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Services Provided by the Award-Winning Railcar Company, National Steel Car

National Steel Car is one of America’s premier railroad manufacturing companies. For the past 100 plus years, this railroad freight, engineering establishment has earned itself a stellar reputation for its innovative manufacturing approaches. National Steel continues to exceed the expectations of, not only their global clientele, but those set by the industry as well.


ISO 9001:2008 Certification


National Steel is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturing company. It is the only ISO certified railroad and freight engineering firm in the entire North American continent. National Steel Car has scooped several prestigious awards, for instance, the TTX SECO accolade.


Ravenous Testimonials


The dealers are termed as trustworthy and remarkably devoted to their jobs, according to their many customers. The railcars are of superb quality and customers never have to worry about delayed shipments, ever!


Services Offered


  • National Steel Car sells vital spare parts for railroad cars. Parts like fulcrum brackets, brake piping, handholds and ladder rounds, body bolsters and trucks, and wheelsets.
  • The company provides after-sales services for railroad cars.


Corporate Social Responsibility


This Hamilton, Ontario-based company is actively involved in charity work. They’ve continued to sponsor local artists and performers in the city for years on end. The staff at National Steel Car often takes time off their busy schedules to organize local food drives for the less fortunate members of that community. Some of the beneficiaries of the philanthropic endeavors of the manufacturing firm include The Opera Hamilton, United Way, Theatre Aquarius Center for the Arts and the Salvation Army.


About National Steel Car


This manufacturing company now produces well over 12,000 quality railcars per year. The Ontario-based firm has a strong and a dedicated staff of over 3,000. National Steel Car started out as the Imperial Car Company in June of 1912. Visit the company’s official website and take a walk down memory lane of the incredible transformation National Steel Car has undergone over the 100 years. While on the website, you can also check to see if you qualify for any of the amazing job opportunities availed to professionals like engineers and accountants. Read More.


About Greg James Aziz


Gregory James Aziz, born in April 1949 is a highly respected American business executive. He serves as the President and C.E.O of National Steel Car. Greg holds an economics major from the University of Western Ontario. Previously, Greg Aziz worked at Affiliated Foods-owned by his family. Under his able stewardship, the food company expanded and spread its wings to South America, Canada and in Europe.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Invest in Quality Fashion Intelligent Beauty




Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are not only entrepreneurs but also, successful investors who have conquered the fashion industry. Don Ressler started off as a businessman when he established Fitnessheaven.Com. In 2011, the firm was bought by Intermix Media. Don merged with Adam Goldenberg who was the then Chief Operating Officer of Alena Media at 19 years old. Although the company made over millions, News Corp purchased it in 2005. Adam and Don were left out of the profit sharing business hence their decision to quit the business and form their company. Having known that they had excellent marketing skills especially online, they formed an advertising agency. The two held a meeting with the former team of Alena and developed strategies for the success of the company. Adam’s living room was their office. Brand Ideas was the name of the enterprise, but after two weeks, it became Intelligent Beauty.






Intelligent Beauty traded and harvested enough profits to form another company called DERMSTORE. DERMSTORE was a skincare cosmetics shop which offered its services online. Two years after its formation, it gave life to SENSA, a weight loss system. SENSA employed Dr. Alan Hirsch who was in charge of product development. The two companies never released profit statements though they made so much according to the growth reports. In 2008, the firm received a donation of $43 million from Crossover Ventures, a technology company.






Having launched two companies from its commencement, Intelligent Beauty founded JustFab in 2010.JustFab accepted a donation of $33 million from Matrix Partners, which Don Ressler negotiated. Joining the team as President of the company as well as Creative Director was Kimora Lee Simmons. By December of the same year of formation, the company had registered four million people. In April 2012, JustFab announced its six million membership mark. Adam and Don Ressler raised another round of funding leading them to secure $76 million. The amount was generated from Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures and Matrix Partners.






Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg discovered that through the success of JustFab in the first two years of operation, the firm started poaching investors hence its expansion in new markets. Since most of their clients were parents, JustFab invested in Fabkids in 2013. It also purchased European Online Fashion site called The Fab Shoes. End of 2013 marked a huge success for JustFab in Europe as it had acquired 3 million members. In October the same year, JustFab generated Fabletics. This marked the beginning of a high-quality athletic wear portal co-founded by Kate Hudson. The line focuses on providing athletic wear in all sizes for a healthier and comfortable lifestyle.


ApparelNews covers more about the brand Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are trying to build on their news tag page here:

How Doe Deere Rebels Against the Laws of Fashion

Acclaimed queen of the unicorns and CEO of Lime Crime’s makeup line, Doe Deere never restricts herself to the stifling fashion and beauty laws. As a rebel, she sees them more as suggestions to help you on your path to hotness. Featuring gorgeous colorful locks and unique makeup color palettes, it’s not at all surprising that Doe Deere has busted through the walls of fashion like a rainbow wrecking ball. Check out her four favorite fashion rules to break.

1. Don’t pair bold eyes with bold lip colors.
If you haven’t heard this one before, you’re definitely in the minority. One of the oldest rules in the book, “they” say you should never couple more than one bold feature with your makeup. Well your favorite beauty icon, Doe Deere finds herself breaking this law on the daily and she’s not the only one. Take a look at any of the most beautiful celebs and you’ll notice smoky eyes and bold lips are simply stunning. So keep things exciting and fresh by having fun with glam looks.

2. You shouldn’t mix too many colors.
Since “too many colors” is obviously objective, this rule is a toughie. However, Doe Deere firmly believes that there’s absolutely no shame in the game if you don a massive splash of color. This is a fantastic fashion rule to break whether it’s for your hair color, clothes or even your makeup. For those a bit shy when it comes to jumping into the rainbow right away, first try dabbling in the color palette with a touch here and there.

3. Never wear socks with open toes or heels.
Reigning unicorn queen, Doe Deere has changed the game with this “grandma trend.” You’ll be surprised at just how much fun it is to break this lame law. Couple your favorite patterned socks or tights with whatever shoe you like. After all, why should you cover those sexy socks with your shoes when you can rock the heel or open toed shoe? Never pack away your summer kicks again.

4. Don’t clash with mixing patterns.
This may be the most mundane fashion rule ever to come into existence. All the same, so many fearfully abide. Don’t worry yourself too much about clashing patterns. Simply go for what you like and you’ll see that most patterns are complimentary. Doe Deere says let loose and mix and match those bold patterns. You only live once, right?

Check Doe Deere in the video below!

Mr. Ken Griffin Is The CEO Of Citadel

Citadel is one of the biggest investing firms in the entire world. It was founded by Mr. Ken Griffin in 1990. Mr. Griffin founded this wildly successful company with four million dollars and a degree from Harvard University. Ken Griffin earned the money that he founded the company by managing a portfolio of investments while he was in college. Mr. Griffin is a highly innovative entrepreneur. He has been ranked as the 69th most rich person in the entire world with an approximated net worth of seven billion US dollars.

Mr. Ken Griffin has a lot of money and has given much of his wealth to great causes. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Griffin’s resident city of Chicago was the recipient of a ten million dollar donation in the form of cash for the museum to do as they want. Mr. Griffin has given to Harvard University before in the lump sum of $150,000,000 — the most Harvard has ever received at once.

Mr. Griffin is the father of three kids. He is also an attendant and follower of the Fourth Presbyterian Church located in Chicago. Just like Ken has done with a number of other companies and causes, Mr. Griffin has donated nearly $40 million to the church to build a new church for its churchgoers to worship in.

Mr. Ken Griffin is known for founding Citadel in 1990 and growing it to such a blossoming entity, but he has invested in real estate recently. Since he has already conquered the investing market, real estate has sparked Mr. Griffin’s interest. He purchased about five properties in Florida for an average of $30 million per real estate property.

Mr. Ken Griffin is known investor of art pieces of all types. He loves art and has also donated to a few art institutions that are in Chicago and surrounding areas. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, which are all located in the heart of Chicago. He actually gave about ten million dollars to the Museum of Contemporary Art earlier this year just because he thought they would make great use of it.

Another real estate location that Mr. Ken Griffin has invested in is a large residential tower in Manhattan. It is a large number of luxury condos that are expensive for renters to secure the rights to. It is going to be built very soon, as the plans are under works right now.

Citadel is one of the largest investment firms in the entire world and manages more than twenty-five billion dollars worth of assets. This is an extremely large portfolio and is difficult to manage for most people. Mr. Griffin is a very keen investor and knows exactly what to do with the portfolio. Citadel is about to be made public which means that stock can be purchased on stock exchanges. Citadel is pretty much guaranteed to succeed because Mr. Ken Griffin is at the helm of the company.