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Harry and Meghan Announce Wedding Cake Choice

With only two months to go until the big day, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding plans are in full swing. Today the happy couple revealed their plans for their wedding cake. The spring-themed cake will be a unique lemon elderberry mix with a buttercream frosting. The cake will be decorated with fresh flowers in the spirit of the season.

The honor of official cake baker and designer was awarded to Claire Ptak, owner of the London bakery Violet Cakes. Ptak is known for her preference for using both organic and seasonal ingredients. Like Markle, Ptak hails from the state of California where she perfected her talent for baking under the tutelage of the well-known Alice Waters of the Chez Panisse bakery in Berkeley. Markle met Ptak when she interviewed her for her former lifestyle website,

The May 19th nuptials will be held at Windsor Castle in St. George’s Chapel. The two announced their engagement to the world last November, and the excitement and anticipation have been building since. The cake choice came as a bit of surprise to some palace observers, as it deviated from the traditional fruit cake most often served at royal weddings. However, Prince Harry and Markle are not the first of the new Royals to depart from tradition. Harry’s brother Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton chose a chocolate biscuit groom’s cake to go along with the classic fruitcake for their 2011 nuptials.

Kendra Wilkinson Uses Instagram To Tell The World Her Marriage Is In Trouble

Kendra Wilkinson is no stranger to drama. After all, she lived in the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Heffner and all his playmates. However, when her husband Hank Bassett had an affair four years ago with a transgender person, the tension mounted. Things were especially difficult since Wilkinson was eight months pregnant with daughter Alijah.

On her hit “E” television show, the tensions of the union after the event left viewers wondering if the parents of two would make it. While they were able to work through the problems with lots of therapy, Bassett never seemed comfortable in the “limelight.” He would prefer to be low key and live a simple existence. All those things are something Kendra could never be.

Every marriage hits some snags, but it seems that when celebrities put their lives on television for all to see, things always get worse. Kendra took to Instagram last night to announce to the world that she was having problems with Hank once again. She, also, used the opportunity to assure everyone that the issues depicted on her hit television show were not faked for the cameras. The couple is going through extensive therapy currently, and she has not been as available to her fans.

Part of the charm of this dynamic duo is the fact that they have faced insurmountable odds yet stayed committed. Though there is still much mystery surrounding the affair, since Hank doesn’t remember it, Kendra wants to keep her marriage. She used social media to tell everyone it’s time for her to step away from the television screen and work on her union. Hopefully, they will make it through this challenging season.

J-Lo and A-Rod, Hot New Celebrity Power Couple

Over the past few weeks, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have spent the last few weeks traveling around the country together. Much speculation has been made about their relationship, indeed no one was sure they were even an item. Finally, on March 31, Rodriguez put all speculation to rest with an interview on The View.


The fervor over their coupling has run rampant on social media and throughout the press, making the announcement on the popular daytime talk show a perfect place to set the record straight. “We’re having a great time, she’s an amazing, amazing girl, and one of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met,” Rodriguez told the hosts.


They were seen at a New York Yankees exhibition game together in a suite in the middle of the month. Following his retirement, the former short stop and third baseman is working this season as a special instructor for the team.


The couple has also made public appearances together in Miami and the Bahamas. On top of that, the two were spotted at a Beverly Hills gym, having a romantic dinner at Los Angeles’s Madeo Italian restaurant and going to her Bel-Air home and a local hotel.


Until recently, Lopez had been seen with the Canadian rapper-actor Drake, but both Rodriguez and Lopez have both had a long string of high-profile love affairs. Popularity in his game play and controversy with performance-enhancing drugs has made him a target of news media and tabloid coverage.


J-Lo is currently promoting her NBC series Shades of Blue and her second Spanish-language album. She also has a number of television and film projects over the next year. A-Rod has retired from playing baseball. In addition to his new role with the Yankees, he works in philanthropy and expands his substantial art collection.


Besides one marriage in the 2000s, A-Rod has dated Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and possibly Madonna. J-Lo, meanwhile, has dated Sean Combs and Ben Affleck, the latter being one-half of the celebrity nickname that started the trend with “Bennifer.”


The question on everyone’s mind now is what name will stick with this new power couple. Will it be A-Lo or J-Rod?