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Sigourney Weaver’s Mysterious Role On The Defenders Raises Questions

Sigourney Weaver is about to add another sci-fi and fantasy credit to her incredible resume. Weaver is soon to appear as the main villain, Alexandra, in the upcoming Netflix series The Defenders. The Defenders series is — as serious comic book fans already know — is an ensemble adventure featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Maybe The Punisher will pop up in a cameo.


The casting choice of bringing Sigourney Weaver into the Netflix/Marvel fold is brilliant. Why, though, did the creative team choose to create a completely new villain who never appeared in the comic books before? With so many great villains to chose from, this is an odd decision.


Likely, the plan here is to show a little independence and create a completely new villain capable of fitting perfectly into the narrative. Considering only Iron Fist was highly disappointing, the Netflix team is doubtfully going to “swing and miss” with the main villain of an incredibly anticipated series.


Not many details have emerged about Weaver’s villain. Actually, not very many details about the series have been revealed at all. Keeping quiet about the series until the time is right to reveal them makes better marketing sense. Controlling the messaging about a series’ debut helps manage the hype in a good way.


Still, it would be nice if Netflix worked a little harder to explain why so many decades worth of Marvel villains were passed over for a totally new character. And is this character going to present “super powers” or will she be a Kingpin-like malevolent crime boss? The answer remains shrouded in mystery. The mystery won’t remain quiet for long, though. The Defenders is soon to debut on Netflix.


Lionel Richie and James Corden Remake “Dancing on the Ceiling” Video

Lionel Richie stopped by the Late Late Show on May 22, and later that week a remake of his hit video “Dancing on the Ceiling” from the 1980s played, starring Richie and show host James Corden.


In typical Corden style, the video included hilarious touches such as retro hairstyles and goofing around. Both Richie and Corden are shown in the video dancing upside down with their feet on the ceiling while singing the upbeat tune, which is what happened in the original video. As is the case with the original, there is a great deal of fun in the upbeat video.


What didn’t happen in the original but did happen in the Late Late Show rendition is that Corden got stuck on the ceiling while still upside down. That provides a perfect moment for Richie to have some fun teasing Corden by spraying him with mustard and ketchup. Richie then Corden attempts to bring Corden down from up high by throwing objects like a computer keyboard and a soccer ball at him. Meanwhile Corden pleads for someone to help him get down from the ceiling.


Interspersed with the “Ceiling” song are clips sung by Richie of some of his other hit songs, like “Stuck on You” and “All Night Long.”


The song “Dancing on the Ceiling” was released in 1986 during a time when Richie was mega popular and made hit after hit song.


Speaking of videos, Richie starred in a prominent video in recent years: The one for Adele’s hit “Hello.”



Stan Lee Films Marvel’s X-Men TV Show Cameo

Sten Lee has just filmed his most recent cameo for a Marvel Comics property. This time, instead of a motion picture, the iconic Mr. Lee is appearing in the new X-Men television series.


Lee will turn 95 this year and is not even remotely slowing down when it comes to making cameos in Marvel Comics movie and television projects.


Fans have been speculating whether or not the character Lee plays in all the cameos is the same person. Marvel is willing to concede he is. Marvel’s consistent affection for Lee is on display in all the cameos “Stan the Man” performs. The current Disney-owned incarnation of Marvel should be thankful to Lee. He created or co-created almost all the major properties the company is earning money from.


The arrival of an X-Men television series is somewhat ironic. Lee created the X-Men in the 1960’s and, despite his enormous success with other heroes and super teams, the X-Men failed to really garner much traction with readers. The series did poorly and ended up featuring reprints while bordering on cancellation. Eventually, writer Chris Claremont would save the day by reinventing the team in the 1970’s.


The new X-Men series is going to debut on Fox and will surely be a hit on the network. The X-Men have a strong fan following, one that translated into major cinematic success. Why wouldn’t the TV show be a huge hit.


Right now, the Stan Lee cameo can be glimpsed in an on-set photo. Soon, we’ll all be seeing him on the small screen.


Christopher Nolan Crafts the Unique Dunkirk War Film

Christopher Nolan’s new film, Dunkirk, is about to debut its trailer soon. The film details the events surrounding the Miracle of Dunkirk/Operation Dynamo, an operation that saved hundreds of thousands of lives during World War II.


Interestingly, Nolan has stated the project is not a war movie. Where have we heard that type of statement before? Director Francis Ford Coppola made the same statement when he debuted Apocalypse Now in 1979. Coppola’s statement made references to the film being more of a dark adventure set amidst the backdrop of the Vietnam War. With Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan is using both World War II and a very gripping tale from its history to present what is akin to a human interest story.


Audiences love feel good stories. A war film is not exactly the most common cinematic endeavor to present an upbeat tale. The violence and horror of war generally overshadow other dramatic and thematic components of a film. Nolan is willing to take a chance and use the events in the film as a means of showing how the human spirit can be uplifted through helping others.


It takes a unique director with equally unique skills to be able to succeed in this type of approach. Nolan is definitely the one director in Hollywood who is able to deliver the desired outcome in a film. The director’s consistent success of the box office affords him the leeway to make unique and original projects. Other directors would probably have to fight the studio severely to bring their visions to the screen. Christopher Nolan gets the proverbial shadow of a doubt.


Brad Pitt Brings Preferred Director To The World War Z Sequel

Brad Pitt has called on an old friend to help save the day. Pitt has asked David Fincher to helm the sequel to World War Z and Fincher has agreed to helm the project. In doing so, Fincher may have saved the film from being tossed into the pile of “planned sequels that were never made.”


World War Z definitely was a departure for Brad Pitt. The actor is not exactly known for appearing in films known for their zombie mayhem. Pitt’s star power was a fantastic addition to the film. His presence also contributed to the massive box office success of the multimillion-dollar project.


David Fincher worked with Pitt on a number of different projects. Their most famous actor-director team-up was on the cult classic film Fight Club. The realm of World War Z is absolutely different from the land of the Fight Club, but the two talented men should be able to forge of unique vision in the zombie sequel.


Pitt’s desire to bring Fincher aboard shows a commitment to the sequel. An actor who is as big of a star as Pitt is never going to be short the projects to choose from. Pitt’s box office appeal has definitely not diminished over the years. He is still a major bankable star. The actor really has a passion for revisiting the dismal world of the original film. Perhaps there is still something very compelling to tell about the events of the original project.


Then there is the issue of the sequel being as big of a hit as the original. Pitt definitely would not suffer from having another hit film under his belt.