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Damon Wayans Posts Injury Video on Twitter

Damon Wayans made the news recently regarding his run on the Lethal Weapon television show. Unfortunately, the news surrounding him involves a dubious controversy. Wayans displayed a video that clearly displayed the unfortunate and bloody injury he suffered on the set of the television show. Wayans suffered the injury due to shrapnel hitting him on the set.

Former co-star Clayne Crawford directed the episode. Blame has been levied on Crawford’s shoulders for incidents such as these. In fact, issues about workplace safety led to the highly-publicized firing of Crawford. Wayans and Crawford ended up with a strained relationship after the shrapnel incident. Needless to say, the network wasn’t too pleased to discover problems exist between the two starts.

Wayans posted the video to address fan anger over Crawford’s firing. Blame seems to be levied at Wayans, but it would be difficult to blame Wayans for being injured on the set. Wayans tried to tell his side of the story on Twitter, but now seems to feel regrets about placing the video on Twitter. Wayans deleted his Twitter account as a means of moving away from the controversy.

Sometimes, it can seem like a good idea to address matters on social media. Public figures sometimes learn that mentioning something on social media can also generate unwanted controversy.

Reportedly, Crawford’s firing was unavoidable. The third season of Lethal Weapon either wouldn’t or couldn’t happen if Crawford returned. Seann William Scott of American Pie fame takes Crawford’s place in the upcoming third season.

Forget About Son Elon; Maye Musk Making Model’s Comeback With TV Ads

It would appear that most people have heard of Elon Musk and his enormous wealth through ventures like becoming the CEO of electric-car manufacturer Tesla and co-founding the online payment system called PayPal.

However, someone close to the famous businessman is trending big time on social media.

It’s his mother, Maye Musk, and she also possesses quite the entrepreneurial spirit and has relaunched her modeling career at age 70. According to a report in Forbes magazine, the striking mom of billionaire Elon Musk is quickly building a new portfolio of modeling gigs that would put other much younger models to shame.

Maye Musk and her 5’8″ slender frame have been appearing all over the place for major brands. For example, the mother of three and grandmother of ten has walked for designers like Dolce & Gabbana and shared the spotlight with leading model Karlie Kloss in an ad for Swarovski. Musk is a new face for CoverGirl makeup and also for skin care giant Olay and appears in television commercials for both.

Musk can also be found these days in the pages of Vogue Germany, Australia, Britain and Korea.

The glamorous mature model is signed with the IMG company; that is an agency that also represents happening models like Gisele, Gigi Hadid, Ashley Graham, Lily Aldridge and Alessandria Ambrosio.

Maye Musk likes keeping busy and learning new things and has a background as a dietician. She went back to school and got her master’s degree in 1983.

Famous ‘New Journalist’ Author Tom Wolfe Dead At Age 88

Most folks knew him through his well-known works like The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, The Bonfire of the Vanities, The Right Stuff and classic others.

Today, people are mourning the passing of American writer and journalist Tom Wolfe. A report in Tuesday’s Huffington Post states that Wolfe died at a New York City hospital at age 88 due to an infection. His agent confirmed the news to the New York Times; Wolfe leaves behind his wife Sheila, daughter Alexandra and son Tommy.

Tom Wolfe was also well-known for attending public events in a signature white suit, his favorite.

He was called a pioneer for changing the face of reporting with his book The New Journalism in 1973. In it, he showed how journalists could offer the kinds of literary delight found in books with a blend of hard reporting.

The clever author with the satiric wit came up with some phrases people have frequently used like the “Me” generation and “radical chic.”

Wolfe had often said that man is concerned about how his peers look at him. Status and reputation were important to the author, and that is partly why he enjoyed dressing like a businessman in his white suits, silk ties and high-shirt collars.

Tom Wolfe was born in Virginia and had earlier pursued an athletic career in major league baseball. He won multiple literary citations, including the American Book Award for The Right Stuff.

Funnyman Jim Carrey Paints New Bloody Portrait Of NRA As ‘National Disgrace’

This time, his bullseye is on the NRA (National Rifle Association) and its new president, Oliver North, reported the HuffPost on Tuesday. He shared the caustic painting with his social media fans on Twitter. His artwork and political activism have made him quite popular there with more than 18.5 million followers and on the rise. Check out his rendering of North and the NRA here.

Carrey refers to the NRA as a “national disgrace,” and his new painting depicts Oliver North with a large snake coiled about his neck and chest. Above the portrait are the large initials of the NRA in dripping blood. The comedian-turned-political artist calls greed the venom that is killing America and suggested that the NRA organization is full of sadists and scoundrels. So far, the painting has received some 60,000 “likes” on Twitter.

Carrey didn’t stop there; he also unleashed a blistering portrait of President Trump’s new personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. He pokes fun at Giuliani’s teeth, saying the former New York City mayor only bothered to bleach his upper teeth. The painting depicts that Carrey observation.

The funnyman with the sarcastic stroke of the paintbrush also rendered a portrait of Vice President Mike Pence. He refers to Pence as “Psycho Mike-O.”

Carrey seems to have retired from Hollywood to concentrate on his painting.

Author and Journalist Tom Wolfe Dead at 88

The country lost one of its greatest writing pioneers of recent times when author and journalist Tom Wolfe passed away on Monday. The author of the bestsellers “The Right Stuff” and “The Bonfire of the Vanities” died after being hospitalized with an infection in New York City, according to a statement by his agent Lynn Nesbit. He was 88 years old.

Wolfe was best known for introducing the literary style now known as New Journalism. Employed in non-fiction pieces, this style relies on detailed descriptions which come as a result of the authors immersing themselves in their subjects. Through the use of extensive dialogue and various points of view, authors are able to more fully detail their writings.

Born in Richmond, Virginia in 1930, Wolfe eventually received a degree from Washington and Lee University where he honed his writing skills as sports editor of the college newspaper and co-founder of the literary magazine, Shenandoah. Wolfe went on to earn a Ph.D. at Yale University. Wolfe began his career as a reporter for the Springfield Union, eventually working his way up to the Washington Post and the New York Herald-Tribune.

Wolfe dabbled in a variety of writing forms, from newspaper reporting to non-fiction to fiction. The highly-acclaimed “The Bonfire of the Vanities” was his first attempt at fiction writing and the book went on to become a major motion picture, solidifying Wolfe’s place as one of America’s greatest writers.

Gibson and His War on Mediocrity

War movies have always been a staple for fans of both violence and drama. The depictions of heroism and courage often portrayed in these movies help us as viewers to understand how war can be a terrible yet powerful tool to inform us on the decisions that are made and how it can influence the future. This is the case for the upcoming movie Destroyer, a WW2 film set during the Battle of Okinawa and directed by long time fan favorite Mel Gibson. Gibson is better known for his past films Hacksaw Ridge, Braveheart, We Were Soldiers, as well as other pieces of historical fiction.

While Gibson has been working on increasing his presence as an actor after a period of hiatus, he has decided to return to Hollywood in order to work on his directorial filming as well. As outlined on Screenrant (, The upcoming film is said to star Gibson’s own long term girlfriend Rosalind Ross and will undoubtedly be another masterpiece to add to Mel Gibson’s already impressive directorial resume. If the film is going to be anything like what we saw with Hacksaw Ridge, a movie about a pacifist during the war in the Pacific, then we as moviegoers are in for a treat.

It is not yet known when Destroyer will be released. Cast information, as well as the more detailed forms of information, are still cloudy. What we know is that Mel Gibson has shocked us before with his work and will again.

Kanye West Debuts Lots Of New Yeezy Sneakers On Social Media

It isn’t easy being Yeezy when you go from hip-hop royalty to designing footwear. Kanye West’s latest Yeezy sneakers were making their debut on his personal Twitter page on Friday, and some folks don’t know what to make of the unique-looking trainers that have not been released yet.

A few have said the Yeezy slides, for instance, look like blue shark gummies, and others have quipped that the bulky footwear resembles Legos.

Kanye West has made his recent return to social media, breaking his longterm absence from sites like Twitter. Now, Yeezy is happy to return with thoughts of wisdom and his flair for fashion and brand building as reported in Huff Post Celebrity.

West has been using Twitter to tease his fans (more than 10.7 million) about his upcoming Yeezy season of fashion and hints of a new album or two possibly dropping in June and a coffee table book coming out in the same month. The rap star has also tweeted various sample fabrics photos and the interior of his Yeezy design showroom.

Yeezy’s stylish wife Kim Kardashian West likes premiering the latest Yeezy fashion and footwear, and his new Track Pant Boots are certainly one of a kind. The boots are worn with track pants tucked in and rise to just below knee-level.

Kim KW would look amazing modeling this edgy new footwear.

Stay tuned, Kanye West fans; the designer has developed an Adidas Yeezy basketball shoe in a high-top sneaker.

Jim Carrey Paints Extremely Unflattering Portrait Of Trump Lawyer Cohen

Jim Carrey is known to most people as a great comedian and actor, but these days, the title of artist would aptly apply.

The funnyman has been turning out nasty portrait after nasty portrait of President Trump, members of the administration, and his newest masterpiece, that of Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Carrey enjoys displaying his work on social media sites like his verified Twitter account.

The painting follows Carrey’s signature pop style art; it’s full of vibrant color, and one expert called Carrey’s work a cross between a Warhol and a Matisse. In other words, a lot of people say that the comedian-turned-artist is actually quite talented.

The Huffington Post reported that Carrey’s portrait of Attorney Michael Cohen is titled “Auto-moronic ASSphyxiation. ;^P.” The political painting shows a green-faced Cohen with vulgar text around the portrait image. The words go back to a threat Cohen made to the media in 2015. In part, Cohen allegedly said he would do something “f***ing disgusting” to them if the media did not tread lightly.

Meantime, Attorney Cohen is in hot water as a federal probe continues following a recent FBI raid at his law office. Investigators are looking at records related to a $130,000 payment Cohen made to porn star Stormy Daniels. The hush money was given to keep her silent about her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Jim Carrey also recently tweeted a portrait of FOX-News TV host Sean Hannity in the image of a manatee.

Jim Carrey Picks Up Paintbrush Again To Defame President Trump And His Medical Report

Funnyman Jim Carrey is obsessed with painting and political commentary these days, and his artwork speaks volumes.

Once again, the comedic actor-turned artist has been busy putting his thoughts and talent on to the canvas. His frequent target is President Trump, and on Wednesday, Carrey shared a new piece with the world, according to a report by the Huff Post.

The painting depicts Donald Trump barechested and standing behind his former personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein as he dictates to the doctor a glowing report on his physical health.

The piece is titled “Hippocratic Oaf,” and social media can’t get enough of the painting. Check it out here.

Carrey includes text with the painting as Trump allegedly dictates to the typing Dr. Bornstein what to place in the medical report. Phrases like “extraordinary stamina and urine sample delicious” are used.

Bornstein is no longer Trump’s personal physician after the doctor claims the president sent his bodyguard and two other Trump aides to raid the office and take all of Trump’s medical records on February 3, 2017.

Apparently, the president was angry that Dr. Bornstein told the media that he had prescribed a hair growth medicine for Trump for years.

Bornstein recently told the media that he felt like he had been raped after the surprise raid.

President Trump has had no comment about the alleged possession of the original and only copy of his charts and lab reports. However, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims the procurement of Trump’s records was not conducted as a raid and that the transfer to the White House was the standard and normal procedure for any new president.

Dr. Bornstein says that he was never given the HIPAA release form, so it’s a violation of patient privacy law.

Kanye West Pens Philosophy Book on Twitter

It’s been a long time since the public has heard from rapper Kanye West, but that has all changed within the past week or so. After a triumphant return to Twitter, the megastar revealed that his new album with Kid Cudi will debut on June 8. In addition, he also mentioned that he is now crafting a book on philosophy—on Twitter. Although many of his critics may scoff at this news, Yeezy’s tweets thus far have been introspective and fascinating, focusing on his life as an artist. Dispensing advice for his followers, such as advising them to eschew the idea of constantly being in competition, West seems to have struck a nerve with many. Indeed, his quotes are racking up a record amount of likes and retweets.

He said that the reason he is putting the book up on Twitter is that he does not want to be constrained by the ideas of publishers and others who could aim to dilute his message or alter it. Claiming that he does not see this book as a financial venture, West has now opined on everything from time theory to borrowing nuggets from other artists in order to create something new. For those who have put West in the “rant” category, these new tweets showcase a much different, more enlightened side of the 40-year-old rapper and father of three.