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‘Sex And The City’s’ Cynthia Nixon Announces Run For NY Gov

The rumors were circulating for weeks, and now, the famous TV actress has tossed her glamorous hat into the ring.

Cynthia Nixon will challenge Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo in NY’s September primary and made it official Monday via social media on Twitter. The former star of HBO’s iconic “Sex and the City” television series has never held public office, but she says she loves NY state and is a “progressive advocate” who wants to fight for a “better, more fair New York.”

The is reporting that Nixon, 51, will definitely include education in her platform. She attended public schools in NY and believes that the state can do a lot better for today’s children. Currently, she points to the high school drop-out rate increasing to more than 30 percent in NYC, there not being not enough funds spent per pupil and overall classroom performance being very poor.

The mom of three also mentions that the state needs vast improvements in health care, the ailing subway system and prison overcrowding.

Cynthia Nixon has been married to her longtime partner Christine Marinoni since 2012. She is best known around the globe for her role as attorney Miranda Hobbes on “Sex and the City.” She has won three out of four with an Emmy, Tony and a Grammy. She doesn’t have an Oscar yet.

Actress Rosie O’Donnell is thrilled that Cynthia Nixon is running for Governor of New York.

Andrew Cuomo has said he’s not concerned about potential challengers.

Aubrey O’Day and Don Trump Jr. Had Affair During Marriage To Vanessa

It looks like the impending divorce of Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa is becoming a bit more rumor-ridden and complicated. The latest buzz centers around a former “Celebrity Apprentice” TV contestant (season five) and her alleged affair with the eldest Trump child.

According to a report in US magazine, Aubrey O’Day admits she hooked up with Trump Jr. in 2011 while the two were filming the reality show. Reports say the affair went into 2012; meanwhile, Vanessa Trump delivered the couple’s third child, Tristan. In early 2012, she became pregnant again with son Spencer.

O’Day claims that Donald Trump Jr. expressed being in love with her, was pursuing her and wanting to be with her and allegedly admitting that his marriage was on the way out after 12 years. Perez Hilton had kicked off the story on Monday; there’s been no comment from Trump Jr.

O’Day has a popular personal Instagram page. She boasts more than 888,000 followers and includes countless selfies at her social media site.

Rumors have it that Vanessa Trump had discovered emails sent between the pair and confronted her husband. She almost left Trump Jr. back in 2012. Donald Trump had told his son Don Jr. to knock off his behavior.

Vanessa Trump has been silent about filing for divorce, but the buzz continues. The NY Post claims that the mother of five is splitting from Trump Jr. because he was cheap and allegedly treated her like a second-class citizen.

Renee Zellweger Has Transformed Into Judy Garland For Biopic

The film is called “Judy” and in production in London now, and star Renee Zellweger looks a lot like the late iconic singer Judy Garland.

Photos of Zellweger surfaced on Monday, showing the eerie transformation into the late Hollywood star right down to the short black hair and red lipstick. The Huff Post revealed that the biopic takes place in winter of 1968; Garland would be gone only a year later at age 47 from an accidental drug overdose.

The movie even has a place on social media with its own Twitter page. Fans can learn all about the flick, see old photos of a performing Judy Garland 30 years after filming the “Wizard of Oz” and watch how Renee Zellwegger assumes the role.

On Monday afternoon, Zellweger was snapped on the set in a fluffy navy robe and black furry slippers. The actress is known for her blonde tresses, but it appears like she had it cut and dyed for the role. The biopic focuses on Judy Garland’s last concerts in London, her struggles with addiction, financial instability, a long career that began in her teens and her fifth marriage to Mickey Deans.

Deans found the body of Judy Garland in the bathroom of their rented home in Chelsea, London on June 22, 1969.

Renee Zellweger is playing the role at age 48. It is unclear if she will sing in the movie or if Garland’s voice will be brought to life in the biopic.

Her Nose Knows It: Streisand Never Sex Harassment Victim

Barbra Streisand has had a long and glorious career, and at age 75, she’s still going strong.

The legendary star was recently asked about the #MeToo movement and if she had ever experienced being sexually harassed.

She smiled and said, “Never.” Streisand revealed that it was probably due to the size of her nose, admitting that she wasn’t like the “pretty girls with nice little noses.”

The talented singer/actress/director was honored last weekend at the annual PaleyFest at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater, according to an item in the Huff Post. She was interviewed by longtime TV producer and Streisand admirer Ryan Murphy.

Deadline says that Streisand was often mistreated unfairly by the media and had a couple of run-ins with Mike Wallace and Barbara Walters when she appeared on their television programs.

She was only 19 at the time, and Wallace was harsh with his words.

Another involved Walters’s interview with Streisand and her support of Al Gore in his bid for president.

Streisand didn’t like the way she was portrayed in the editing process and then, appeared on C-Span to clarify her statements. Walters didn’t take kindly to the jump in networks by the singer, but Streisand says she doesn’t hold it against Walters.

Barbra Streisand believes the #MeToo movement has begun a new chapter against gender inequality that’s been rampant through Hollywood and modern culture, saying that everyone must come to the center. She credits the power of protest for creating change.

Rose McGowan Delivers Harvey Weinstein “A Happy F**king Birthday” Message

The once Hollywood mega-movie producer turned 66 on Monday, and actress Rose McGowan wanted to make sure she sent her personal birthday message to him for the world to see.

McGowan used social media site Twitter to deliver the video birthday greeting early Tuesday morning. It’s a 32-second video message wishing disgraced former bigwig Harvey Weinstein “A happy f**king birthday.”

McGowan enjoys a Twitter following of more than 915,000 people. In her message to Weinstein, she looks into the camera in a tight shot, reminding him that 20 years ago she told him she would be coming for him if he ever laid his hands on another woman again. She says “We win.”

The Twitter video has been retweeted almost 500 times so far and viewed by almost 60,000.

In a report by the Huff Post, Harvey Weinstein had allegedly abused McGowan in 1997, but he has since claimed that all the sexual relations he had with women were all consensual. There have been some 80 alleged victims who have come forth, and all of them claim sexual assault and/or harassment at the hands of the former movie mogul.

McGowan has become a lightning rod for the #MeToo movement, an umbrella of solidarity for millions of people from Hollywood and everywhere else to come forward with their stories.

Meanwhile, The Weinstein Company has fallen on hard times and declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday.

Harry and Meghan Announce Wedding Cake Choice

With only two months to go until the big day, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding plans are in full swing. Today the happy couple revealed their plans for their wedding cake. The spring-themed cake will be a unique lemon elderberry mix with a buttercream frosting. The cake will be decorated with fresh flowers in the spirit of the season.

The honor of official cake baker and designer was awarded to Claire Ptak, owner of the London bakery Violet Cakes. Ptak is known for her preference for using both organic and seasonal ingredients. Like Markle, Ptak hails from the state of California where she perfected her talent for baking under the tutelage of the well-known Alice Waters of the Chez Panisse bakery in Berkeley. Markle met Ptak when she interviewed her for her former lifestyle website,

The May 19th nuptials will be held at Windsor Castle in St. George’s Chapel. The two announced their engagement to the world last November, and the excitement and anticipation have been building since. The cake choice came as a bit of surprise to some palace observers, as it deviated from the traditional fruit cake most often served at royal weddings. However, Prince Harry and Markle are not the first of the new Royals to depart from tradition. Harry’s brother Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton chose a chocolate biscuit groom’s cake to go along with the classic fruitcake for their 2011 nuptials.

Jhene Showers a Doll

So, last week, stories started popping up about Jhene Aiko and her alleged breakup with Big Sean. This article is a good synopsis of the ticktock.

Big Sean is the rapper (of mid-level fame) in Rocket Mortgage’s Super Bowl Ad. He is gaining fans by the day. For her part, Aiko is a talented artist. She sings very mesmerizing ballads about relationships, heartbreaks, and breakups.

The Joe Budden Podcast (JBP) – with its nearly quarter of a million subscribers – remarked on the entire breakup rumor (at 15:32 into the video), adding a particularly juicy piece of speculation to the mix: is Aiko showering enough to maintain healthy relationships? Apparently, Jhene said that she does not shower everyday.

The whole shower discussion started on another podcast-type show, this time back in 2014 when Aiko interviewed on The Breakfast Club.

After Budden reminded his co-hosts of the interview and its contents, the speculation was clear: Aiko’s showering regime, or lack thereof, is prompting all of her breakups, which,in turn, prompts all of her heartbreaking themed music. Sad.

It is just a sad commentary. The implication is that Aiko is such a good looking woman that there must be something wrong with her that the eyes cannot see. The fans and media are missing something because why would anyone cheat on Aiko?

After listing a number of soaps, lotions, potions and creams, Budden and his cohorts then move describe Nicole Scherzinger – the woman alleged to have cheated with Big Sean. Scherzinger is one of the Pussycat Dolls. The Buddens remark and claim that Big Sean clearly cheated because the Doll is, without question, fine.

Ben Affleck’s Back Tattoo Is Real Despite His Previous Denials

Ben Affleck has a massive tattoo of a phoenix on his back, and he’s not covering it up anymore. The actor previously denied that the tattoo was real, claiming in an interview with Mario Lopez that the tattoo was fake and he was sporting it for a movie.

The tattoo was first spotted back in December 2015 after the actor separated from Jennifer Garner. Garner commented on her ex’s tattoo in an interview with “Vanity Fair” in 2016. The actress expressed her displeasure with Affleck’s new ink, saying that if the phoenix rising from the ashes was in reference to their failed marriage, she would take offense to that.

Another former flame, Jennifer Lopez, didn’t appear to like the tattoo either. In a 2016 appearance on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live”, the actress said that the tattoo is “awful” and “too colorful”. She said that Affleck always picks tattoos with too many colors and he should try to choose “cooler” tattoos.

The photographs of Affleck’s tattoo came after paparazzi spotted him training for the Netflix film, “Triple Frontier”, in Hawaii over the weekend. The 45-year-old father of three also has a barbed wire tattoo across his right bicep, an elaborate tattoo of a fish, skull, and crossbones on his right arm, and a dolphin on his right hip. Affleck got the dolphin tattoo to cover up the name of his high-school girlfriend.

Rihanna Conceptualizes Lingerie Line

When Rihanna first started talking about the release of her makeup line Fenty, many were skeptical. After all, she was far from the first celebrity to try and create a beauty company. In fact, many celebrities have failed at trying to do exactly this. However, it quickly became obvious from the reviews that Rihanna had created something amazing. With some of the biggest names in the cosmetic name shouting the praises of Fenty, the public immediately knew that Rihanna’s beauty line was different.

In fact, Fenty is so popular that even some well-known actors wear it when they have big appearances. Actor Daniel Kaluuya, famous for his starring turn in Get Out, stated that he wore Fenty for his recent trip to the Academy Awards red carpet. But Kaluuya is hardly the only actor to get in on the action; with many notable people singing the praises of Fenty, the luscious line is popular with practically everyone.

For this reason, it’s not surprising to see that Ms. Fenty herself has now chosen to start up a lingerie line. Partnering with the TechStyle Fashion Group, Rihanna is pursuing a business model that many people believe will involve subscriptions. As fashion industry insiders have noted, this type of business is a natural fit for the powerhouse performer, who has often chosen to use garments like corsets and pajamas in her costumes and daily apparel.

Tower Records Founder Dies While Watching the Oscars

For those who were a part of Tower Records’ meteoric rise, news of founder Russ Solomon’s passing was bittersweet. The eccentric, beloved figure passed away while watching the Academy Awards this Sunday. According to his wife, the 92-year-old music maestro was drinking a glass of whiskey and requested a refill from her. As usual, he had been chatty, commenting on what he believed to be a bad fashion choice. However, when Solomon’s wife returned with the drink, Solomon had died. It was the perfect ending for a man who lived his life with gusto and enjoyed every minute.

Back in the 1960s, Solomon had started Tower Records in a drugstore. These humble roots would belie what a big deal the chain would eventually become. It wasn’t long before Solomon expanded the store, branching out into different cities. In the seventies and eighties, a store on Sunset Boulevard set the tone for the music industry. With some of the biggest names in the business stopping by, Tower Records cemented its status as a mecca for talent. The chain expanded, eventually doing about a billion dollars in business during 1999. However, the business was disrupted by the rise of file sharing, filing for bankruptcy just five short years later.

Those who worked for the record chain will never forget Solomon’s commitment to great music, as well as his unorthodox business sense. Employees were encouraged to live their own lives and dress as they saw fit, allowing no rules to hold them back.