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Gibson and His War on Mediocrity

War movies have always been a staple for fans of both violence and drama. The depictions of heroism and courage often portrayed in these movies help us as viewers to understand how war can be a terrible yet powerful tool to inform us on the decisions that are made and how it can influence the future. This is the case for the upcoming movie Destroyer, a WW2 film set during the Battle of Okinawa and directed by long time fan favorite Mel Gibson. Gibson is better known for his past films Hacksaw Ridge, Braveheart, We Were Soldiers, as well as other pieces of historical fiction.

While Gibson has been working on increasing his presence as an actor after a period of hiatus, he has decided to return to Hollywood in order to work on his directorial filming as well. As outlined on Screenrant (, The upcoming film is said to star Gibson’s own long term girlfriend Rosalind Ross and will undoubtedly be another masterpiece to add to Mel Gibson’s already impressive directorial resume. If the film is going to be anything like what we saw with Hacksaw Ridge, a movie about a pacifist during the war in the Pacific, then we as moviegoers are in for a treat.

It is not yet known when Destroyer will be released. Cast information, as well as the more detailed forms of information, are still cloudy. What we know is that Mel Gibson has shocked us before with his work and will again.

Oprah Interviews Amy Schumer For OWN Network And Two Hit It Off As “Introverts”

Oprah’s popular podcasts “SuperSoul Conversations” for her OWN network never fail to interest fans, especially when her guest is the ultra-funny Amy Schumer.

The actress-comedian chatted with the talk show titan about her new movie “I Feel Pretty” and the book Schumer penned “The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo.” Instantly, Oprah was a major fan of the funny woman, according to Friday’s report by the Huff Post.

Apparently, the famous celebrity pair share at least one personality characteristic that allows them to understand each other very well. The trait is called being an introvert. Now, it would appear that both super popular ladies are anything but wallflowers, but they talked about what it’s like to go to parties.

Oprah admitted that she often seeks the bathroom to hide out in and not have to deal with the public so much. Schumer knew right away that they were both introverts, and she explained that people like them give a lot of time to others, and there are moments when stepping away from the public is their way of handling their insecurities. The bathroom is also a favorite hideaway for Schumer when she feels overwhelmed and surrounded by people.

Check out a clip from Oprah’s OWN podcast here on YouTube. The pair discuss Schumer’s new marriage to a famous TV chef, and Oprah asks her how she knew that he was the one.

Amy Schumer admits that marriage has given her more peace and “a new calm.”

Rapper T.I. confronted Kanye West about Trump tweets & MAGA hat

Rappers T.I. and Kanye West had a face-to-face discussion about a variety of topics before creating their debate track called, “Ye vs. The People.” T.I., real name Clifford Harris Jr., was part of an interview on “The Breakfast Club” touching on the Kanye subject. During the interview, he spoke about having a visit with West at his home and confronting him on his recent tweets, as well as Kanye’s donning of a “Make America Great Again” cap.

The recent interview involving T.I. comes after West appeared in an interesting interview conducted by Charlemagne The God. During that talk, Kanye spoke about his mental health situation, his relationship with Jay-Z, and being inspired by Donald Trump’s presidential run. Now T.I. has gone on record to talk about his interaction with the hip-hop star just before they collaborated on a track debating President Trump.

T.I. said he was invited to West’s Los Angeles home after reaching out to him. He mentioned that upon his telling Kanye about how he disappointed a number of his fans with his tweets and “MAGA” hat, it seemed to bring about some regret on Kanye’s part. However, Kanye reiterated that he was being a “free thinker” and expressing his thoughts.

T.I. also went on to say he wanted to reach out to Kanye to see where his mind was at wondering if there was a “punch line” for all of the hip-hop star’s tweets. The rapper mentioned that Kanye is like the “Michael Jackson” of the “black delegation” and “we can’t afford to lose him.”

David Leitch Accepts the Hobbs & Shaw Challenge

David Leitch says he’s up for a challenge. The director’s big challenge comes in the form of crafting a spinoff from the Fast & Furious franchise. The difficulties won’t come from finding a concept or attracting stars. Leitch’s project, titled Hobbs & Shaw, teams up Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. The film won’t exactly do poorly at the box office considering Johnson’s incredible success in almost every film he appears. Teaming him with Statham further cements the connection to the Fast & Furious franchise. So, where does the challenge come in?

Hobbs & Shaw must deliver the age-old “same thing only different” concept in order for a spinoff to be truly successful. Fans do expect to see action and car chases similar to the ones in the Fast & Furious films. After all, the studio wishes to attract those fans to the theaters by giving them something they clearly enjoy. Even so, Leitch must distinguish Hobbs & Shaw from the Fast & Furious in order to avoid the appearances of being a new sequel as opposed to the launch of a new series.

The studio clearly feels that the Fast & Furious franchise has — pardon the pun — run out of gas. The previous film in the series earned massive money at the box office. Few non-superhero films seem capable of incredible returns in the current landscape. Rather than crank out weak new entries in the same series, creating a new spinoff seems the better approach. Leitch remains confident about creating that approach.

Lawrence Bender And The Making Of “Pulp Fiction”

Many people love the crime film “Pulp Fiction.” However, many people don’t know the story behind how the ground breaking movie was made. Nor, do they know the story about the producer behind Quentin Tarantino’s opus. That producer, Lawrence Bender, has a background story worthy of the big screen.

Bender was not a top movie producer when he helped Tarantino make “Pulp Fiction.” In fact, just a few years before making the film, Bender was a lowly producer of straight to video slash movies after years cutting his teeth as a production assistant. It was a chance meeting in 1990 that changed everything from the young producer.

At a friend’s barbecue, Lawrence Bender met another young man looking to make it big in Hollywood. That young man, Quentin Tarantino, was a semi-employed actor, film geek, budding screenwriter and aspiring Director. Quentin was known for talking about nothing but movies. So when Tarantino sprouted out an idea about a crime film to Bender, the young producer encouraged Tarantino to write up the script and send it him.

Two years later, that barbecue conversation turned into the film, “Reservoir Dogs.” The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival where it caused a sensation. More importantly, it gave Bender and Tarantino the calling card they needed to make a bigger budget Hollywood film. With their chance to hit it big, both Bender and Tarantino swung for the fences.

Their next film would be “Pulp Fiction,” widely regarded as one of the best crime films of all time. Released in 1994, the film would go on to gross over $100 million dollars in the United States alone. Starting Bruce Willis, , Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta, “Pulp Fiction” would go on to win the grand prize at the Cannes Film Festival and garner the first of three Academy Award nominations for Bender.

Born in the Bronx, in 1962, Lawrence Bender has been working in Hollywood for almost four decades. In that time, Bender has produced such popular films as “Jackie Brown,” “Good Will Hunting,” and “Inglorious Basterds.” As he continues to shake up the world of Hollywood, Lawrence Bender’s legend should only continue to grow.

Aubrey O’Day and Don Trump Jr. Had Affair During Marriage To Vanessa

It looks like the impending divorce of Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa is becoming a bit more rumor-ridden and complicated. The latest buzz centers around a former “Celebrity Apprentice” TV contestant (season five) and her alleged affair with the eldest Trump child.

According to a report in US magazine, Aubrey O’Day admits she hooked up with Trump Jr. in 2011 while the two were filming the reality show. Reports say the affair went into 2012; meanwhile, Vanessa Trump delivered the couple’s third child, Tristan. In early 2012, she became pregnant again with son Spencer.

O’Day claims that Donald Trump Jr. expressed being in love with her, was pursuing her and wanting to be with her and allegedly admitting that his marriage was on the way out after 12 years. Perez Hilton had kicked off the story on Monday; there’s been no comment from Trump Jr.

O’Day has a popular personal Instagram page. She boasts more than 888,000 followers and includes countless selfies at her social media site.

Rumors have it that Vanessa Trump had discovered emails sent between the pair and confronted her husband. She almost left Trump Jr. back in 2012. Donald Trump had told his son Don Jr. to knock off his behavior.

Vanessa Trump has been silent about filing for divorce, but the buzz continues. The NY Post claims that the mother of five is splitting from Trump Jr. because he was cheap and allegedly treated her like a second-class citizen.

Will and Jaden Smith Have Not Forgotten About Flint

Will and Jaden Smith are making an impact on more than just the big screen. The Hollywood father and son duo’s water company JUST recently committed to providing the schools in the city of Flint, Michigan, with clean drinking water every month until the schools have their own restored. Flint, Michigan, made national headlines in 2015 when it was discovered that to cut costs the city started using water from Flint instead of Detroit as was previously used. However, the water was not properly treated and thus highly contaminated as a test conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicated that the water contained as much as 397 lead parts per billion while the federal maximum limit allowed is 15 parts per billion. Nearly three years later, five out of the nine schools in the city still don’t have water that meets federal guidelines. JUST will provide help to these schools that are still very much in need.

JUST is a company that prides itself on having responsibly-sourced spring water and utilizing paper-based bottles that are from primarily renewable resources. The company was founded in 2015 by the Smiths prompted by Jaden’s concern for bottled water containers and other debris he would see while surfing back when he was 10 years old. Jaden is passionate about protecting the environment, and this Eco-friendly company is a result. Already having provided 9,200 bottles of JUST water, the Smith’s keep giving to make sure that Flint is not forgotten.

This Ain’t ‘Sex and the City’ As Actress Cynthia Nixon Eyes Real Run For NY Gov.

Miranda Hobbes for Governor of New York?

Well, sort of and maybe because the woman who played the iconic role on TV’s “Sex and the City” series is considering making it real.

That’s right; the buzz on Tuesday has been wild and crazy as fans wonder aloud if Cynthia Nixon will challenge incumbent Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary in September. By the way, New York is one of 36 states in 2018 holding an election for governor.

Media reports like Yahoo say the “Sex and the City” star is exploring a bid for the top seat; Nixon has had no comment. Plenty of people she meets have urged her to toss her hat into the ring. Nixon is said to be collaborating with political experts on putting a staff together for a possible gubernatorial campaign. Rumor has it that two key members behind Bill de Blasio’s victory for NYC Mayor will sign on to play big roles in Nixon’s run for governor if she jumps in.

Cynthia Nixon has been outspoken in the past about her disappointment in the Cuomo administration. She has cited education as one of the top reasons if she decides to challenge Cuomo in the primary.

Most fans know her from her role on the former iconic HBO television series, but Nixon is also an Emmy, Tony and Grammy winner.

Cynthia Nixon is a breast cancer survivor. She married her longtime partner Christine Marinoni in 2012, and they have three children.

Disgraced TV Evangelist Jim Bakker Makes a Comeback

After 30 years, five of which were spent in prison, TV evangelist Jim Bakker is making a comeback.
The Charismatic Christian preacher and his then wife, Tammy Faye built a massive organization in the 1970s with millions of dedicated followers tuning into the Television show, Praise the Lord or PTL. Through donations and outreach, the two founded Heritage USA, a Christian theme park. By the mid-1980s over six million visitors enjoyed the parks water rides and Upper Room church services.
Bakker, now 78, has now broadcast from a hidden compound somewhere in the Ozark Mountains a new message: the apocalypse is near.
Jim and Tammy had their fall in 1987 after a young church secretary named Jessica Hahn made public her sexual encounter with Bakker. The stain of hypocrisy was bad enough but then came the IRS audit. Public records indicate that Bakker still has unpaid tax liens of nearly $5.5 million. Tammy Faye died in 2007 from cancer
Baker new television show includes a mix of evangelizing and doomsday survival tips.
His young daughter Tammy Sue, who is now 47, and his new wife Lori Graham are actively apart of the new enterprise.
“One day you’re going to shake your fist in God’s face and you’re going to say, ‘God, why didn’t you warn me?’” says Bakker on his new show. “He’s going to say, ‘You sat there and you made fun of Jim Bakker all those years. I warned you. But you didn’t listen.’”

Kendra Wilkinson Uses Instagram To Tell The World Her Marriage Is In Trouble

Kendra Wilkinson is no stranger to drama. After all, she lived in the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Heffner and all his playmates. However, when her husband Hank Bassett had an affair four years ago with a transgender person, the tension mounted. Things were especially difficult since Wilkinson was eight months pregnant with daughter Alijah.

On her hit “E” television show, the tensions of the union after the event left viewers wondering if the parents of two would make it. While they were able to work through the problems with lots of therapy, Bassett never seemed comfortable in the “limelight.” He would prefer to be low key and live a simple existence. All those things are something Kendra could never be.

Every marriage hits some snags, but it seems that when celebrities put their lives on television for all to see, things always get worse. Kendra took to Instagram last night to announce to the world that she was having problems with Hank once again. She, also, used the opportunity to assure everyone that the issues depicted on her hit television show were not faked for the cameras. The couple is going through extensive therapy currently, and she has not been as available to her fans.

Part of the charm of this dynamic duo is the fact that they have faced insurmountable odds yet stayed committed. Though there is still much mystery surrounding the affair, since Hank doesn’t remember it, Kendra wants to keep her marriage. She used social media to tell everyone it’s time for her to step away from the television screen and work on her union. Hopefully, they will make it through this challenging season.