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James Larkin

James Larkin, otherwise known by his friends as “Big Jim,” and by others as “Jim Larkin,” was a trade unionist. He liked using the phrase: “A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.”

James Larkin was born in Liverpool on 21 January 1876 and grew up in the slums. His family was poor. Therefore James had to forfeit his education at an early age to pursue manual jobs. After his father’s demise, he started working better jobs and provided for his family.

James Larkin was a socialist as he worked as a docker and sailor. He then became a foreman at the Liverpool Docks, and a strike that involved several foremen there in which he took part gained him a position in the National Union of Dock Laborers, NUDL. He became a permanent member of NUDL in 1905, and thus a full-time trade unionist. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Leadership Squabbles between Jim Larkin and the general secretary of NUDL, James Sexton, made the former to move to Dublin. It is while he was there that he engaged in militant strike methods, which NUDL opposed. He was dismissed from the union in 1907, and he started one of his own; the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. In doing this, Jim intended to bring together under one organization, Irish workers both skilled and unskilled.

Four years later, James Connolly aided Larkin in forming the Irish Labor Party which was to be witnessed in many Dublin strikes. The party-led Dublin Lockout of 1913 led over 100,000 workers on an eight-month strike. As it ended, workers gained a right to fair employment.

James Larkin went to the United States of America in 1914. There, he joined the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World. His friend, James Connoly died in the Ireland Easter Rising, 1916, while Larkin was in America. To honor his memory, James Larkin formed the James Connolly Socialist Club.

He was convicted of communism and criminal anarchy in 1920. He was pardoned, and the charges dropped in 1923. James was then deported to Ireland, where he organized the Workers’ Union of Ireland. He established the union in 1924 and joined the Irish Labor Party later on.

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Taylor Swift 12-Year-old Boy to walk

Luke Hogan Laurenson, of Ashland, Oregon, was born with the dystonic form of cerebral palsy that made him unable to walk and talk. Laurenson has been a fan of Taylor Swift’s songs ever since he was a little boy. When he heard Taylor Swift perform “Shake it Off”, the boy was moved by it. He got up from his wheelchair and started to dance on the floor, just one month after he took his first steps. Jane Laurenson considers ” Shake it Off” to be her son’s anthem.

The Ashland Fire and Rescue Department learned about the Laurenson’s medical expenses and decided to help out. His medical expenses are over $20,000 per year after health insurance pays their share. Doctors believed that the boy would not only never be able to walk or talk, he would eventually have to be institutionalized. It is Luke Laureson’ s family’s desire that the boy improves his walking, dancing, and begin to talk. His family wants him to be as independent possible.

Many people tend to think that a fan feeling inspired by a celebrity to be trivial. In this case, Taylor Swift has done a tremendous thing for this young fan. Hopefully, this publicity will find its way to the singer and maybe she will meet this devoted fan.

Recently, 20 members of the Ashland Fire and Rescue Department filmed a video to be shown all over the internet. It shows the 12-year-old boy in his wheel chair, dancing and then getting on the floor dancing on the food with the rescue team and others to the beat of Luke Laurenson’s anthem.

Celebrities Raise Money to Assist Victims of the Manchester Tragedy

Several prominent celebrities have sprung into action to help raise money to assist victims injured during a terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Actor Tom Hardy, well known to international audiences through his recent film appearances, conducted an online fundraiser with the goal of obtaining at least 15,000 British Pounds in donations to help the British Red Cross. He set up a page at the JustGiving website to appeal for money for the charitable organization. His efforts had already exceeded the target within 48 hours of the tragedy.


Other celebrities also worked to generate public support for victim assistance efforts. Two British soccer stars who played for Manchester United made charitable contributions. Wayne Rooney made a very generous financial donation through his charitable foundation, giving the equivalent of over $130,000. Another prominent celebrity who played for the soccer club, Phil Neville, provided food for hospitalized victims and their medical caregivers at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.


Additionally, many local soccer clubs pooled smaller donations to offer charitable contributions. The Premier League clubs gave $1.3 million to a fund established to assist victims. Spokesmen for both the Manchester City and Manchester United teams expressed their hope the gift would assist survivors.


Russell Brand, a comedian and movie actor, dedicated the proceeds from his recent stage appearance at Southport to Mend, an organization opposing Islamophobia in the UK. Mend has indicated the group plans to aid family members of people hurt in the attack. The organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Shazad Amin, noted the comedian had worked with Mend previously, too.


Taylor Swift Donates to Louisiana Flood Victims

Taylor Swift showed she’s about more than just squad goals, PDA-packed pap strolls with Tom Hiddleston and snaps of her cats on Instagram. The “Shake It Off” singer recently pledged to donate one million dollars to the flood victims in Louisiana. While the full details of her donations haven’t emerged, a few organizations have publicly thanked her for her generosity.

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank posted thank yous on Twitter and Instagram. According to the nonprofit, Swift donated $50,000 to them. This will greatly help the food bank, since its warehouse was flooded out and they lost many stores of food.

The Salvation Army also expressed gratitude to Taylor, thanking her for her generous donation.

It’s a much-needed gesture for the flood-devastated area. More than six trillion gallons of rain fell on Louisiana in a matter of days, destroying homes and businesses and taking the lives of 13 people. By donating money, Swift also raised awareness, which could drive more donations and encourage people to volunteer to help clean up the destruction.

In other, less serious Swift news, the singer is skipping the MTV Video Music Awards this year, even though she’s in New York — where the awards are being held.

Perhaps that’s a good thing, since Kanye West is expected to perform and is sure to take a swipe or two at Swift before the night is over.