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Life and Death of the Horror Film Legend George Romero

In 1968, George Romero created his first ever horror film, “Night of the Flesh Eaters” which was soon changed to Night of the Living Dead. The depth of imagination and true horror found within Romero’s work has inspired many horror film fanatics into creating their own masterpieces of horror. Although there have been thousands of horror films released since 1968, there has yet to be another like Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

After George Romero’s many years in the horror film industry, he sadly passed way in his sleep Sunday after a battle with lung cancer. His movie producing partner, Peter Grunwald gave his statement to the press soon after his passing. Thankfully, Romero was able to pass peacefully to his favorite movie “The Quiet Man”, with his wife and his daughter Tina close at his side.

If there was any particular way Romero would have wanted to go, it would have gone just that way. Next to the two women he loved the most, along with his favorite horror flick. Although his film producing days may be over, his legend still lives on with some of his greatest films such as Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, and Survival of the Dead. All of which will forever remain in the hearts of every true horror fan because of their unique story lines and the amount of horror Romero was able to squeeze in for the fans. If there was one thing Romero could never be, it was underestimated.

The Return of Letoya Luckett in Entertainment

LeToya Luckett will prove to be a great resource for women that were going through relationship issues. She would create an album that would give a small glimpse into what she was experiencing in her own life with the disconnect from her husband that she recently got divorced from.

Letoya Luckett would be one of the few artists in music, however, that would actually have a divorce that came with a gag order. Unlike the Mary J Blige album and interviews where Mary has been clearly open about the fact that her husband had an affair, Letoya never spoke on what led to the demise of her marriage. She has been giving a general statement about how she has learned from a marriage and that she is ready to love again. Many people are embracing the fact that artists like LeToya Luckett that are part of a well-known circle of celebrities are being open about relationships. LeToya Luckett strikes a resemblance of a typical around the way girl that can be funny and charming at the same time. In her interviews she definitely shows her comedic side, and it is evident that she will soon gain more acting roles for this over-the-top personality that she has.

LeToya Luckett has shown herself to be a multi-faceted entertainer that can dance, sing and act. She is putting all of these things to use as she go for two build her career up again. She definitely slipped away from the spotlight for a moment when she got married and decided to get into more acting roles. As time progressed, LeToya Luckett has become someone that is able to create a completely different role for herself as an entertainer. LeToya Luckett has continued to stay on top of her game in the entertainment industry.

The Letoya Luckett Brings Solo Album and Relationship Talk to Fans

LeToya Luckett is a very interesting person. She has proven herself to be a very intuitive entertainer that knows how to keep her head above water. And all of the years that she has worked in entertainment she has always been able to bounce back from difficult situations and find her niche. Many people may have thought that she would have been overshadowed by Beyonce when it comes to her career because she was in the same group with Beyonce.

There are other members of Destiny’s Child that fell by the wayside, but LeToya Luckett would fight hard for her career and her life as an entertainer. She would not limit herself to music. Latoya would endeavor into acting and build a career that would allow her to bounce between music and acting roles. In 2017 she emerged with a solo album that would become her third successful album throughout her career.

People were intrigued by the fact that she put forth videos that were like many movies before the release of the album. This would give her a chance to embrace her dual-career roles as an actress and a singer. It was definitely an interesting thing for LeToya Luckett to do with the relationship aspect of her album because she was also going through a divorce at the time. She has stated that there is a gag order on the divorce so she is not able to talk about everything that went on in the marriage. It is evident, however, that there has been a lot of heartache in her life, and the music is a clear reflection of that. Many people are praising LeToya Luckett for her open dialogue about relationships and what she has learned through a failed marriage. She wanted to help others through their pain.

Is Scott Disick up to His Old Tricks?

Scott Disick is no stranger to the spotlight. After a marriage to Kourtney Kardashian that produced three children, Disick was constantly in headlines as a part of the Kardashian clan. While Disick and Kardashian’s marriage failed, the couple remained close friends over the years, even sharing a California home together.

In May, Disick made headlines after an excursion in France with Bella Thorne. Although both deny any romantic involvement during the Cannes trip, photos show the couple enjoying close-up time together. Now, Disick is making headlines once again, this time after being spotted with the 19-year old Thorne at CatchNYC in celebration of Steve Aoki’s album release.

Thorne appeared on McCarthy’s SiriusXM satellite radio show just days before the July 17 sighting, telling McCarthy she and Disick have never been together sexually. Whether the relationship is sexual or not, the couple have certainly been spending a lot of time together.

Although the couple say they’re just friends, spectators say the couple was lovey-dovey throughout the night, showing PDA often. Thorne arrived at the event shortly before Disick, and parted shortly before him as well.

It seems that the self-titled ‘Lord’ is up to his old ways again. We all remember the hard-core Disick during his years of partying, which ultimately led to a short stint in rehab, and from spectators POV, the dissolution of his marriage to Kardashian.

The two recent sightings with Thorne aren’t the only ladies that Disick has been seen with. During a party in The Hamptons, Disick was seen making out with Emma Blanchard. He’s also been spotted with other ladies at various clubs and establishments.

Perhaps the new, old Disick has something to do with his ex-wife’s new beau. Kardashian has been dating Younes Bendjima since the end of last year, although she’s still not publicly recognized the relationship.

Letoya Luckett Reigns as True Survivor

When it comes to being a survivor in the entertainment industry
Letoya Luckett knows this role better than anyone. Even though the former group that she was a part of would be the ones that would put fourth a single called “Survivor,” LeToya Luckett would show herself to be the one that actually embodied the spirit of a survivor. She has been apart of the music industry for more than two decades. She has also endeavored into acting over the years. She was a former member of Destiny’s Child, but within the last decade LeToya Luckett has been known much more so for her solo career.

She would become one of the members of Destiny’s Child that would actually go on to have a successful career with cameos on various shows like “The Real Husbands of Hollywood.” Luckett would also appear in movies like “The Preacher’s Daughter.” She would become a very interesting piece of the entertainment puzzle in the urban movie scene. She would also become someone that connected with a lot of R&B fans as an artist that never gave up.

The thing that most people like about LeToya Luckett is that she has always been very open about getting kicked out of Destiny’s Child in her early years in entertainment. She would also be very open about her marriage that has been dissolved this year. People like the fact that LeToya Luckett stays in a place where she is open about things that have happened, but she is not carrying forth any resentment. She has never had anything negative to say about Beyonce. She has never had anything to say about the marriage in a bad way. Latoya has been a mature woman that has believes in learning lessons from every experience that she was involved in.

Kenny Rogers Bids Farewell to Touring After 60 Year Career

Legendary Country music singer Kenny Rogers, 78, has announced he will conclude his final world tour, culminating his 60 year touring career during a final show this October.

Rogers announced the Nashville show this week and said one of country’s most popular singers, Dolly Parton, will perform with him during the show. The two had a world-wide hit with their 1983 single “Islands in the Stream.” which still enjoys significant air play today, more than thirty years after its release. The song, written by the Bee Gees, became a crossover hit in both the Country music and Pop genres. The success of the song spurred more than thirty years of periodic collaboration between the two artists. Both Rogers and Parton say this will be their final performance together.

Rogers said the night will serve as a celebration. His six decade career has earned Rogers three Grammy awards; two for Best Male Vocal Performance for “The Gambler” and “Lucille,” respectively. Rogers third Grammy was for the 1988 collaboration with Ronnie Milsap on “Make no Mistake, She’s Mine.” Rogers was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame during 2013, but has never been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

Also slated to perform with Rogers during the show are Allison Krauss, Little Big Town, Jamey Johnson, Idina Menzel and cult favorites The Flaming Lips. Each of the guest performers will take time covering Rogers numerous hits. The all-star farewell concert is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., October 25 at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.

The Resilience of Letoya Luckett

As a former member of Destiny’s Child
Letoya Luckett knows a lot about being in the spotlight. She was originally part of a group that featured Beyonce, but that relationship would be soured when she was replaced by another member. LeToya Luckett dropped out of the scene for a moment after that happened, but she has continuously pursued her dreams of being in the show business Arena.

She has endeavored into acting over the years, and she has appeared in several movies and television shows. Latoya never let the fact that she was dropped from the Destiny’s Child group affect her career. In fact, she may have become the underdog that fans embraced because of the disconnection from Destiny’s Child.

Luckett created a very interesting album in 2017 where she would catch people up to speed on what has been going on in her life. She has been somewhat transparent about the fact that her marriage did not work and that she is going through a divorce. There is a gag order on the divorce, however, so she has not given fans everything. She did, however, want people to know that she was still interested in being in love again and she wanted a husband and a family.

LeToya Luckett would prove to be a very resilient person that would not let bad brakes in her professional or business life stop her from pursuing her dreams. Letoya has gained a lot of fans because she has continued to be open and honest. She has spoken about upcoming roles in entertainment where she may even get to play Dionne Warwick in a biopic. LeToya Luckett has been able to make a great career for herself even though she had a hard road to finding success. Luckett has achieved many great things.

Stallone Is Writing Creed 2

Anyone who thought Sylvester Stallone would completely leave the Rocky franchise behind was sorely mistaken. The actor is hard at work writing the script for Creed 2. The original Creed was a critically-acclaimed spinoff of the original Rocky franchise. The character of Rocky Balboa played a prominent role in the film, but Rocky’s tenure in the upcoming tenure in the films was never intended to be a long one. Creed, the title character, takes center stage.

While Rocky Balboa may be bowing out, Stallone definitely is not. People forget that Stallone not only played Rocky, he created the character. Stallone wrote the original script for Rocky in the early 1970’s and turned down six-figure payoffs to sell the script and walk away. Stallone held out to be cast in the lead. He got his way and cinema history was made. And James Caan, the studio’s choice for Rocky, went onto other things. Stallone would go on and write the first six films in the Rocky series.

Stallone noted he was moving away from acting due to the physical toll. Plans for a new Rambo movie were scrapped when Stallone, essentially, said he could not perform the character effectively at his age. His role in The Expendables franchise seemed to be a perfect one, but Stallone has bailed out on the new entry in the series. Creative differences were at the root of his departure.

Stallone may be looking at writing and producing films for the next several years. A sequel to Creed surely will be a box office hit. Look for a number of Creed movies to appear in theaters over the next several years. Stallone’s name probably will be attached to them.

Tom Cruise Is a Reliable Action Star

The movie industry is a very tricky thing. Studios invest millions of dollars in movies they believe will be huge hits. Of course, things do not always work out that way. The Hollywood movie studios often suffer massive losses on flops with big A-list stars. ‘The Lone Ranger’ starring Johnny Depp is an example of a highly anticipated and very expensive movie that did nothing at the box office. There are very few stars these days that can be depended on to make money with almost every movie they release. Dwayne Johnson has turned into one of those guys. However, he has not been around for nearly as long as Tom Cruise. He has been a box office star for more than three decades. The remarkable thing is that Cruise shows no signs of slowing down even though he is well into his 50s.


Cruise still insists on doing most of his own stunts. Fans have responded to his enthusiasm by continuing to see his movies in very large numbers. The ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise has become one of the most lucrative in the history of movies. Cruise has often been asked why he has been able to have a career that has lasted so long when so many other stars fade away. He credits his success to his ability to pick quality scripts and surround himself with good people. He is very picky about the directors he will work with. He also demands that the crews that work on his films be very experienced.


Cruise has not been doing a lot of drama films in recent years. He has been focusing mainly on the big budget summer blockbusters that tend to make a lot of money. This has been good for his career and his bank account. He is currently filming the sixth installment in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise that will be released in 2018. He says that doing his own stunts in action movies has kept him young.




Taylor Swift Fans Rejoice: Her Entire Music Catalog Is Now on Streaming Services

Fans of Taylor Swift have many more reasons to be happy these days. The pop superstar singer just made her entire music catalog available on streaming services.


Big Hits Available Now


On Thursday, June 8, Taylor Nation announced via Twitter that Swift’s entire music catalog would suddenly become available to stream as the clock struck midnight that night:


“In celebration of 1989 selling over 10 million albums worldwide and the RIAA’s 100 million song certification, Taylor wants to thank her fans by making her entire back catalog available to all streaming services tonight at midnight.”


This streaming access includes literally all of Swift’s music, such as her mega popular and highly acclaimed album 1989, which includes such hits as “Blank Space” and “Style.” The music is available to stream online with services such as Spotify,


Future Streaming Availability Unclear


It has not been announced whether the move to make all of Swift’s music available to stream will be permanent or just temporary. So for now, fans can listen to their hearts’ content.


At one point in the past, Swift’s music was available on streaming services. Then she pulled that in 2014. So the new announcement reflects a change of heart or change of pace. Either way, fans are rejoicing at the easy access to her music.


An Interesting Coincidence


Fans couldn’t help but notice that Swift’s release of her music via streaming services coincided with the exact moment that longstanding rival Katy Perry’s album was released. Whether this was a coincidence or not is uncertain. No matter what, Swift’s music is sure to be heard far and wide on streaming services.