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The Resilience of Letoya Luckett

As a former member of Destiny’s Child
Letoya Luckett knows a lot about being in the spotlight. She was originally part of a group that featured Beyonce, but that relationship would be soured when she was replaced by another member. LeToya Luckett dropped out of the scene for a moment after that happened, but she has continuously pursued her dreams of being in the show business Arena.

She has endeavored into acting over the years, and she has appeared in several movies and television shows. Latoya never let the fact that she was dropped from the Destiny’s Child group affect her career. In fact, she may have become the underdog that fans embraced because of the disconnection from Destiny’s Child.

Luckett created a very interesting album in 2017 where she would catch people up to speed on what has been going on in her life. She has been somewhat transparent about the fact that her marriage did not work and that she is going through a divorce. There is a gag order on the divorce, however, so she has not given fans everything. She did, however, want people to know that she was still interested in being in love again and she wanted a husband and a family.

LeToya Luckett would prove to be a very resilient person that would not let bad brakes in her professional or business life stop her from pursuing her dreams. Letoya has gained a lot of fans because she has continued to be open and honest. She has spoken about upcoming roles in entertainment where she may even get to play Dionne Warwick in a biopic. LeToya Luckett has been able to make a great career for herself even though she had a hard road to finding success. Luckett has achieved many great things.

Ed Sheeran Breaks His Own Maltesers Record

Ed Sheeran took a year off from public appearances, spending time traveling and writing new music, but now, he’s back in the spotlight thanks to the release of his newest album and going on a worldwide concert tour. He took a break during touring to stop by The Late Late Show With James Corden, or rather, to ride around in his car.

Corden does a segment as part of his show, Carpool Karaoke, in which celebrities ride around with him, usually under the guise of helping him get to work, and participate in a one-on-one interview session that alleviates the pressure of having a studio audience, allowing them to let loose and sing along with some music in the car. Sheeran didn’t just sing along with the radio to his own tracks though, he also accompanied himself and Corden on guitar, revealing that he feels “naked” performing without the guitar.

The duo sang some of his hits, like “Shape of You,” “Thinking Out Loud,” and more, before they discussed party antics as well. Sheeran let Corden in on the secret that he hung out with Justin Bieber on a recent visit to England, and even drunkenly attempted to hit a golf ball out of Bieber’s mouth.

Corden did have one very odd request though.

Corden revealed he’d read a rumor that Sheeran could fit 47 Maltesers – a British malted milk chocolate ball – in his mouth at one time. Wanting to see the feat in action and try it himself, Corden asked the singer to have a competition during a stop in their car ride. Though Sheeran joked, “you can probably beat me, actually,” Corden wasn’t able to best the singer/songwriter. He ultimately had to stop at 26, but Sheeran kept going, beating his own record as he managed to squeeze 55 Maltesers in before having to spit them out.

First Lady Melania Trump Earning Style Icon Status During Overseas Tour

While in her role as First Lady, Michelle Obama would wear an eye-catching piece, and the item would sell out in minutes. Kate the Duchess of Cambridge will put on a gorgeous frock, and that, too, will instantly disappear from stores.


Now First Lady Melania Trump is having the same fashion icon effects as women rush to copy her presidential style. She stepped out of a chauffeured SUV today in Sicily, dazzling in a colorful floral coat by designers Dolce & Gabanna. The price tag is $51,500. Talk about La Dolce Vita!


Melania wowed the crowd as she made her way for a visit to the Chierici Palace City Hall of Catania. Sicily is the final stop on President Trump and Melania’s first foreign overseas tour. On Friday and Saturday, the President will meet with other G7 leaders at a summit in Taormina.


The floral silk coat is quite a showpiece, described as a vivid bouquet of embellishments with ribbons, sequins, embroideries and appliques. The designers are proud of their work and for supporting the First Lady. While other designers have backed away in dressing Melania Trump because of disagreeing with her husband’s political philosophy, D&G have stood by Melania, happy to offer her stylish pieces to wear at grand events.


The famous designer pair are showing off photos of Melania draped in the gorgeous floral coat at their Instagram page.


The blooming 3D coat has instantly sold out in stores. That’s what star power does.

Celebrities: Matt Lanter Makes a Humorous Video

Reacting to NBC’s surprise decision not to cancel the sci-fi television series Timeless after previously listing the show as cancelled, celebrity Matt Lanter recently posted a humorous video clip on the popular social media site, Facebook. His video, completed in May, 2017, spoofed the theme of the drama, which revolves around the adventures of a group of fictional time travelers.


In the dramatic series, Matt Lanter portrays Wyatt, a member of a trio of time travelers who seek to prevent terrorists from changing the course of history. He plays a special forces soldier assigned to accompany Lucy (a history professor) and Rufus (a time travel scientist) in brief excursions into the recent past. Goran Visnijc appears as their nemesis, Garcia Flynn, a former NSA employee determined to change history in order to prevent the murder of his wife and daughter by a nefarious organization known as “Rittenhouse”. The recent humorous Facebook video displays Matt Lanter in character as Wyatt, describing the successful completion of a recent mission to return in time and change the NBC decision about the fate of the series.


Born in Massillon, Ohio in 1983, Matt Lanter graduated from the University of Georgia before moving to Los Angeles. He appeared in guest roles in Grey’s Anatomy, Monk, and Big Love, in addition to film roles including Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius(2004) and recurring roles in Heroes and Shark.

Celebrity Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Contemplates a Top Gun Sequel

Entertainment mogul Jerry Bruckheimer has developed several successful film and television franchises during his career. His hits include the Pirates of the Caribbean series and a bevy of CSI television shows. He made his interest in producing a sequel to the movie Top Gun(1986) public last year during a Tweet.


The BBC reported this week actor Tom Cruise has confirmed he does plan on appearing in a sequel to the hit film. Jerry Bruckheimer produced the movie with Paramount Pictures several decades ago. The original film centered on the exploits of a top navy jet fighter pilot. During an interview in Australia, Tom Cruise suggested filming on a sequel would likely begin within the year.


As a major Hollywood investor and producer, Jerry Bruckheimer has helped fill the entertainment rosters of many of the leading broadcast and cinema companies in recent years. He has cooperated with other production companies on many ventures, frequently working with Paramount Pictures, Disney or Touchstone Pictures.


He acquired the nickname “Mr. Blockbuster” for producing well over 40 major feature films. Forbes a few years ago ranked the Hollywood producer, now in his early 70s, as the 12th wealthiest power broker in Hollywood.


For instance, in 2015, Jerry Bruckheimer reportedly possessed a net worth estimated at around $900 million. In addition to several dramatic film and TV franchises, he also helped create the long running television reality game series, The Amazing Race.


Sigourney Weaver’s Mysterious Role On The Defenders Raises Questions

Sigourney Weaver is about to add another sci-fi and fantasy credit to her incredible resume. Weaver is soon to appear as the main villain, Alexandra, in the upcoming Netflix series The Defenders. The Defenders series is — as serious comic book fans already know — is an ensemble adventure featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Maybe The Punisher will pop up in a cameo.


The casting choice of bringing Sigourney Weaver into the Netflix/Marvel fold is brilliant. Why, though, did the creative team choose to create a completely new villain who never appeared in the comic books before? With so many great villains to chose from, this is an odd decision.


Likely, the plan here is to show a little independence and create a completely new villain capable of fitting perfectly into the narrative. Considering only Iron Fist was highly disappointing, the Netflix team is doubtfully going to “swing and miss” with the main villain of an incredibly anticipated series.


Not many details have emerged about Weaver’s villain. Actually, not very many details about the series have been revealed at all. Keeping quiet about the series until the time is right to reveal them makes better marketing sense. Controlling the messaging about a series’ debut helps manage the hype in a good way.


Still, it would be nice if Netflix worked a little harder to explain why so many decades worth of Marvel villains were passed over for a totally new character. And is this character going to present “super powers” or will she be a Kingpin-like malevolent crime boss? The answer remains shrouded in mystery. The mystery won’t remain quiet for long, though. The Defenders is soon to debut on Netflix.


Lionel Richie and James Corden Remake “Dancing on the Ceiling” Video

Lionel Richie stopped by the Late Late Show on May 22, and later that week a remake of his hit video “Dancing on the Ceiling” from the 1980s played, starring Richie and show host James Corden.


In typical Corden style, the video included hilarious touches such as retro hairstyles and goofing around. Both Richie and Corden are shown in the video dancing upside down with their feet on the ceiling while singing the upbeat tune, which is what happened in the original video. As is the case with the original, there is a great deal of fun in the upbeat video.


What didn’t happen in the original but did happen in the Late Late Show rendition is that Corden got stuck on the ceiling while still upside down. That provides a perfect moment for Richie to have some fun teasing Corden by spraying him with mustard and ketchup. Richie then Corden attempts to bring Corden down from up high by throwing objects like a computer keyboard and a soccer ball at him. Meanwhile Corden pleads for someone to help him get down from the ceiling.


Interspersed with the “Ceiling” song are clips sung by Richie of some of his other hit songs, like “Stuck on You” and “All Night Long.”


The song “Dancing on the Ceiling” was released in 1986 during a time when Richie was mega popular and made hit after hit song.


Speaking of videos, Richie starred in a prominent video in recent years: The one for Adele’s hit “Hello.”



Roseanne Ready for a Revival

The growing trend for classic TV shows getting remade may have another series joining the fold. In preliminary discussions, Rosanne Barr, John Goodman, and Sara Gilbert have all expressed a willingness to bring Roseanne back for an eight episode run. The sitcom, which ran for nine seasons from 1988-1997, is considered by many to be one of the finest television shows to depict an American working class family.


The show’s finale was also controversial. In the last episode, Barr’s lead character Roseanne Connor revealed that the previous eight seasons were only a fiction that the character had made up. Barr and original series producers Bruce Helford and Tom Werner are expected to address continuity issues resulting from this finale if they plan to use Goodman, whose character died in the season previous.


Roseanne was a popular and critical hit when it originally aired, receiving numerous Emmy and Golden Globe awards. It has been run in perennial syndication since leaving the air, most recently appearing on the Nick at Nite and Oxygen networks. Both ABC and Netflix have expressed interest in picking up this series remake.


The show would join other popular shows of the 1980s and 1990s in returning to the air for an updated run. These include Full House, Will and Grace, The X-Files, and others, proving that a good series will always find a new audience.



Selfie Time: Kim K, North West Hang Out Backstage With Ariana Grande

Go figure that 3-year-old North West even knew who Ariana Grande was.


Well, the famous reality television tot of Kim Kardashian West does hail from a rich musical background. Her father is hip-hop star Kanye West; need we say more?


North is already taking piano and violin lessons and appears to be exposed to the world of music at a very young age, so maybe it wasn’t such a surprise to see the adorable little one with mama Kim last night at an Ariana Grande concert.


It was Snapchat filters and doggy time as North met Ariana Grande backstage Friday evening. The singer performed at Inglewood, California’s The Forum.


The trio snapped mirror selfies, and Kim Kardashian West was in charge of the photos, something she’s an expert at. North appeared a bit shell-shocked meeting the pop singer who embraced the little one and jokingly stuck her tongue out for the camera.


Ariana was enjoying the meet and greet time, too, and she shared her own Snapchats taken of herself with North playing with filters backstage.


North even put on a pair of cat ears during the concert, a signature accessory that Ariana is often seen wearing. If you don’t believe North knows any words to Ariana’s music, think again. The Kim K mini-me was belting out the lyrics to “One Last Time,” and Kim Kardashian West shared the special mother/daughter bonding moment with the world via social media.


Some people believe that age three is much too young to expose a tot to a huge, loud concert. However, North has been going to her father Kanye’s concerts since she was a baby. so she is used to the crowds, concert venues and what a backstage moment is all about. Little North behaved with poise and had a fun time watching Ariana perform on stage as part of the singer’s “Dangerous Woman Tour.”


Kim Kardashian West has also been in the news for something else lately. The mom of North and toddler Saint wants to try for another baby, despite her doctors’ risky pregnancy warnings.

J-Lo and A-Rod, Hot New Celebrity Power Couple

Over the past few weeks, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have spent the last few weeks traveling around the country together. Much speculation has been made about their relationship, indeed no one was sure they were even an item. Finally, on March 31, Rodriguez put all speculation to rest with an interview on The View.


The fervor over their coupling has run rampant on social media and throughout the press, making the announcement on the popular daytime talk show a perfect place to set the record straight. “We’re having a great time, she’s an amazing, amazing girl, and one of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met,” Rodriguez told the hosts.


They were seen at a New York Yankees exhibition game together in a suite in the middle of the month. Following his retirement, the former short stop and third baseman is working this season as a special instructor for the team.


The couple has also made public appearances together in Miami and the Bahamas. On top of that, the two were spotted at a Beverly Hills gym, having a romantic dinner at Los Angeles’s Madeo Italian restaurant and going to her Bel-Air home and a local hotel.


Until recently, Lopez had been seen with the Canadian rapper-actor Drake, but both Rodriguez and Lopez have both had a long string of high-profile love affairs. Popularity in his game play and controversy with performance-enhancing drugs has made him a target of news media and tabloid coverage.


J-Lo is currently promoting her NBC series Shades of Blue and her second Spanish-language album. She also has a number of television and film projects over the next year. A-Rod has retired from playing baseball. In addition to his new role with the Yankees, he works in philanthropy and expands his substantial art collection.


Besides one marriage in the 2000s, A-Rod has dated Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and possibly Madonna. J-Lo, meanwhile, has dated Sean Combs and Ben Affleck, the latter being one-half of the celebrity nickname that started the trend with “Bennifer.”


The question on everyone’s mind now is what name will stick with this new power couple. Will it be A-Lo or J-Rod?