women are unable to overcome the obstacles in their path. Decades of women’s leadership initiatives are not enough. There are many opportunities to connect and network with each other, but this is not enough. Women only hold 1/4 of the positions of power. Without being able to network with and gain the influence of men, women will never be able to achieve the success in business that they desire.

A better solution is to create opportunities for women to be sponsored by male and female leaders in the industry. Executive sponsorship can help to end the gender gap. Highly motivated women, who do not have the resources or connections to succeed on their own would be paired with experienced executives. These experienced executives would help by taking these women under their wing and investing in the women’s careers. If the women they sponsor succeed, they succeed.

With the right programs and incentives in place, soon there will be many women like Susan McGalla. These are women who like McGalla, wish to be seen not as women, but as professionals who happen to be women. Like McGalla, these women are smart savvy women who use the skills are resources given to them to help them succeed in a difficult world.

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Susan McGalla Mentors Young Businesswomen

Susan McGalla has been mentoring young businesswomen for years, and she has worked in many places in the business world over her career. She has created a simple plan for women who want to have better careers, and this article explains how she wants women to operate in the workplace. There are quite a few tips that will help women look their best at work, and it will help them advance as much as possible.


#1: The Work Schedule


Women are asked by Susan to work as much as possible. They are certainly allowed to have familial boundaries, but a woman who puts in extra work looks better to her bosses. A woman who works quite hard in her career will look good to those who employ her, and she may make her way up the chain of command because of the work she has done.


#2: The Change Of Jobs


There are quite a few women who are changing jobs because they are looking for their next good opportunity. Women who are seeking out find opportunities must look for better positions that they could take, and they may move across industries if they like. Susan has moved across industries before, and she would ask any woman to consider it.


#3: Be Creative

Susan has worked in the fashion industry, and she was willing to offer up her ideas when she was work in the field. She was the creative person in the office who was helping bring forth new ideas, and she would like to see as many women as possible offer ideas that make their companies better. Ladies who are not sharing their ideas are not giving their voice enough credit.


#4: Plan


All women must have a plan for the future. They must create a plan that they may use to make business decisions, and Susan would like all women to follow their plan, change their plan or adjust their plan as needed. She knows that a woman who has a plan is seen as organized, and that will impressive to those who are paying attention.


The ladies who are changing their lives and their careers must read about Susan McGalla an her brilliant career. She has one of the best plans for forming a better business career, and she hopes that all women may benefit from the information that she has provided through her latest writing.