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Lionel Richie and James Corden Remake “Dancing on the Ceiling” Video

Lionel Richie stopped by the Late Late Show on May 22, and later that week a remake of his hit video “Dancing on the Ceiling” from the 1980s played, starring Richie and show host James Corden.


In typical Corden style, the video included hilarious touches such as retro hairstyles and goofing around. Both Richie and Corden are shown in the video dancing upside down with their feet on the ceiling while singing the upbeat tune, which is what happened in the original video. As is the case with the original, there is a great deal of fun in the upbeat video.


What didn’t happen in the original but did happen in the Late Late Show rendition is that Corden got stuck on the ceiling while still upside down. That provides a perfect moment for Richie to have some fun teasing Corden by spraying him with mustard and ketchup. Richie then Corden attempts to bring Corden down from up high by throwing objects like a computer keyboard and a soccer ball at him. Meanwhile Corden pleads for someone to help him get down from the ceiling.


Interspersed with the “Ceiling” song are clips sung by Richie of some of his other hit songs, like “Stuck on You” and “All Night Long.”


The song “Dancing on the Ceiling” was released in 1986 during a time when Richie was mega popular and made hit after hit song.


Speaking of videos, Richie starred in a prominent video in recent years: The one for Adele’s hit “Hello.”



Vin Diesel and the Rebirth of Groot

Vin Diesel is currently riding very high on the box office horizon. The Fate of the Furious has broken the one billion dollar mark in the global ticket sales. The car chase movie will still be in theaters when Vin Diesel’s other film hits screens. Diesel is returning to the role of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. — sort of.


Diesel will be playing Baby Groot, a reborn version of his original character. Diesel has also pointed out that the character of Groot will return to adulthood in the near future. Eventually, a completely different Groot is going to end up on screen. Surely, the actor is thrilled to be able to develop the supporting character in such a unique way.


Few actors enjoy playing the same role in the same way over and over again. This is one reason why a popular actor will leave a successful movie franchise. Vin Diesel is being afforded a rather nice benefit with the way Groot is being scripted. The strange tree being is clearly positioned in a supporting role, but Groot is not a “throwaway” character. Instead of simply putting Diesel’s name and limited voice contribution to the project, Marvel is allowing the actor to have fun with an interesting space tree humanoid.


A slight amount of intrigue is gained by crafting the rebirth of Groot as a continual process through a series of films. Diesel is sure to be thrilled with how things are going to work. Fans can share his enjoyment by following along with Groot’s development.




Brad Pitt Brings Preferred Director To The World War Z Sequel

Brad Pitt has called on an old friend to help save the day. Pitt has asked David Fincher to helm the sequel to World War Z and Fincher has agreed to helm the project. In doing so, Fincher may have saved the film from being tossed into the pile of “planned sequels that were never made.”


World War Z definitely was a departure for Brad Pitt. The actor is not exactly known for appearing in films known for their zombie mayhem. Pitt’s star power was a fantastic addition to the film. His presence also contributed to the massive box office success of the multimillion-dollar project.


David Fincher worked with Pitt on a number of different projects. Their most famous actor-director team-up was on the cult classic film Fight Club. The realm of World War Z is absolutely different from the land of the Fight Club, but the two talented men should be able to forge of unique vision in the zombie sequel.


Pitt’s desire to bring Fincher aboard shows a commitment to the sequel. An actor who is as big of a star as Pitt is never going to be short the projects to choose from. Pitt’s box office appeal has definitely not diminished over the years. He is still a major bankable star. The actor really has a passion for revisiting the dismal world of the original film. Perhaps there is still something very compelling to tell about the events of the original project.


Then there is the issue of the sequel being as big of a hit as the original. Pitt definitely would not suffer from having another hit film under his belt.



Ellen Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary Of Coming Out On National Television

Do you remember April 30, 1997? It was a milestone for the gay and lesbian rights movement. It’s the night that Ellen DeGeneres came out to the world on her #1 rated sitcom, Ellen. There was much backlash at that time as 44,000 people tuned-in to watch the episode. After her honesty, she sank into a deep depression as one-by-one her sponsors pulled from the show. Nearly bankrupt and socially spent, she proves that life does go on, eventually.


Time Life Magazine is honoring her with a commemorative article to celebrate two decades of growth. From rock bottom, the star picked herself up and re-branded. Today, many in the gay and lesbian community thank her. She was a pioneer in being honest with yourself and others about your sexual orientation.


In the article, she admits that she risked it all. However, she tells a very dark story about how lying became overwhelming. She was tired of being dishonest with her family and fans. Coming out was freeing, and even though it wasn’t good at first, it allowed her to be who she really was without fear.


Today, there are gay and lesbian actors and actresses who have freedom because of her bravery. It’s acceptable to be open and honest on television too, which is something Ellen wanted more than anything. She is proof positive that life can knock you down, but if you keep on fighting, then you can make it back on top. Her hit talk show is now entering its 14th year with increased ratings. Hats off to Ellen for paving the way for others.



Jonathan Demme, a Multi-Talented Director, Dies at 73.

On April 26, the world lost a multi-talented director. Jonathan Demme boasted an unusually eclectic resume, including everything from the horror classic The Silence of the Lambs to Stop Making Sense, a well-regarded concert film featuring the Talking Heads.  Demme was 73.


Demme began his directing career in the early 1970s with low budget movies for B-movie king Roger Corman. By the mid-1980s, he had branched out into a more varied bill of fare. Romantic dramas such as Swing Shift and Something Wild were popular and critical successes.


In the 1990s, Demme directed two films back-to-back by which he may be best remembered. Silence of the Lambs eventually became a worldwide hit and garnered five Oscars, the only horror film to date so to accomplish this feat. Next came Philadelphia, one of the first films to intelligently and sensitively address HIV/AIDS and homosexuality to be released by a major studio.


Demme was also known as a director of high-quality theatrical documentaries of musical acts. He directed concert films of the Talking Heads, Neil Young, Robyn Hitchcock, and other artists. In these films, he favored a somewhat naturalistic style that focused less on the audience and more on the artists. In the hands of less inspired directors, concert films remain a fairly disposable genre. Demme brought respectability to the concert movie while exposing the artists to a larger audience.


Demme is survived by his wife, Joanne Howard, and his three children.

Joanna Gaines Is Not Leaving “Fixer Upper”

It’s been a busy year with TLC’s hit show Fixer Upper. Not only is the Magnolia brand booming, but they are also chasing the rumor mill too. The latest rumor to hit the press is that Joanna Gaines is leaving the show. Gaines took to the message boards to calm the viewer’s minds. She encouraged everyone not to believe what they read in the tabloids.


Gaines is not leaving the show. She wanted to encourage her fans to look for official announcements instead of hopping on the gossip train. The Gaines’ careers are moving at the speed of light. They are so busy that they admit it is hard to keep their parents in the loop of what is going on.


Just last week, the message boards and social media were lit up with a story that Joanna was expecting her fifth baby. Those rumors were also false. She cautioned readers to stay away from these big stories. She said, if there is something big to report, they will put it on their site first. While a fifth baby would be a welcomed blessing, there is just no time right now in their schedules.


They are currently filming season five of their show and enjoying all the fame and publicity that comes with it. They know that it is just here for a season. Right now, the Gaines are focused on their career. Another child could change their time schedule and their official celebrity status. For now, they love their home flipping business in Waco, Texas.

Johnny Depp Surprises Guests At Disneyland

Folks at Disneyland got the shock of their life yesterday. It was during the Pirates of the Caribbean ship ride that Captain Jack Sparrow made a grand appearance. That’s right, Johnny Depp was in full character to stun and amaze the guests.


Throughout the ride, there are animatronic versions of his character. When he posed next to a character, the crowd went wild. A few guests saw that Disney had official videographers there recording the events, but they didn’t realize what was going on till moments later.


When rumblings got out that Depp was in the park, the line became incredibly long. Depp was standing near the area where riders got into their boats. He stopped for photo opportunities, and a few videos were taken of the events. One lady, Lauren Cordelia, who also happens to live in the area, got a call from a friend telling her that Depp was in the park. She rushed over to see if she could see her idol. She did get to see him, just as he was walking down the stairs. Though she was happy that he spared a couple of times with the security guards.


Next month, Disney will open their new sequel “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” Fans have been waiting a long time for this movie. It was a nice surprise that was good publicity for the upcoming flick.


Message boards have been lit up all afternoon with those in California sharing pictures and videos of yesterday’s events. It seems like they were in the right place at the right time.


Elton John Postpones Tour to Recuperate from Illness

Legendary rock musician Elton John is currently recovering from a near-fatal bacterial infection. John, 70, is believed to have contracted the ailment while on tour in South America earlier this month. John was touring South America as part of his “Wonderful Crazy Night Tour.” He and his band had played four dates in Brazil before moving onto Chile for a single date on April 10.


Flying home to England, John is reported to have become “violently ill” en route. Upon his arrival, he was whisked away to a hospital for emergency treatment. He spent twelve days there, with two days believed to have been spent in an intensive care ward. According to his publicist, he is expected to make a full recovery.


John has had to cancel eight shows scheduled for the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada between April and May. A May 6 concert in Bakersfield, California has also been canceled, but John is expected to honor his English dates starting in June.


Elton has taken to Twitter to thank his fans for the “avalanche of well wishes” in the wake of his illness. He reported himself “resting well and looking forward to getting back on tour.”


 According to some sources , John’s family and friends are concerned that John’s touring schedule is too punishing for a man his age. Despite this, John has not signaled any intent to slow down or to retire from the stage.


Throughout his career, Elton John has released more than thirty albums and has sold over 300,000,000 records worldwide.



Roseanne Ready for a Revival

The growing trend for classic TV shows getting remade may have another series joining the fold. In preliminary discussions, Rosanne Barr, John Goodman, and Sara Gilbert have all expressed a willingness to bring Roseanne back for an eight episode run. The sitcom, which ran for nine seasons from 1988-1997, is considered by many to be one of the finest television shows to depict an American working class family.


The show’s finale was also controversial. In the last episode, Barr’s lead character Roseanne Connor revealed that the previous eight seasons were only a fiction that the character had made up. Barr and original series producers Bruce Helford and Tom Werner are expected to address continuity issues resulting from this finale if they plan to use Goodman, whose character died in the season previous.


Roseanne was a popular and critical hit when it originally aired, receiving numerous Emmy and Golden Globe awards. It has been run in perennial syndication since leaving the air, most recently appearing on the Nick at Nite and Oxygen networks. Both ABC and Netflix have expressed interest in picking up this series remake.


The show would join other popular shows of the 1980s and 1990s in returning to the air for an updated run. These include Full House, Will and Grace, The X-Files, and others, proving that a good series will always find a new audience.



Celebrities: Alec Baldwin Wants a Raise

Actor Alec Baldwin created news headlines recently when he informed an interviewer he may not reprise his humorous characterization of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live next year without a “lot more money”. While he explained during an interview he loved the show and enjoyed working with the creative cast, he noted his limited availability posed challenges to regular appearances.


The star explained he also feels that by September, many members of the public may not welcome SNL sketches involving the Trump Administration with good humor. As the anniversary of the national election approaches, he doubts Americans will find very much amusement in politics.


Alec Baldwin recently released his memoirs. Nevertheless recounts events during his life and career, including his first meeting with his 30 Rock television series co-star Tina Fey (then a writer and performer on SNL). He will make several public appearances during April to promote the book.


The actor frequently speaks in public about political issues. For instance, he recently helped express the viewpoint of many Hamptons residents who oppose the construction of a proposed luxury golf club and resort in East Quogue, New York for environmental reasons. The issues has divided celebrities, with some well-known public figures such as Edward Norton voicing support for the project.


Although he still expresses surprise over the 2016 presidential election results, Alec Baldwin, a Democrat, informed Vanity Fair recently he harbors no personal ill will towards President Donald Trump. He explained during an interview that he could not satirize the President effectively for comedic purposes if he hated him. President Trump has expressed admiration for Alec Baldwin as an actor, but has not welcomed his performances in the widely popular satirical sketches on SNL.


During his career, Alec Baldwin has appeared in many acclaimed stage and film productions. He first rose to prominence in television roles, then starred in a series of hit films. His performances earned him numerous honors, including two Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes. His brothers have also achieved success as actors.